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www.keskuspuisto.fi. Keskuspuisto Vocational College, Helsinki Vocational education for students with special needs Development and service center for special education. Keskuspuisto Vocational College. is maintained by ORTON Foundation

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www keskuspuisto fi

Keskuspuisto Vocational College, Helsinki

Vocational education for students

with special needs

Development and service center for special education

www keskuspuisto fi1

Keskuspuisto Vocational College

  • is maintained by ORTON Foundation
  • The other units of ORTON Foundation are:
    • ORTON Hospital ltd
    • ORTON Rehabilitation ltd
    • ORTON Respecta ltd (production, delivery and service of assistive devices)
    • ORTON Research
  • ORTON Foundation has about 1000 employees, approx. 500 of them are working in Keskuspuisto Vocational College.


www keskuspuisto fi2

ORTON Foundation – Keskuspuisto Vocational College

ORTON Foundation is a private provider of vocational education;

The Foundation maintains Keskuspuisto Vocational College and receives the funding for education from the Ministry of Education and Culture

Keskuspuisto Vocational College is independent, but accountable for the results


www keskuspuisto fi3

Keskuspuisto Vocational College

  • We offer various teaching and support services to students with special needs
  • We provide for expert services to other training institutes and partners
  • Our goal is that the students who graduate from Keskuspuisto Vocational College possess the necessary skills needed in working life, life-long desire to learn new things and a possibility to empowerment
  • Individual and flexible study plans and small groups offer a beneficial starting point for studies
www keskuspuisto fi4

The locations

Keskuspuisto Vocational College has 13 different locations in the capital area and in other municipalities in the Province of Southern Finland.

3 in Helsinki

1 in Espoo

1 in Hyvinkää

1 in Järvenpää

1 in Kerava

1 in Kirkkonummi

1 in Lohja

1 in Mäntsälä

1 in Porvoo

2 in Vantaa

We have approx. 30 000 square meters operational area in these locations.

www keskuspuisto fi5

Some figures

  • about 500 students in initialvocationalqualificationtraining
  • about 420 students in pre-vocational and rehabilitativetrainingincluding
  • 8 students in preparatorytraining for immigrants
  • about 150 students in furthervocationaltraining
  • number of staffapprox. 500
www keskuspuisto fi6

Employment after school

  • The employment rate after graduation on the open labour market is about 50 %
  • Some will get supported employment
  • About 2 % of the qualification students continue their education on higher level
  • Some get a disability pension and are working on the open market but don’t have a contract of employment and do not get a real salary.
www keskuspuisto fi7
  • The requirements in the initial vocational qualification education are based on the national curricula and the education leads to a diploma / qualification;
  • The on-the-job learning and skill demonstrations are a part of the vocational education;
  • The job coaches (3) support the students during on-the-job learning periods if needed
www keskuspuisto fi8

Sectors and fields of the initial vocational education leading to qualification

Sector of Tourism, Catering and Home Economics

Cleaning Services (SiteFacilitiesOperative)

Cookery (Cook)

Household Services (Housekeeper)

Sector of Culture

AudiovisualCommunication (Media Assistant)

Crafts and Design (Handicraft Design and Production, Artisan)

Dance (Dancer)

Music (Musicianor Music Technology, Piano Tuner)

Sector of Sciences

Business Information Technology (User Support, Datanomi)

www keskuspuisto fi9

Sector of Technology and Transport

Information and Telecommunications Technology (Electronics Assembler/ICT Technician)

Logistics (Storage Services, Warehouse Operative)

Metalwork and Machinery (Manufacturing Technology, Mechanical Fitter / Machinist)

Property Maintenance (Property Maintenance Operative)

Surface Treatment Technology (Painter)

Technical Design (Design Assistant)

Upholstery (Upholsterer, Interior Decorator)

Vehicle Technology (Vehicle Mechanic)

Social and Health Care Sector

Social and Health Care (Practical Nurse, Study Programme in Care for the Disabled or Study Programme in Rehabilitation)

Sector of Business and Administration

Customer Services and Sales (Merkonomi)

www keskuspuisto fi10

Further Qualifications ~ Adult education

  • Further qualifications in several fields, for example
  • special needs assistant in education
  • masseuse / masseur
  • instructor of intellectually disabled people
  • cleaner
  • painter
  • restorer
  • upholsterer
  • restorer master
  • painter master
  • upholsterer master

The students of KVC / statistics of the reasons for special education (09/2011)



















Disorders in perception, attention and concentration

Disorders in language and speech development

Disorders in social interaction and behaviour

Delayed cognitive development

Severely delayed cognitive development

Mental health disorders

Chronic physical deseases

Spectrum of autism and Asperger synrome

Physical disabilities causing difficulties to move

Hearing impairment, deafness

Visual impairment, blindness

Some other reason for special education

No reason for special education or unspecified

Tenholantie 10, 00280 Helsinki, puh. (09) 47 481, faksi (09) 4748 2746, www.keskuspuisto.fi

www keskuspuisto fi11

Orientation periods

  • Possibility to try the professionalfield and get feedback on the suitability of the fieldtaking into account the capabilities, challenges and disabilities of the person
  • Durationusuallyoneweek
  • Discussions /testswith the psychologist and specialneedsteacher
  • Practicaltasks in the chosenfield
  • Paidbythr National Insurance Company (KELA) or the employmentagency
www keskuspuisto fi12

Development and resource center

Specific task to develop special needs education and to support, advice and consult mainstream schools in special education issues.

Co-operation with various schools

In-service training



Employment services