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Goldman Sachs

LBSA Presentation – October 1st

What are we
What are we?

  • The Goldman Sachs Group is a bank holding company and a leading global investment banking, securities and investment management firm. Goldman Sachs provides a wide range of services worldwide to a substantial and diversified client base that includes corporations, financial institutions, governments and high net worth individuals. Founded in 1869, the firm is headquartered in New York and maintains offices in London, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Hong Kong and other major financial centers around the world. c

Getting to Know



History of the wall street journal
History of the Wall Street Journal

  • Published by Dow Jones & Company in 1889

  • Featured the Jones Average that listed stock and bond prices on the New York Stock Exchange

  • Purchased by Clarence Barron for $130,000 in 1902 whose family continued to control the company until 2007

  • In 2007 Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp purchased the Journal for $5 billion

  • Today the Wall Street Journal has over 2 million papers in circulation daily, with almost 1 million online subscribers

The cover what s news
The Cover: What’s News

  • “Need-to-know” articles

  • Latest breaking news

    • Two sections:

      • Business & Finance: the corporate and economic top stories around the globe

      • World Wide: news of politics, government and other global developments

The cover major stories
The Cover: Major Stories

  • Major stories of the day involving:

    • Companies

    • Industries

    • Events

The cover middle section
The Cover: Middle Section

  • Touches on issues in

    • Politics

    • International Affairs

    • Social Issues

    • Business and Finance

The cover extras
The Cover: Extras

  • These are stories can cover a wide range of topics

  • This section can often be silly, bizarre, or quirky

  • Combines wit and humor

  • into a seemingly serious

  • newspaper

The cover what s ahead
The Cover: What’s Ahead

  • May have different names on any given day

    • What’s Ahead, Today’s Agenda, Inside

  • Broadcasts upcoming news, speeches or announcements expected during the day

  • Includes a directory of WSJ sections

Inside the cover
Inside the Cover

  • Economy

    • The Journal’s economic news is at the top of page A2

    • This will help you understand how this news affects your life and your livelihood

    • It offers clear, straightforward stories about

  • Inflation

  • Unemployment

  • Government announcements

  • Federal Reserve policy

  • Economic forecasts

    • Durable-goods prices

  • Inside the cover1
    Inside the Cover

    • U.S. News

      • Everything that is making news in the United States from political campaigns to natural disasters

    • World News

    • Opinions

      • The WSJ receives over 2,000 letters a week from prominent leaders in every field, the best are published every day

      • These articles showcase cutting edge news and views

    The marketplace
    The Marketplace

    • Section B of the WSJ

    • Focuses on the dynamics of marketing, advertising, media and technology

    • Front page news stories cover a range of industries

      • Autos

      • Travel

      • Advertising

      • Law

      • Marketing

      • The Media

    Inside the marketplace
    Inside the Marketplace

    • Index To Businesses:always found on page B2

      • Tells you which companies are covered in the journal that day

      • Extremely helpful if you are in a hurry and want to look up current information on a specific company or individual

    • Marketing & Media: news from the media, advertising and entertainment industries

    • Corporate News: a detailed look at specific corporations

    • Who’s News: charts the comings and goings of senior leadership in corporations

    Inside the marketplace1
    Inside the Marketplace

    • Technology:developments in the technology sectorfor example:

      • "In the Lab“

      • "Technology & Medicine“

      • "Technology & the Environment”

  • Small Business: reports on trends, issues and legislation that affect small businesses

  • International Business: reports the newsworthy happenings of major international businesses

  • Digest of Earnings: where public corporations announce quarterly and annual earnings

  • Money investing
    Money & Investing

    • Explanations and comprehensive statistics on the stock market and other markets

      • Relevant to business and individual finances

    • This section helps you form opinions about the markets

    Money investing1
    Money & Investing

    • Featured story (center section):covers the latest news from the financial world

    • Ahead of the Tape (left section): discusses what is on tap for today’s markets

      • Example: stories on Fed meetings and earnings reports

    • ____day Markets (middle right section): covers all of yesterday’s activities from the stock, bond, and dollar markets

    Inside money investing
    Inside Money & Investing

    • Deals and Dealmakers:Highlights news about mergers and acquisitions, Initial Public Offering values of stocks, and major debt offerings

    • World Stock Markets: Review of stock markets around the globe

    • Heard on the Street: Stories that Wall Street professionals are talking about among themselves

    • You can also find stock lists like

      • Biggest 1,500 Stocks

      • New Highs and Lows

      • Market Movers

    Personal journal
    Personal Journal

    • In depth reports personal topics including:

      • Health & Fitness

      • Travel

      • Career

      • Leisure & Arts

      • Weather

      • Environment issues

    • The Weekend Journal:Introduced in March 1998

      • Devoted to leisure pursuits, activities and interests in such areas as: travel, art, collecting, fashion, wine, sports and entertainment

    The online version of the wall street journal can be found at
    The online version of the Wall Street Journal can be found at

    The Wall Street Journal Online

    • Find up to date information around the clock

    • Online you can find:

      • Video

      • Staff-written Blogs

      • Interactive Features

      • RSS Feeds

      • Podcasts

      • My

    Questions? at