2 nd phase theme decision n.
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2 nd Phase Theme Decision PowerPoint Presentation
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2 nd Phase Theme Decision

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2 nd Phase Theme Decision - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2 nd Phase Theme Decision . Evolution of Water Transportation throughout San Francisco Bay. 2 ND brain storming session to solidify theme:. Top 3 Choices: * Evolution of Water Transit * Evolution of Land Transit * Aquatic Life around SF bay.

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2 nd Phase Theme Decision

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top 3 choices evolution of water transit evolution of land transit aquatic life around sf bay
Top 3 Choices:*Evolution of Water Transit* Evolution of Land Transit* Aquatic Life around SF bay
water transit has been one of the main ways to travel since man has inhabited the bay area
Water Transit has been one of the main ways to travel since man has inhabited the Bay area.
  • The Ferry building has been “Aquatic Transit Headquarters” for may years…
  • The port of San Francisco wants to continue to stress the importance of water transit in San Francisco
design dept
Design Dept

Responsible for tile placement and sequence; Evaluate sketches, make sure “design appropriate.”

Linh MyNorbertoWendyKeithDaniel

artistic creative dept
Artistic/ Creative Dept

Containing Artistic director, Sketchers, Painters, Colors & Material Experts

AlexEvanKhiemKimKristaLeeannaLinh MyWendyNorberto

research dept
Research Dept

RichMilesNickDanielRubenLinh My

The “theme team”: Responsible for justifying images well, getting group confirmation on designs, assigning roles, looking for imagery, and assuring historical accuracy.

documentary tech
Documentary/ Tech


Camera and film team create and edit photos and the documentary containing the Pier 14 Tiles Project.

production dept
Production Dept


Overseer of the entire project; time manages, and makes sure individual groups meet deadlines; take sketches to 3D studio MAX