welcome to back to school night in b 6 n.
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Welcome to Back to School Night in B-6! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Back to School Night in B-6!

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Welcome to Back to School Night in B-6! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Back to School Night in B-6!
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  1. Welcome to Back to School Night in B-6! Mrs. Kellie Saylor with Mr. Scott Platt First Grade 2014

  2. Contact Information My email address is ksaylor@pvsd.k12.ca.us This is the best way to contact me! Website: thefirstgradewave.weebly.com - check here for updates and our weekly newsletter. The school phone number is 445-1147.

  3. A Little About Me… • I have been married to my husband Nate for 9 years. We live in Ventura with our 3 ½ year old son, Jackson. • I grew up all over California, from Los Angeles, to Arcata (north of San Francisco). I moved to Santa Barbara following high school, and obtained a B.A. in psychology from CSUCI, and followed that up with their credential program. • I have taught kindergarten, and first grade for almost 10 years. • I love my job and I appreciate each child for what they can bring to our classroom community.

  4. A Little About Mr. Platt • I am originally from New Jersey. Nearly 5 years ago I moved out to Santa Barbara California for college, the beautiful weather, and to pursue my dream of becoming a teacher. • I received my B.A. from CSUCI in the spring of 2014. • I am very excited to spend the entire school year with your children to watch them learn and grow as students.

  5. Classroom manners • 1. Be responsible. • 2. Be kind. • 3. Be a good listener. • 4. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself. • 5. Care about school and care about each other.

  6. Positive Consequences for Good Behavior • Great self esteem • Dojo points • Raffle tickets/marble jar • Class treat

  7. Consequences Verbal reminders Take a break in classroom (glitter bottle) Focus in another classroom Manners lesson Notify parents A visit to the principal

  8. First Grade Curriculum Our General Goals are to: • Build self esteem • Listen and follow directions • Put forth best effort at all times • Love school! • The first grade team works very closely. We meet each week to plan and ensure all students receive a rich experience.

  9. Curriculum Language Arts Goals • Become fluent readers • Build good sight word vocabulary • Learn decoding strategies/comprehension skills • Enjoy reading/participate in Home Reading program • Use temporary spelling/spell common words correctly (word wall words & known phonics patterns) • Write descriptively about an object or event, a simple story with beginning, middle and end, write a personal narrative, express an opinion and state reasons why, write a response to non-fiction reading with supporting details.

  10. Curriculum Math Goals • Develop number sense, ie: counting skills, number bonds, embedded numbers, decompositions • Number chart 120: place value, including +10 & -10 • Learn addition and subtraction concepts, strategies and facts to 20 • Understand concepts in patterning, number, money, graphing, measurement and estimating • Develop problem solving strategies

  11. Curriculum Science • States of Matter • Weather – water cycle • Living things – plants and animals • Habitat study • Field trip to Santa Barbara Zoo in the spring Social Studies • Problem solving strategies • Family, Community and Citizenship Performing and Visual Arts • Impressionist art show in late spring • Music Teacher/In class musical Physical Education Weekly P.E. Teacher

  12. Homework • Homework packet – comes home on Monday, to be returned completed on Friday. • Nightly reading is the most important homework in addition to practicing the five sight words for the week.

  13. Home Reading… • is the most important homework first graders can do! • begins the first week of October. • is a daily homework assignment ~ books will be reread in class and exchanged each morning. • Focus on reading aloud and discussing the story.

  14. Special Projects • We will do several projects following different units of study. • Please be supportive but encourage your child to do their own work. • Have fun!

  15. Bits and Pieces Birthdays: Rancho Rosal teachers would like to encourage the birthday child to “treat” the class with a book or piece of P.E. equipment instead of sugary treats. Child questionnaire : Please fill in and inform me about your child’s special qualities, any special needs or concerns, your goals for the year.  Please sign and return the Friendship List to me. Please sign up to volunteer in our class or at home! Visit my donation tree ~ please select an “apple wish” to donate. **Still need: spiral & composition notebooks, and earbuds**