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AECT Copyright Update Rosemary Talab Professor, Kansas State University Chair, AECT Copyright Committee Overview File Swapping News You Can Use: Stats Software Vendors Change Tactics RIAA Lawsuits Bills K-12 Software Vendors Need for Education

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aect copyright update

AECT Copyright Update

Rosemary Talab

Professor, Kansas State University

Chair, AECT Copyright Committee

  • File Swapping
  • News You Can Use: Stats
  • Software Vendors Change Tactics
  • RIAA Lawsuits
  • Bills
  • K-12 Software Vendors
  • Need for Education
file swapping poll
File Swapping : Poll
  • A CBS News/New York Times poll Sept. 15-16, 2003
    • 58 percent of Americans who have followed the issue of sharing music files over the Internet consider it an acceptable practice in at least some circumstances.
file swapping trading goes legal
File Swapping: Trading Goes Legal
  • 3,000 Penn State students signed up in first 24 hours for free university music sharing service (legal Napster)Chronicle of H.E.[online]
  • Six more schools offered it:Cornell University, George Washington University, Middlebury College, the University of Miami, the University of SouthernCalifornia, and Wright State UniversityChronicle of H.E. [online]
  • 20+ universities have legal music downloadingSan Jose Mercury News, 25 August 2004
file swapping kids continue downloading
File Swapping: Kids Continue Downloading
  • 88% of kids 8-18 know file trading illegal
  • 56% download anyway
  • More concerned about viruses than illegality of downloading

Washington Post, 18 May 2004 (registration req'd)

news you can use canning spam
News You Can Use: “Canning” Spam
  • Spam now 83 percent of all e-mail
  • Was 78 percent last year

Washington Post, 20 May 2004 (registration req'd)

news you can use file trading statistics
News You Can Use: File Trading Statistics
  • U.S. online music piracy continued decline in 2003:
    • 14% downloaded in December ‘03
    • 29% downloaded in Spring ‘03
  • Steady decline in use of file-sharing programs (lawsuits):
    • Kazaa dropped 15%
    • Grokster dropped 59%Pew Internet and American Life ProjectCnet News (1/5/04)
  • Downloading costs 13 billion a year (Business Software Alliance)Washington Post, 18 May 2004 (registration req'd)
news you can use open access
News You Can Use: Open Access
  • The open-access movement for scientific publishing, to make journal subscriptions free/save u. money 1/29/04 Chronicle of H.E. [online]
  • Google is developing OCLC online search tool for academic papers for Dspace users 4/9/04 Chronicle of H. E. [online]
  • MIT gives away course materials through OpenCourseWare, to build WWW free pedagogy

1/29/04Chronicle of H.E.[online]

news you can use open access9
News You Can Use: Open Access
  • House report urges free public access to NIH research
  • Reed Elsevier will begin allowing a version of open access publishingThe Guardian, 3 June 2004,12597,1230217,00.html
news you can use online fraud
News You Can Use: Online Fraud
  • U.S. consumers lost $2.4 billion
  • Mostly online scammers and phishing attacks
  • Obtaining access to account numbers/passwords
  • Nearly 2 million victims The Register, 16 June 2004

news you can use camera phone restrictions
News You Can Use: Camera Phone Restrictions
  • The Video Voyeurism Prevention Act
    • crime to take secret pictures of people in gyms, locker rooms, etc.
    • Japan, Italy working on this, tooBBC, 13 May 2004

lawsuits it s thee and me sometimes i m not so sure about thee
LawsuitsIt’s Thee and Me. Sometimes I’m not so sure about Thee.
  • Online auction movie sellers sued
  • Texas copyshop sued/settled
  • Acacia “shakes down” colleges(streaming video patent)San Jose Mercury News, 9 August 2004

  • Colleges fight back/Acacia reducesChronicle of Higher Education, 11 August 2004 (sub. req'd)

lots of riaa lawsuits
Lots of RIAA Lawsuits!
  • 532 new lawsuits1/21/04
  • 532 more lawsuits3/23/04
  • 432 more lawsuits 4/28/04
  • 482 more lawsuits 6/22/04
  • 762 more lawsuits 10/1/04 (4,000+)
  • France sues people and isp’s3/30/04
  • Denmark, Germany, Italy, and Canada sue file traders3/31/04
  • H.R.107--Digital Media Consumers' Rights Act (DMCRA)
    • Allow library cd copying
    • Allow foreign cd’s to be reformatted for US
    • Allow scientists to study encryption
    • cd’s would have label stating “copy protected”
  • Induce Act
    • Shield iPods
    • Outlaws Kazaa and Morpheus
    • Could make ISP’s liable
  • House File-sharing bill
    • (1,000 or more files on p2p networks)
    • criminal prosecution
    • 3-5 years in prison

Washington Post, 8 September 2004

  • Senate passes similar bill

Reuters, 28 September 2004

  • Justice Department recommends passage of:
    • Piracy Deterrence and Education Act
    • Induce Act
  • Phil Corwin, a lobbyist for Sharman Networks (Kazaa) "think long and hard" before establishing laws that put individual file traders on the same footing as organized crime.

CNET, 12 October 2004

software vendors changing sales tactics
Software Vendors: Changing Sales Tactics?
  • We award software bids each year to a software company, which enables us to provide the lowest possible pricing for school districts. In addition, several companies, i.e. Adobe,Microsoft, allows us to purchase and then sell licenses toschool districts. The license is obviously above board andlegal.
  • One of the companies has now decided that a Service

Center (not ours, actually) has no legal authority of what the

districts do with the licensing once it has been purchased, so

they are wanting to not renew the licensing process.

  • Our thoughts are that we are performing a bidding function notpolicing. Your take on this latest, greatest scenario?
need for education
Need for Education
  • Safari and other media distributions systems reducing teacher illegal use of copyrighted materials


  • Students downloading freely
ala to release school materials
ALA To Release School Materials
  • ALA’s materials to balance those of Business Software Alliance and Motion Picture Association of America
  • Need for a more “balanced” view

Wired News, 13 August 2004,1412,64543,00.html

recap news of the year
Recap: News of the Year
  • RIAA reducing file trading thru suits
  • Open source movement gains
  • Legal file trading on campus works
  • Kids don’t see file trading problem
  • Kids need education
  • Software companies changing policies for educational service centers
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