child molestation the silent crime l.
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CHILD MOLESTATION THE SILENT CRIME. Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Sheriff Mike Garrison 678-513-5880. Child Molestation Facts. 1 in 5 boys will be sexually abused by age 18 1 in 3 girls will be sexually abused by age 18

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child molestation the silent crime


Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office

Deputy Sheriff Mike Garrison


child molestation facts
Child Molestation Facts
  • 1 in 5 boys will be sexually abused by age 18
  • 1 in 3 girls will be sexually abused by age 18
  • 91% of child sexual assaults involve persons known to the child, such as a caretaker, or family acquaintance
  • A child is sexually abused every two minutes
  • Approx 80% of children who have been molested or raped never tell anyone of the incident
  • Only 15% of all child sexual abuse cases are ever reported to authorities
  • 5% of those will never get to court, and 50% of those children will be returned to the alleged abuser
  • Typical offender is male and begins molesting at age 15 with an average of 117 victims; most of whom do NOT report the offense
  • More than one half of all convicted sex offenders are sent back to prison within one year of getting out and after 2 years 77.9% are back
  • One in ten homes are involved in child sexual abuse
forsyth county
Forsyth County
the law and child molestation 16 4 4
The Law and Child Molestation 16-4-4
  • Anyone who commits any immoral or indecent act to or in the presence of or with a child under the age of 16 to arouse or satisfy the sexual desires of either the child or the person.
  • A person convicted of a first offense of Child Molestation shall:
    • Be punishable by imprisonment for not less than 5 nor more than 20 years
    • The judge has the power to probate the sentence upon special conditions
  • A person convicted of a second offense of Child Molestation shall:
    • Be punished by imprisonment for not less than 10 years nor more than 30 years
the law and aggravated child molestation 16 4 4 c
The Law and Aggravated Child Molestation 16-4-4 (C)
  • A person commits the offense of Aggravated Child Molestation when they commit an offense of Child Molestation which physically injures the child or involves an act of sodomy
  • A person convicted of Aggravated Child Molestation shall be punished by imprisonment for not less than 10 years and nor more than 30 years
  • The court sentencing a person who has been convicted of a first offense when the victim is 16 years or younger, it is authorized to require, before sentencing, that the defendant undergo psychiatric evaluation to ascertain whether or not chemical treatment would be effective in changing the defendants behavior. If it is determined by a qualified mental heath professional that the treatment would be effective, the court may require as a condition of probation to undergo such treatment
statistics describing a pedophile
Statistics Describing a Pedophile
  • 97 % are male
  • 91 % are heterosexual
  • 91% are religious
  • 75% are married or formerly married
  • 73% are Caucasian
  • 65% earn a middle income or above
  • 48% are college educated
  • Stepfathers are 7 times more likely to abuse than biological fathers, however biological parents tend to be more severe.
  • The Molester is typically not a stranger. Over 91% of children are molested by a family acquaintance, or family member.
  • Contrary to belief, only 30-35% of molesters were sexually molested as children
characteristics of a pedophile
Characteristics of a Pedophile
  • Usually Male
  • Frequently hard working
  • Appears to be family oriented
  • Seem to like kids
  • Will go out of their way to be around kids
  • Prefer company of kids to adults
  • They do not hesitate to spend money on kids
  • They tend to be well liked by both adults and kids
  • They pretend to be nice to single moms and try to cultivate a relationship with them to get to the child.
how do pedophiles operate
How do Pedophiles Operate
  • The technique that a Pedophile uses to molest a child is call “Grooming the child”
  • A pedophile will spend sometimes up to twoyears “grooming” in an effort to build on the child's trust and prepare a child.
  • Pedophiles prefer targeting children whose fathers are no longer in their lives. They will become friends with single moms to gain access to their children.
grooming a child
Grooming a Child
  • The pedophile’s first objective will be to build the child's trust in him and get the child to see him as their best friend.
  • He will take the child he is grooming to many places such a movies, parks, skating rinks etc. and will invest as much money as possible buying toys, clothes, or trinkets for the child.
  • He will slowly seduce the child by doing such things as playing close to the child, tickle the child, watch TV or movie and sit very close to the child often putting his arm around them, and have the child sit on his lap.
  • Pedophiles will often take pictures or take movies of their potential victims. They often will end up on the internet.

( The child is unaware of the pedophiles true intentions, and often really cares for the him, and believes that they can talk to him about anything. In essence he becomes the father figure in the child's life.)

grooming a child cont
Grooming a Child Cont.
  • Pedophile’s love it when they can get the child's email address. This way he can communicate with the child without the parent (s) knowing it.

(The internet has become the tool of choice for may pedophiles to gain access to children…Parents beware of who your child is communicating with!!)

  • Once the pedophile feels he has gained both trust and control of the child, he will begin to do such actions as kissing and touching the child.
  • The child will often feel confused by this behavior, and they often think the perpetrator is simply just being nice to them.
  • At the same time the child feels guilty, confused and ashamed.
grooming a child cont11
Grooming a Child Cont.
  • The pedophile will use the confused emotions from his victims to keep the him/her from telling what has happened.
  • They will use shame, fear, and threats of physical harm to make sure the child does not inform the parents such as:

“How would your mother feel if she knew you did this”

“You started it, remember you came to me”

“If your mom found out she might commit suicide”

“If you tell your mom, I will kill you, and her”

signs to look for in your child
Signs to Look For in Your Child

CAUTION: Beware of over-zealous identification

  • Disclosure by child (very rare)
  • Sexual acting out with other children
  • Bedwetting and soiling (after potty training)
  • Nightmares
  • Abrupt change in behavior (anger, isolation, withdrawal)
  • Age-inappropriate knowledge of sex
  • Constantly talks about sex
  • Constant vaginal discharge
  • Bleeding in vagina or anal area
  • Physical evidence (very rare)
  • Venereal disease
  • Difficulty walking or sitting
  • Sleeps too much or too little
  • Depression, crying over insignificant matters
  • Fear of the bathroom
  • Fear of a certain person
  • Exhibiting violent behavior
  • Wearing many layers of clothing
what steps to take if you suspect your child has been sexually abused
What steps to take if you suspect your child has been sexually abused
  • If your child does not provide an “out cry”, and you think that he/she has been molested, then take the child to licensed psychologist/psychiatrist that specializes in this field.
  • If your child provides an “out cry” within your presence or after a meeting with a trained professional, then contact the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office and report it.
steps taken when an out cry is made
Steps Taken when an out cry is made
  • Contact the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office and report the incident.
  • A Patrol Officer will come to your home and take a report, and then contact SVU.
    • The officer will not question the child.
    • The officer will make sure that the child will not be in a position to have any additional harm done to them.
  • The Parent/Guardian should not continue to question the child after an out cry is made. The parent should provide the child with assurance that they did the right thing, that everything will be OK, and it is NOT their fault.
  • SVU Investigator will meet with the parent/guardian and the child to gain additional information for the investigation.
  • SVU will contact both DFACS (Department of Family and Children Services), and the Child Advocacy Center and advise them of the case.
steps taken when an out cry is made cont
Steps Taken when an “out cry” is made Cont.
  • A forensic interview is set up with the Child Advocacy Center
    • The interview is a certified licensed professional counselor, that has many years of experience in this field
    • The interview is conducted in a non intrusive, non interrogating manner.
    • The interview room is set up to look like a play room to make the child comfortable.
    • The interview is video taped, with Law enforcement, DFACS, and a member from the District Attorneys Office watching on a monitor. (The parent/guardian does not observe the interview).
    • The child is asked open ended questions, and the interviewer is aided with anatomically correct dolls.
    • Half way through the interview the interviewer will stop and talk to various people monitoring the interview to see if they need any additional information from the child.
steps taken when an out cry is made cont16
Steps Taken when an “out cry” is made Cont.
  • A successful Forensic interview with the child is our best bet to successfully prosecute a predator!