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Mississippi Emergency Management Agency

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Mississippi Emergency Management Agency. Emergency Management GIS Capabilities. Mississippi Emergency Management Agency. Emergency Management GIS Capabilities.

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mississippi emergency management agency
Mississippi Emergency Management Agency

Emergency Management

GIS Capabilities

emergency management gis capabilities
Emergency Management GIS Capabilities

With the invention of the Internet, the world became a little smaller place. The Internet gave us the means to connect with family and friends both foreign and domestic. Two sisters separated by the Atlantic could stay in touch more often and it cost them far less.

emergency management gis capabilities1
Emergency Management GIS Capabilities

June 2005, Google Earth is launched and now not only does the Internet allow you to connect with friends and family but here's a product that allows you to see exactly where they are located anywhere in the world. The public is now beginning to understand GIS capabilities.

emergency management gis capabilities2
Emergency Management GIS Capabilities

Global Positioning Systems have also played an important part in GIS. A GPS can be purchased at local department stores for less than $100.00 today. This allows more public access to this tool due to it’s affordability and easy access to available stock.

emergency management gis capabilities3
Emergency Management GIS Capabilities

Both GPS and Online Map Viewers such as Google Earth, Arc Explorer and Bing Maps have had an important part in bringing GIS to the forefront of the public eye in the following ways:

  • Educates the public about GIS capabilities.
  • Provides economical means/tools from which to use GIS in their daily lives.
  • Continues to educate the public to emerging GIS technologies.
emergency management gis capabilities4
Emergency Management GIS Capabilities

Disasters are the responsibility of local government to manage. The state EMA serves as a coordinating entity between local governments and the rest of the world, whether it be EMAC, SMAC or the federal government.

emergency management gis capabilities5
Emergency Management GIS Capabilities

GIS is more readily available and affordable for small local governments. Local tax assessors, county engineers and even first responders use GIS both in their normal day to day functions as well as at times when they’re managing an emergency event.

emergency management gis capabilities6
Emergency Management GIS Capabilities

As Local governments use and understand current and emerging GIS Technology, their expectations will change. Where a particular product may have previously been viewed as an excessive expense, it will now be accepted as a necessary purchase.

emergency management gis capabilities7
Emergency Management GIS Capabilities

With budgets stretched thin the lure of affordable GIS is still hard for some smaller local governments to obtain. This is where the state EMA’s can step in to help bridge this gap.

emergency management gis capabilities8
Emergency Management GIS Capabilities

Good Data is one of the most important parts of a good dependable GIS. We’ve all heard the old saying. “Garbage in, Garbage out”! Well the same can be said about GIS data.

emergency management gis capabilities9
Emergency Management GIS Capabilities

There can be a great trade-off between Local government and the State EMA. Local government can provide good clean data and the state can in turn process, catalog, store and then provide a usable GIS product for the end user.

emergency management gis capabilities10
Emergency Management GIS Capabilities

One of the products that MEMA has available for Map Product production is TerraGo’s GeoPDF. This product allows you to convert a .mxd file to a GeoPDF. The end user needs only to have the free TerraGo toolbar downloaded and at least Adobe Reader 5, which is another free download.

what does a terrago geopdf do
What does a TerraGo GeoPDF Do?
  • Allows the end user to display .shp files to the GeoPDF as optional layers.
  • Allows the end user to mark up and make notes on the map document.
  • The end user is able to zoom in on the PDF and maintain geospatial accuracy.
  • Wherever the cursor is placed on the map the corresponding long/lat and mgrs is displayed on a bar at the bottom of the map.
what does a terrago geopdf do1
What does a TerraGo GeoPDF Do?
  • Layers can be turned on and off with the click of the mouse.
  • Measurements can be made of objects in the PDF to determine length or area.
  • The following file formats are also acceptable: .csv, .gpx, .kml, .kmz
  • There is an extensive tool bar that gives many options that you can turn on and off similar to the toolbar functions in Arc products.
emergency management gis capabilities11
Emergency Management GIS Capabilities

GeoPDFs allow us to take a map document from ArcMap and convert it into a product that can be sent out via email to either local governments or first responders.

The best thing about this is that the end user doesn’t have to purchase software to support the GeoPDF.

gis data sources in ms
GIS Data Sources in MS

There are numerous sources of GIS Data in Mississippi. Two of the most popular are the MS Automated Resource Information System (MARIS) and The MS Geospatial Clearinghouse (MGC).

gis data sources in ms1
GIS Data Sources in MS

MARISMississippi Automated Resource Information System

  • Origin- MARIS was established by Executive Order in 1982 and legislation in 1986.
  • Purpose – MARIS is legislated to be the mechanism for making data relating to the state’s resources useful, consistent and available.
gis data sources in ms maris
GIS Data Sources in MS - MARIS

Goal – To facilitate the achievement of state agencies’ responsibilities as related to Mississippi’s natural and cultural resources.

This includes:

  • Resource development
  • Resource management
  • Resource conservation
  • Resource protection and
  • Resource utilization
gis data sources in ms maris1
GIS Data Sources in MS - MARIS


  • Promote interagency GIS program coordination
  • Promote Technical services
  • Provide ongoing education
gis data sources in ms maris2
GIS Data Sources in MS - MARIS

What MARIS does – Recognized nationally and statewide as a source for expertise in all matters pertaining to Geographic Information Systems.

Uniquely accessible to all who request with no-cost advice, technical assistance and custom spatial data. Low-cost project work is also available.

gis data sources in ms maris3
GIS Data Sources in MS - MARIS

MARIS Web Site – http://www.maris.state.ms.us - The web site is one of the most visible aspects of the MARIS activities. The site has generated compliments from across the nation and won awards for design and user friendliness.

1,500,000 Mississippi resource data files have been delivered over the last five (5) years to 106,000 clients. The web site operates on self generated funds.

gis data sources in ms2
GIS Data Sources in MS

MS Geospatial Clearinghouse

The MGC was placed into production in September 2007. It serves as the State’s premier portal for the GIS community. MGC is the primary location for the MS Digital Earth Model.

gis data sources in ms mgc
GIS Data Sources in MS - MGC

Upgrades at MGC

Because of changes in technologies and new requirements, the MS Department of Information Technology Services has contracted with Gary Hennington and his company The Geospatial Group to upgrade the current MGC.

gis data sources in ms mgc1
GIS Data Sources in MS - MGC

Upgrades at MGC

  • Visualization will utilize the web-browser add-on, Adobe’s Flex. This will give the user access to ESRI map services and ITS-hosted map and image services.
  • The information search mechanism will be made more user-friendly by differentiating between MDEM and Non-MDEM datasets allowing for a natural flow to data download.
gis data sources in ms mgc2
GIS Data Sources in MS - MGC

Upgrades at MGC

  • GIS data will be available in “Quick Download” packages or through custom online requests.

Completion of the upgrade is scheduled for the middle of the Summer 2010.

gis data sources in ms mgc3
GIS Data Sources in MS - MGC


gis data sources in ms3
GIS Data Sources in MS

MS Analytical Geospatial Network

MAGNet is a joint venture between the MS Analysis and Information Center (DHS) and MEMA. This system will allow our two agencies to share information and to create and produce independent Flex based products. MAGNet is based on the same Flex technology that Virginia uses in it’s VIPER product.

finding new uses for gis
Finding new uses for GIS

A product being used in North Carolina utilizing smart phones to capture gang graffiti via the phones camera feature. The location is then geospatially tagged and the gang affiliation is noted on a base map by a trained Gang Intervention Officer. Each of the three active gangs are assigned their own color coded pin. The GIO then monitors the encroachment of gangs into each others territory. As pins get closer to each other on the map gang violence tends to escalate.

finding new uses for gis1
Finding new uses for GIS

GIS capabilities are constantly changing not just technologically but in ways in which to use it as demonstrated in the previous slide. You are truly only limited by your own imagination and creativeness. Whether dynamic or static, all data can be depicted in ways that will benefit the end user.