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Cannes 2002

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Cannes 2002
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Cannes 2002

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  1. Cannes 2002 Cannes 2002

  2. 1. The Web Cafe Official Cannes Market advertising & promotion services provider PROMOTION OFFERS FOR CANNES MARKET 2002 • FILMFESTIVALS.COM has joined with the Cannes Market organizers to offer YOU online & offline marketing, communication, sponsoring & promotion services for sales agents, producers, filmmakers, distributors, international brands… participating in the Cannes Film Festival and the Cannes Market. Below are details on the various options of services that are offered, with other vital information. • As a leading provider of online and off-line entertainment solutions since 1995, Filmfestivals Entertainment has developed a strong expertise in international Film, Festival & brand promotion.

  3. Your presence in Cannes 2002 Cannes 2002 Build a strong Cannes presence with 6 opportunities 1. Cannes Official Web Café Take center stage and sponsor the official Cannes Web Café 2. Official Cannes Market site The site is the official daily tool of the industry. 3. Direct marketing Contact buyers, sellers, industry, press before Cannes starts 4. FilmFestivals sites The leading media covering movie events worldwide 5. Cannes content Get the complete Cannes coverage on your site, with your colors… 6. Services in Cannes Video of your presence, web design, billboards, party sponsorship…

  4. 1. The Web Cafe 1. Cannes Market’s Web Café : take center stage • Cannes 2002 Web Café is located right in the center of the action, in the Palais adjacent to the main bar and with access to the Riviera. 150 m2., 30 PC fast internet. • The market is attended by the whole movie and media industry.First Film event with opinion leaders attendance and widest media coverage. • More than 5.000 journalists from around the world come to Cannes every year for the Festival.

  5. 1. The Web Cafe • EXCLUSIVE Web Café Platinum sponsor • Presence in Cannes market guide (1 page advertising) and pocket guide (logo) • Multiple company Banners-kakemono on location inside the Web Café • Fixed permanent Logo on the Cannes (homepage) site as web café-sponsor • 1 company rep can deliver welcoming computer advice, information… • Option to organise demos every day during happy- hour cocktail hours • Promo items give-away • Large Logo on the screen saver of all PCs.

  6. 1. The Web Cafe • Web Café Gold sponsor • Placement in grouped Banner on location in the Web Café: 3.60m/.60m • Rotating logo on Web Café page • 1 company rep can deliver welcoming computer advice, information… • Demo once during a happy hour cocktail • Small Logo on the screen saver on all PCs.

  7. 2. 2. the daily tool of the industry Be seen by the pros. 2.000 daily visitors, more than 20.000 daily page views. • Premium Showcase on • Full range of advertising and sponsoring options to really stand out including: Banners, Buttons… Your film site is directly accessible from home page… • PR Cannes corner Post your press releases on Free as a BONUS for advertising and registered customers.

  8. 3. Direct marketing 3. Direct marketing to emphasize your presence • Reach important Market buyers before the market begins Specially targeted e-mail to more than 3.000 of the most important film & TV buyers before they arrive and thousands others. • Promote to Film Festivals around the world E-mail newsletter specially targeted to an exclusive list of over 4,000 festival directors and programmers around the world. • Promote to industry professionals worldwide With Filmfestivals’ pre-Cannes e-mail newsletter to more than 25.000 industry professionals and film related people worldwide.

  9. 4. FilmFestivals site 4. Filmfestivals: The leading media for film events worldwide • May 2001: more than 900.000 visitors & 9 million page views. Growing 12% per month • The pro destination all year long for festival and film info. • Premium Showcase on Filmfestivals & FilmfestivalsPro • Full range of advertising and sponsoring options.

  10. 5. Cannes content • 5. The Complete Cannes coverage for your site • Get a complete Cannes web site under your colours for • your visitors with daily updates covering all sections. • See our Cannes 2001 site for the depth of the coverage. • Photo galleries, reviews, interviews, excerpts from press conference, • Bizz focus, • Cannes, Croisette, night life: parties… • Film listings from all sections, Jury members • Video gallery with daily fresh content streamed in narrowband and broadband

  11. 6. Cannes services • 6. Cannes services • Video reportage presenting your Cannes activities • Images of your booth, press conference, screenings, cocktails…, with Red Carpet and ambience images. • Create your film web presentation • Your film website includes text, with Synopsis, Credits, Reviews, Bios…production photos, trailer or clip. • Showcase your lineup with online screenings • Be innovative and aggressive on the net: build word of mouth with secure online film premieres reserved to buyers. • Posting, Billboards, trade ads, party sponsorship… • You want additional exposure. Let us know your needs. Our managers have been Cannes locals since 15 years!

  12. Entertainment provider since 1995 Founded in 1995, Filmfestivals has become a leading provider of promotion and online entertainment solutions, bringing customized services to major clients worldwide US Bravo TV, Independant Film Channel - IFC Yahoo, Sony, Chrysler, DTS Sound, Kodak… France TF1, M6, Arte Wanadoo (n°1 internet access provider), Voila, Chello UGC Piper Heidsieck Germany T-Online (n°1 internet access provider) UK AOL, Netscape, Compuserve

  13. 3. Red Carpet Channel • An innovative international entertainment company • Experienced, film, TV and IT staff • a network of journalists in 65 territories, • and an exclusive partnership with • The international film critics association. • Festivals news Agency born to the Web in 1995 • World leader for Festival & Film news, services & technology • Offices in: • Paris, New-York, Los-Angeles

  14. Our sites Contact: Bruno Chatelin Malo Girod de l’Ain FilmFestivals Entertainment Group PARIS - LOS ANGELES - NEW YORK European Headquarters: 5, rue d’Artois 75008 Paris France Tel +331 56 59 16 20 Fax: +33 1 42 56 28 35 US office:212 202 49 77 Web : Email us Discover our sites online The interactive theaterFilms and premieres in broadband FilmfestivalsTV The pro Site The international general audience narrowband interviews The monthly TV magazine The Filmfestivals Community The studio And the Local sites JOIN US BE A PLAYER