fire safety l.
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Fire Safety

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Fire Safety. By: Liz Kolp Allison Rabold Audra Westbeld ED 417-02. Unit & Grade Level. Fire Safety 1st grade. Objectives. Students will learn to stop, drop and roll Students will learn what a fireman’s job includes What to do in case of a fire Not to touch matches or lighters.

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Fire Safety

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fire safety

Fire Safety


Liz Kolp

Allison Rabold

Audra Westbeld

ED 417-02

unit grade level
Unit & Grade Level
  • Fire Safety
  • 1st grade
  • Students will learn to stop, drop and roll
  • Students will learn what a fireman’s job includes
  • What to do in case of a fire
  • Not to touch matches or lighters
  • Fireman with fire truck
  • Writing journals
  • Stop, drop, and roll poster
  • Eye Witness Reader Level 2 “Fire Fighter!”
  • Collection of other fire safety books
  • Emergency folder for fire drill
    • Crosswords
    • Word searches
    • Fire Marshall certificate
    • Explore a fire truck
    • Coloring pages
    • Family activities
websites cont
Websites Cont.
    • Story maker
    • Games
    • E-mail club
    • Fire safety week activities
    • Cooking fire safety
    • Teacher directed website
websites cont7
Websites Cont.
    • Arson dogs
    • Fire lessons
    • Puzzles
    • quizzes
student activities
Student Activities
  • Local fire department visit with a fire truck so the children can explore the equipment.
  • Have fireman discuss importance of fire safety and teach stop, drop, and roll
  • Write in daily journals about fireman visit and fire truck
student activities cont
Student Activities cont.
  • Read books about the fire department and fire safety
  • Review importance of fire drill, talk about procedure, and then practice fire drill
  • Graph what you liked best from the fireman visit
fireman visit
Fireman Visit
  • Fireman will visit class in full gear and talk to the students about fire safety and stop, drop, and roll
    • Matches and lighters
    • Smoke detectors
    • Fire extinguishers
    • Exit drills in the home
    • Stop, drop, and roll
fire truck13
Fire Truck
  • Fireman will take class out into parking lot to explore the fire truck
    • Students will take turns sitting in the cab
    • Students will get to touch and learn about the equipment in each compartment
    • Students will get to turn the siren on
    • Students will get to try on helmet and boots
journal writing
Journal Writing
  • After the fire truck exploration, the students will write in their journals about their experience with both the fire truck and fireman.
  • Share writing with class
  • Read Eye Witness Readers Level 2 “Fire Fighter!” by Angela Royson
  • Compare book information to information from fireman.
  • Provide collection of fire related books for independent reading
fire drill18
Fire Drill
  • Review importance of a fire drill
  • Go over procedure of fire drill and why we do it that way
  • Have a mock fire drill
  • Discuss how it went after returning to class
  • Have each student tell what they liked best about the fireman visit and compile a list.
  • Tally results
  • Create a bar graph from tally results
  • Talk to parents about exit drills in the home and draw out the plan
  • Complete a fire safety scavenger hunt with


  • Practice stop, drop,

and roll

center options
Center Options
  • Place the websites listed previously on desktop so students can access them during centers
  • Place books about fire in science center