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Hope Rising

Hope Rising

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Hope Rising

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  1. Hope Rising Overview We are a team of local Lincoln County volunteers with the goal to help Lincoln County Residents who have become homeless get back into appropriate employment and housing We have researched the homeless issue in Oregon and have completed a survey of homeless people in Lincoln County. We have learned that there are many “myths” about homeless people that makes it hard to fund support. We have also learned that many of these “myths” are simply not true for most homeless people, who in large part are our neighbors who have fallen on bad times and need help to get back on their feet.

  2. Hope Rising The Survey Interviewed 101 homeless men and women in Newport in 2004/2005. Here is some data from the Lincoln County homeless survey” 51.4% have been here for over 4 years 30% homeless a year or less 66.3% became homeless due to job loss 30.7% became homeless due domestic Violence, divorce or were a crime victim. 29.7% are disabled 19.8% were female There were 18 children with their homeless parent(s),

  3. Hope Rising Homeless Data Nationwide 90% of homeless people are temporary, want to get back on their feet and either make it or give up and enter the chronic group (source Portland, Oregon Homeless data) 50% of local homeless we surveyed have been in Lincoln County 4 years or more and almost half of these have been homeless a year or less. Of the 50% that have been here 3 years or less 59% arrived here Homeless. Lincoln County is poorly equipped to help this population relative to larger cities. - Note: The chronic homeless are always over represented in a snapshot census as others cycle in and out of homelessness. Informed estimate is that there are over 1000 homeless in Lincoln County at any one time. Implies there are about 220 longer term residents who are newly homeless and need to get back on their feet. There over 200 homeless children attending school in Lincoln County per the Lincoln County school system.

  4. Hope Rising Local Services (under funded) to Help People Get back on their feet. Counseling to hook clients up with available resources-food stamps, skills assessment, employment services, food, energy assistance…. Support to find a job-mailing address showers, interview clothing, resume, interview skills, and encouragement Support to get back into affordable housing – pre rental training, background check. Grant funded help to disable people and victims of domestic violence Basic compassionate “Life Support” -meals, food stamp information. There is no temporary shelter for homeless people in Lincoln County

  5. Hope Rising Success Story #1 Homeless for 25 years Was able to get a minimum wage jobin Newport. Needs expensive meds to deal with chronic health issue. He has been living in local, low cost housing (Old Ground Squirrel Hostel). Was able to get a AmeriCorp grant and worked with Progressive Options in Newport for a year as a homeless advocate. Worked at Progressive options doing maintenance funded by Experience Works. As of 9/12/2005 was approved to receive SSDI and OHP Plus so the meds he needs can continue and he can pay for rent and food.

  6. Hope Rising Success Story #2 Homeless over 6 months, born in Lincoln County Working two jobs and living in a Van with 2 cats Saved money for first an last months rent. Has had significant difficulty finding a rental due to restriction on having pets. Update: is renting a home in Newport and working at several jobs. Progressive Options was able to provide counseling and encouragement.

  7. Hope Rising Success Story #3 • Lived in Lincoln County for several years • Homeless living with friends, etc. • Working two jobs • Progressive Options supported with showers, clothing, peer mentoring, encouragement. • She saved enough for first/last months rent and has moved into an apartment.

  8. Hope Rising Affordable Housing Options in Lincoln County Rentals-prospects need to save up to $ 2000 for first and last months rent and other deposits – great majority do not take pets. Long waiting lists for government and other affordable housing Trailer normally requires $$$ for a purchase No old fashion “Rooming Houses.” Only a few rooms at “He’s My Brother”in Lincoln City and those are for temporary stays.

  9. Hope Rising Hope Rising Plans Complete survey of additional people -2006 Establish a website to make real Lincoln County Homeless data available to prospective donors.2Q 2006 Compile a list of all organizations in Lincoln County serving the homeless and put on website. Present the real story to selected organizations to increase funding to existing organizations serving the homeless.