why you need a business coach in 2018 n.
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Business Consultant in Oklahoma

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Annealing is an industrial process that reduces stress and increases performance in materials. Martin Business Consultant in Oklahoma is committed to doing the same for small business owners. Martin learned to love the language and rigors of business and grew to believe that business is both the most human of all endeavours and the highest calling.

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why you need a business coach in 2018 1
Why You Need a Business Coach in 2018
  • Identifying and dealing with our self-limiting beliefs
  • Creating clarity around our vision and objectives
  • Planning the necessary activities
  • Focussing our efforts on the things that matter most at any given time
  • Gathering the information we need to do what we need to do
  • Holdingus accountable to get things done on schedule
identifying and dealing with our self limiting beliefs
Identifyingand dealing with our self-limiting beliefs
  • Whether or not we are aware of them, our assumptions, thoughts, beliefs and self-talk have created our current realities and limit our ability to change.
  • Change always begins with our thinking.
  • The right business coach can help identify, challenge and overcome the self-limiting thoughts that hold us back.
creating clarity around our vision and goals
Creating clarity around our vision and goals
  • Clarity means that we know what we want.
  • The more specifically we identify and write our visions and objectives, the more likely we are to achieve them.  
planning the necessary activities
Planning the necessary activities
  • The plans outline the actions necessary to achieve our goals.
  • The plans are organized as weekly tasks, quarterly projects and annual goals that lead to a vision we want in three years.
  • The tasks are where the action is, where we really do things.
focussing our efforts on the things that matter most
Focussing our efforts on the things that matter most
  • There are many steps between now and our goals, but at any point along the way there will always be one step more important than all the others.
  • Focusing means identifying and working on the ONLY that matters most at a given time and avoiding the "rabbits" competitors that steal our attention and prevent us from doing things.
gathering the information we need to do what we need to do
Gathering the information we need to do what we need to do
  • Business is a complex enterprise that involves a wide range of topics including leadership, marketing, sales, production, administration and many issues within each one.
  • Very few of us are good at all, but to prosper, our companies must be good.
  • The right coach provides the information, resources and experience necessary to learn and improve in each of the 4 key areas of a successful business.
holding us accountable to get things done on schedule
Holdingus accountable to get things done on schedule
  • Dreams, goals, planning, information and everything else make no sense unless we actually do something, which means that the most important function of a business consultant or coach is to take responsibility for doing what we agreed to do.