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Blueprint For Success Capturing New Business Leveraging BCDR Services Smart. ™ Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services 3 BCDR Appeal in Tough Economy Risk Mitigation Beats the Alternative Industry Compliance Regulations Mandate it Drives Product Revenue and Customer Loyalty

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Blueprint For Success

Capturing New Business Leveraging BCDR Services


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Business Continuity andDisaster Recovery Services

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BCDR Appeal in Tough Economy

  • Risk Mitigation Beats the Alternative

  • Industry Compliance Regulations Mandate it

  • Drives Product Revenue and Customer Loyalty

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What are your customers saying?

  • More than 90% of companies that experience one week of data center downtime go out of business within 12 months. - National Archives and Records Administration

  • 89% of IT managers test their disaster recovery/failover systems only once a year or not at all. - Brilliant Ideas LLC for Scalent Systems Inc.

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What are your customers saying?



  • 70% of respondents said it would take at least four hours for their servers to recover completely from failure, including restored software, configuration and network and storage connectivity. - Brilliant Ideas LLC for Scalent Systems Inc.

  • More than 50% of those polled estimated it would take several days to bring their systems back up to full capacity. - Brilliant Ideas LLC for Scalent Systems Inc.

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Customer Benefits

  • Proven best practice delivery by BC/DR thought leaders and experts lower program cost and speed service delivery.

  • Detailed, holistic approach builds a rock solid business case for DR Solution deployment.

  • Business-focused Risk & Value assessments distance the IT Department from the requirements, radically improving the speed with which approvals for CapEx are made.

  • Best In Breed approach that covers all aspects of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

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A Methodology for All Hazards




  • Virus

  • Worm


  • DataCorruption


Regular Break/Fix

Target Operational Excellence

Occurrences per Year

All Hazards Have Equal Disruption


  • Network/ISPOutage

  • ApplicationOutage

  • PowerFailure


  • BuildingFire

  • DiskFailure

  • ComponentFailure

  • NaturalDisaster


  • Terrorism/Civil Unrest





(Single Occurrence Loss)

Low $

High $

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How IMT, BC and DR Fit



Here’s how the BC/DR Methodology views the relationship between Incident Management, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery:

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BC/DR Assessment



  • Identifies and ranks threats to the location(s) including:

    • Natural Hazards

    • Site Vulnerabilities

    • Security Threats

    • Employee Safety

    • Terrorism

    • Current Mitigation

    • Employee Well-Being

When completed, the BC/DR Assessment tells you

“What’s at Risk.”

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B/AVA (Business & Application Value Analysis)



  • BVA: Grades impacts to Business Processes or Functions in terms of:

  • Daily, Weekly & Monthly

  • Financial

  • Customer Perception

  • Brand

  • Regulatory

  • Then assigns Criticality Tier based on RPO/RTOs.

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B/AVA (Business & Application Value Analysis)(continued)



AVA: Determines which n-Tiered Applications support which Processes or Functions, then each Application inherits highest Criticality Tier from supported Process or Function.

When the B/AVA is complete, you’ll know “What it’s Worth.”

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B/AVA (Business & Application Value Analysis)(continued)



Slide16 l.jpg

B/AVA (Business & Application Value Analysis)(continued)



Slide17 l.jpg

Process & Technology Mapping



  • Process Mapping:

  • Visio drawings showing workflow for each Process or Function.

    • One for daily production workflow

    • One for BC workflow

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Process & Technology Mapping (continued)



  • Technology Mapping:

  • Visio drawings showing all Configuration Items (CIs) required for all processes in a Criticality Tier.

  • Excel matrices of all specs & hosted applications for each CI used in a Tier.

    • One each for daily production environments

    • One each for DR environments

Once Technology & Process Mapping is completed, you’ll know “Where it Lives.”

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Recovery & Continuity Tactics



  • Based on Production and Recovery Target, we will design and assist with negotiating costs for varied recovery solutions, including:

  • Internal

  • Collocation

  • Hot-Site

  • 2nd Data Center

With Backup & Recovery Tactics Design complete, you’ll know “How You’ll Recover.”

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BC/DR Planning



We will develop and deliver Incident Management Team (IMT), Business Continuity (BC), and Disaster Recovery (DR) Plans. Each Plan details, in simple language that’s easy to understand during an Event.

Once the BC/DR Planning phase is complete, you’ll know

“Who’s Responsible.”

Plan types l.jpg
Plan Types

BC/DR Plans cover three plan types, each with a specific focus and objective:

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Competitive Landscape

  • There are three kinds of competition:

    • In larger firms, you will run into IBM and SunGard, and soon HP with the EDS acquisition

      • These firms have but one goal – get the customer on the hook for a 5 year “hot-site” hosting contract.

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Competitive Landscape

  • There are three kinds of competition:

    • There are always “do it yourself” plans one can buy on the Internet

    • Do nothing approach (where most companies are today)

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How The IMSN Is Involved

  • IMSN is now set up to smooth both the pre-sales and delivery of this service offering to your customers.

  • IMSN is the conduit between these two parties:

    • Pre-sales and delivery resources

    • You and your customers on the other end

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How The IMSN Is Involved

IMSN provides protections from competition & margin erosion,plus the simplicity of invoicing to your Ingram Micro account.

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Target End Clients

  • Any firm with an annual IT budget of $10 million is definitely spending money on BCDR

  • Any firm with smaller budgets that is highly regulated needs BCDR (financial, healthcare, publicly traded)

  • All companies need some level of recovery capability and smaller project sizes are common between $20k to $75k

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On-boarding Steps

  • All the Solution Provider needs to do is get an initial appointment for an online sales call.

  • From there, sample deliverables are shared and discussed, scoping questions are asked and a proposal/SOW is generated and turned around within 24 hours.

  • The solution provider is expected to follow up with the prospect and drive the sales cycle, but any technical or presales questions are handled by a dedicated staff of experts.

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On-boarding Steps

  • Once a SOW is executed, the delivery team handles the entire engagement, including project management.

  • The solution provider is invoiced by phase from Ingram Micro according to the schedule determined in the SOW and usually invoices its client according to the same schedule with their own markup.

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How You Make Money Selling BCDR

  • All BCDR Services are priced with 20% margin that is protected from competition

  • Services can range from as low as $5,000 to $150,000

  • During the process of the engagement, recovery solutions are developed for large infrastructure projects that are approved by senior executive management

    • Recovery solutions usually include:

      • Servers, Virtualization, Storage, Replication, Networking, WAN acceleration appliances and professional services

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Solution Provider Benefits

  • You will have detailed insight into every business process, its value to the business executives and every application and infrastructure component in order of its priority to the business.

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Solution Provider Benefits

  • You will be able to sit at the table as the executives decide the tiers and value of their business processes – getting you in front of the top decision makers.

  • In short you will understand their business and they will know who you are - and realize that you understand their business

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Key qualifying questions



Is your company prepared for any type of disaster that may strike the main worksite or data facilities?

Do you have a plan that covers both IT as well as the business for any interruption?

If yes, when was it last updated?

Do you have any business drivers, such as regulations, that require a comprehensive BC/DR plan?

Would you like to speak with subject matter experts that have advised Gartner and Forrester on the subject of BC/DR?

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What does this service cost?



  • B: Prepared $Custom

    • Complete lifecycle using standard methodology and templates

  • B: Progressive $Custom

    • Advanced lifecycle that meets highly custom requirements such as deeper dives into process detail, scenario planning, deeper documentation of IT assets and more

  • Crisis Drop Team $Custom

    • Team of crisis response experts that come on-site to assist in or manage a recovery effort

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    What does this service cost?



    • B: Compliant $8,400

      • Basic plan elements to meet regulatory compliance; includes one specific regulatory language pack relevant to your organization, additional packs for ~$900

    • B: Protected $8,400

      • Basic plan elements and templates for organizations not subject to regulations

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    How to close business



    Contact the BCDR Desk at Ingram Micro:

    Call: (800) 456-8000 ext. 64803

    What we need from you:What we expect from you is to follow up in getting us “at bat” with your client or prospect. We will do all the pre-sales work including estimating, writing SOWs, through delivery. All we need is the introduction and any help we need in getting back in front of them. We expect you know where they are in the buying cycle.