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Byham Theater

Byham Theater

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Byham Theater

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  1. Byham Theater The Byham Theater, found in downtown Pittsburgh, hosts many plays, operas, and performances everyday since 1904. BY: CARINNE GEIL

  2. Who has performed in the Byham Theater? Many people have performed here, but some include: • Ethel Barrymore, a famous American actress • Ballet Hispanco, a ballet and hispanco training academy • The Pittsburgh CLO Academy • Musicals including, Seussical The Musical, Hairspray, Cats, A Christmas Carol, The Sound of Music, and Grease The CLO Academy and Ballet Hipanco are some of the most popular groups that perform.

  3. What was the Byham Theater originally named? It was originally named the Gayety Theater. Through the course of time, the theater changed it’s name multiple times. They include: • The Gayety • The Fulton (this was then a movie theater) • The Byham (to honor a naming gift from the Byham family)

  4. Where is the Byham Theater located in Pittsburgh and where can you contact them? It is located at 101 6th Street, Pittsburgh PA You can reach the box office at 412-456-6666 Their website is

  5. When was the Byham Theater opened? It opened on Halloween night in 1904. It has been opened for 106 years now and is still in full-time business. The theater is a vaudeville house and it’s one of the country’s foremost stages. It is now one of the most popular theaters in Pittsburgh.

  6. Why was this theater named the Byham Theater? It was named the Byham Theater after a wealthy family donated gifts to the making of the theater. The money was generously donated for renovations in the 1990’s. Therefore, to honor this family, they named the large, popular theater after them.

  7. How are the seats numbered in the theater? They are numbered sequentially (for ex: 101, 102, 103) but in the left section of the theater, they are odd numbered, and in the right section, they are even numbered.

  8. The Byham Theater

  9. The Byham Theater plays a big part in Pittsburgh's history. The Byham Theater hosts many shows, group performances, and concerts every year. This theater has been here for 106 years. Pittsburgh’s citizens have enjoyed this theater in the past, and they’ll enjoy it for many years to come.