extreme makeover peoplesoft edition give your pre 9 1 apps a total 8 5 facelift without mods n.
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What You’re Getting in This Session

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Extreme Makeover, PeopleSoft Edition: Give your Pre-9.1 Apps a Total 8.5 Facelift, Without Mods !. A look at two cool tools: PeopleTools 8.5 Comparative screenshots with the previous version Tips and tricks for enabling and using 8.5 features in pre-9.1 apps Live demo of 8.5 features

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Presentation Transcript
what you re getting in this session
A look at two cool tools:

PeopleTools 8.5

Comparative screenshots with the previous version

Tips and tricks for enabling and using 8.5 features in pre-9.1 apps

Live demo of 8.5 features

GT eForms™ 2.8

Developing 8.5 apps faster – the Quick Entry concept

Expanding Quick Entry to add feature strength

Seamlessly workflow-enabling your Quick Entry apps

What You’re Getting in This Session
  • PeopleTools 8.5: PeopleSoft Gets a Facelift
  • The Good News: What You Get Just By Upgrading
  • The Bad News: Features that Need Mods to Enable
  • Back to Good News: Getting the Facelift Without Mods
  • Job Data Quick Entry Page Demo
  • Taking it Further: Workflow-Enabling Quick Entry Pages
  • Workflow-Enabled Quick Entry Demo
  • Summing Up
  • Questions
gideon taylor consulting
Gideon Taylor Consulting

Gideon Taylor, headquartered in Pleasant Grove, Utah, is a PeopleSoft custom solutions provider for business, education and government organizations.

GT’s mission is to revolutionize business processes through the use of automation, integration and electronic forms technology.

GT’s vision is to help businesses create solutions that

realize the full value of their ERP technology

platform investments.

Founded in 2001 by Paul Taylor,

Creator of GT eForms™ and ePAF™

the good stuff peoplesoft gets a facelift
The Good Stuff: PeopleSoft Gets a Facelift
  • PeopleTools 8.5 provides a “Web 2.0” look and feel
    • Web 1.0 - "stiff" pages, whole refresh to update
    • Web 2.0 - Active pages that can get new server info without full page refresh - AJAX
  • Subject database: HCM 9.0 upgraded to PT 8.5
    • Tools-only upgrade impact was minimal – primarily cosmetic
    • PT 8.5 can be applied to PS App versions 8.4, 8.8, 8.9 and 9.0
    • 9.1 Apps come native with PT 8.5
  • Beware the PT 8.47 to PT 8.48 barrier!
the good news what you get just by upgrading
The Good News: What You Get Just By Upgrading
  • Updated style sheets
    • Default 8.5 – this just happens
    • SWAN – Can implement globally
  • Menu 2.0
    • Floating drop-down menus
    • New AJAX-enabled side menu
    • Breadcrumbs
  • Fade-over modal pages, prompts and lookups
  • Zoom on Grids
  • Limited type-ahead on edit boxes
turning on swan globally
Turning on SWAN Globally

Change the Stylesheet Name to PSSTYLEDEF_SWAN in the following places:

- PeopleTools->Utilities->Administration->PeopleTools Options- PeopleTools->Portal->Portal Utilities->System options.- PeopleTools->Portal->Portal Utilities->Registry options. Click the "Search" button and open the first registry. Enter PSSTYLEDEF_SWANin the Style Sheet Name field. Repeat for the other registries.- Run the AE Program UPGPT850SWAN.- Clear all appserver/webserver/browser cache.- Restart the webserv and appserv.

more about swan
More about SWAN
  • PeopleBooks says to clone the delivered style sheets to modify
  • This sort ofworks, but it breakssliding-door frames (rounded corners)
  • Naming SWAN as a parent style sheet doesn’t work either
  • For now, SWAN-based style sheets need the default SWAN name – PSSTYLEDEF_SWAN
  • Only way around it currently is to save a backup of PSSTYLEDEF_SWAN and then modify the delivered version
turning on menu 2 0
Turning on Menu 2.0

To change the default menu type from left (Menu 1.0) to floating drop-down (Menu 2.0):

  • Navigate to PeopleTools -> Portal -> General Settings
  • The setting is "Navigation Type". Change it to Drop-Down instead of Left.

If a user wants to remove the left menu:

  • User logs in
  • Click on Personalize Content
  • Uncheck Menu box.
more about menu 2 0 floating menus
More about Menu 2.0 – Floating Menus
  • To get Priority Sort Order on the floating main menu, click the sort arrow twice. The default is alphabetical – every time.
  • You have to click the breadcrumb to get the floating menu started.
  • Resist the urge to click on the floating menus until you reach your target – if you click on a folder-level target on the floating menus, it will open the folder page, not the next floating menu level. Just mouse over and wait.
more about menu 2 0 ajax side menu
More about Menu 2.0 – AJAX Side Menu
  • The AJAX side menu does seem faster!
  • PeopleBooks says the AJAX side menu may not work as well with screen readers – Classic Menu (1.0) is a Personalize Content option.
  • You can turn off the AJAX side menu under Personalize Content option if you only want the floating menus.
  • If your home page comes up with breadcrumbs on top of the logo bar and they don’t pull down, or you have other trouble with the breadcrumbs, click the Home link in the logo bar.
more about type ahead lookups
More about Type-Ahead Lookups
  • They are automatically turned on when you upgrade to 8.5.
  • Don’t hit <enter> to select from the list – the page may refresh or another event may be triggered - <tab> or mouse click to select.
  • Performance is pretty good, but can slow down entry slightly.
  • Can turn off at the system level, then enable with a customization
the bad news features that need mods to enable
The Bad News: Features that Need Mods to Enable
  • Type-ahead on search pages
  • Scrollable grids
  • Mouse-over popup pages
  • Rich text boxes
  • Zoom text boxes
  • Page-specific style sheets
  • Free form style sheets
turning on search page type ahead
Turning On Search Page Type-Ahead
  • Remember there are two different fields involved:
    • Field on the Search View
      • Must be flipped to “Enable Type Ahead when used in Search Record” on Record Field Properties – Use Tab
    • Field on the Prompt Record of the Field on the Search View
      • Record Field Properties – Edits Tab – “Display in Type Ahead Window” pertains to this. Only needs to be flipped if you don’t want all the key and all alternate keys on the prompt record to be in the type-ahead list. If you flip one or more, those fields are what will show in the list instead of keys.
  • Prompt Records MUST have the search field as their FIRST and ONLY key!
    • For example, the search view for NAME has to return NAME as the key, before EMPLID or anything else, and EMPLID can’t be a key
more about scrollable grids
More about Scrollable Grids
  • Limit the “size” of large scroll populations by putting scrolling them after a certain size.
  • Drag and drop columns to arrange.
  • Alt-arrow keys move you up and down rows in the grid.
  • Some odd display artifacts sometimes, strange keystroke navigation.
turning on scrollable grids
Turning On Scrollable Grids
  • Double-click the Grid object on the Page object in App Designer. In Grid Properties, on the Use Tab, change Grid Layout to Scrollable Grid Layout.
  • Change Rows to show in Scrollable Layout to a number greater than one.
    • This will determine how many rows you put in your grid before it reaches its maximum visible size, and a scroll bar appears to let you move up and down the grid.
turning on mouse over popup pages
Turning On Mouse-over Popup Pages
  • On the page control you want to be mouseover-enabled, go to Properties.
    • Can be an edit box, hyperlink, button
    • For button or hyperlink, set the Destination to Page Anchor (not necessary, but stops unneeded behavior like PeopleCode events firing)
  • On Use Tab, click Page Popup and enter page name. (All the keys necessary to resolve the page should be on the host page at the same scroll level or higher.)
  • Small icons are nice – set the label appropriately.
turning on rich text boxes
Turning On Rich Text Boxes
  • You can enable Rich Text for a Long Edit box on a page.
  • In Long Edit Box Properties, Options Tab, click Enable Rich Text.
  • The default settings are going to show a LOT of buttons, which will overwhelm all but a huge field. The Configuration Settings ID field value refers to an HTML object that defines what buttons are used. You can open that object, save a copy, and remove some button references. You MUST save your custom config with an HTML name that starts with PT_RTE_CFG.
  • There are other customizable parameters. CKEditor is an open source project – check for online resources. Can, for example, do syntax highlighting.
turning on zoom text boxes
Turning On Zoom Text Boxes
  • In Long Edit Box Properties, Use Tab, click Display in Modal Window.
  • Enter Height and Width in pixels.
page specific style sheets
Page-specific Style Sheets
  • You can turn on a style sheet (like SWAN) for just one page or pages. This is less invasive than converting the whole PeopleSoft application.
  • You can a custom style sheet for a certain group of pages to distinguish them from the rest of PeopleSoft.
  • 8.5 supports free form style sheets, which can even be designed in third party CSS tools and pasted into App Designer.
turning on page specific style sheets
Turning On Page-specific Style Sheets
  • In Page Properties, on the Use Tab, change the Page Style Sheet to the value you’d like.
  • Most of the valid values in the drop-down are actually sub-style sheets. The only complete style sheet sets that come with 8.5 are PSSTYLEDEF and PSSTYLEDEF_SWAN.
back to good news getting the facelift w o mods
Back to Good News: Getting the Facelift w/o Mods
  • Intro to GT eForms™ 2.8
    • eForms Solution Architecture
  • Quick Entry Pages
    • Full control of look and feel
    • Opportunity to simplify
    • CI Interface means no mods to delivered components
    • Roll forward at upgrade time, continuing to add value
taking it further workflow enabled quick pages
Adding custom edits

Adding approvers

Adding emails

Always-up: Queuing entries

Taking it Further: Workflow-Enabled Quick Pages
eform based solutions from gideon taylor
eForm-Based Solutions from Gideon Taylor
  • ePAF™ – Electronic HR transactions, including Hire, Job Change, Employment Status Change, Manage Position, Additional Pay
  • GT eVoucher™ – Populate PS Vouchers from an eForm (Check Requests, Invoices, Reimbursements)
  • GT Paperless I-9™ with E-Verify – Fully reg-compliant electronic I-9 with web services integration to DHS E-Verify system
  • GT Personnel eFile™ – Put your whole personnel file online, including eForms, scanned docs and notes
  • GT eTime™ – Simplify time and attendance reporting
  • GT ePost™ – Easy job postings to Candidate Gateway
  • Security eForm – Replace paper security access requests with a self-routing, self-applied eForm
  • eForm Library – Repository of all eForms developed for the GT eForms™ platform
summing up
Your customers will want the new PT 8.5 look, feel and functionality!

The PT 8.5 upgrade for pre-9.1 apps is straightforward, and gives you instant rewards.

Quick Entry pages let you use many more PT 8.5 features, while streamlining business processes.

GT eForms™ 2.8 makes it easy to ramp a simple Quick Entry page into a fully workflow-enabled approval process!

Summing Up
  • John Woodrum, Chief Operating Officer
    • Office: (801) 434-7260
    • Direct: (801) 376-7583
    • Email: john@gideontaylor.com