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GRADUATE SCHOOL ADMISSIONS TESTING. Rosemarie Sena Center Career Development Services. GRADUATE ADMISSIONS TESTS. GRE – G raduate R ecord E xam GMAT – G raduate M anagement A dmission T est MCAT – M edical C ollege A dmission T est

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Graduate school admissions testing l.jpg

Rosemarie Sena Center

Career Development Services

Graduate admissions tests l.jpg

  • GRE – Graduate Record Exam

  • GMAT – Graduate Management Admission Test

  • MCAT – Medical College Admission Test

  • LSAT – Law School Admission Test


C omputer a daptive t est l.jpg

  • CAT adjusts to test-taker’s ability level

  • The first question is of medium difficulty

  • The level of difficulty for each question is based on the response to the previous one

  • Each question must be answered

  • Test takers cannot return to a previous question to change a response

G raduate r ecord e xamination general test l.jpg

Computer Based Test

Verbal (V)

one 30-minute section, 30 questions

Quantitative (Q)

one 45-minute section, 28 questions

Analytical Writing (AW), two writing tasks

45 minutes for 1st topic, 30 minutes for 2nd topic

Graduate Record ExaminationGeneral Test

G raduate r ecord e xamination subject test l.jpg

Paper-Based Test

Assessment of knowledge gained through undergraduate preparation in specific areas of study

Subject Tests are currently available in 8 disciplines

Total testing time = 2 hours 50 minutes

Test Prep Materials:

Graduate Record ExaminationSubject Test

G raduate r ecord e xamination subject tests l.jpg

Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology



Computer Science

Literature in English




Graduate Record ExaminationSubject Tests

G raduate r ecord e xamination writing assessment l.jpg

Primarily a Computer-Based Test

May be taken as a paper and pencil test on a Subject Test date, but you may not take both the Writing Assessment and a Subject Test on the same date

Consists of 2 analytical writing tasks

“Present your perspective on an issue” (45 minutes)

“Analyze an argument” (30 minutes)

Graduate Record ExaminationWriting Assessment

G raduate m anagement a dmission t est l.jpg

  • Computer-Based Test

  • Quantitative

    • 75 minutes for 37 questions

  • Verbal

    • 75 minutes for 41 questions

  • Analytical Writing (2 topics)

    • 30 minutes for each topic

L aw s chool a dmission t est l.jpg

  • Paper-Based Test

  • Five 35-minute sections

    • Reading Comprehension (1)

    • Analytical Reasoning (1)

    • Logical Reasoning (2)

    • + One extra unscored section chosen at random

  • Writing Sample (30 minutes)

M edical c ollege a dmission t est l.jpg

  • Paper-Based Test

  • Multiple-choice examination assessing problem solving, critical thinking, writing skills, knowledge of science concepts

  • Scored in 4 areas:

    • Biological Sciences – 100 minutes for 77 questions

    • Physical Sciences – 100 minutes for 77 questions

    • Verbal Reasoning – 85 minutes for 65 questions

    • Writing Sample – 60 minutes for 2 questions

Graduate admissions tests internet resources l.jpg
Graduate Admissions Tests Internet Resources

  • - and

    • program search and information


    • Graduate Record Exam

  • - or -

    • Graduate Management Admission Test

  • - or -

    • Law School Admission Test


    • Medical College Admission Test

Graduate school admissions test preparation l.jpg
Graduate School Admissions Test Preparation

  • Books and printed guides such as Barron’s and Princeton Review

    • available in the Sena Center Career Library

  • Software & On-line methods

    • ETS will provide free GRE POWERPREP software when you register for any GRE Test (General, Subject, or Writing), or it can be downloaded from the GRE Web site at

    • GMAT is also offering free POWERPREP software when you register – can be downloaded from

    • Sample tests available on-line

    • GRE Diagnostic Service (on-line)

  • Prep courses

    • Kaplan (, Princeton Review

Test taking strategies l.jpg
Test Taking Strategies

  • “To guess or not to guess” – It is better to guess on all of the tests except for the GRE Subject Test

  • Pace Yourself

  • Remember that with a CAT, you cannot return to a question later on

Score ranges l.jpg
Score Ranges

  • GRE : 200 – 800 (Verbal & Quantitative) 0-6, in half point increments (Analytical Writing)

  • GMAT: 200 – 800 (Quantitative & Verbal)

  • LSAT: 120 - 180

  • MCAT: 1 - 15

    • Writing Sample: J (low) – T (high)

How to study for graduate admission tests l.jpg

One hour each day for six weeks prior to taking the exam

Take a diagnostic exam periodically to see how you are doing

Consider taking a Kaplan Course (online or in person)

Use Software and Books in the Sena Center Career Library

Practice using free PowerPrep Software

Review specific test taking tips in either the test bulletin or the web site of the test you are planning to take

Strengthen your vocabulary

LSAT – take a “Logic” course via the Philosophy/Religion Depart.

*Repeatedly taking the LSAT does not significantly raise your score – usually @ 2.7 points on 2nd attempt, and only an additional 1.5 on the 3rd attempt.

How to Study for Graduate Admission Tests