Myths scams and half truths the world of energy scams
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Myths, Scams and Half-Truths:  The World of Energy Scams. Brian Sloboda Senior Program Manager What We’ll Cover. Sample of most popular scams Smart questions to ask any salesman. Power Factor Correction. A little box Prices: Up to $500 Residential capacitor.

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Myths scams and half truths the world of energy scams

Myths, Scams and Half-Truths:  The World of Energy Scams

Brian Sloboda

Senior Program Manager

What we ll cover
What We’ll Cover

  • Sample of most popular scams

  • Smart questions to ask any salesman

Power factor correction
Power Factor Correction

  • A little box

  • Prices: Up to $500

  • Residential capacitor

Kvar claims
KVAR claims

  • Boosts power to 100% efficiency

  • Save around 10%

  • Specially designed for small commercial and residential

  • News clips on web site support the claims

What s bad about the rpu 190
What’s Bad About the RPU-190?

  • Breaking the seal between the electric meter and the meter base

  • Stealing electricity from the utility

  • Might kill you

Power optimizers
Power “Optimizers”

  • Actually small capacitors, these can be legitimate devices to improve power factor

  • However, the savings claimed for a homeowner who is not being charged for power factor by the utility is highly disputable

  • EPRI study found KVAR unit saved 0.23%

The problem is
The Problem Is…

  • Residential kilowatt-hour meters measure and charge for watts consumed

  • kWh meters do not measure (or charge for) power factor (that requires a kVa meter)

  • So, if a home has a poor power factor, the homeowner is not held accountable – the utility has to correct for any power factor problems on the distribution system

For more information
For More Information


    • Keywords: energy-saving boxes

The facts
The Facts

  • You can build solar panels at home

  • Great project for kids

  • Not ideal for powering a home

  • Go with energy efficiency and conservation first, then traditional panels

Refrigeration oil additives
Refrigeration Oil Additives

  • Liquid added to refrigeration systems

  • Claim to increase lubrication, reduce heat

  • Energy savings of 5-30%


  • Several vendors

  • Chemical components vary

  • Products displace dirt and oil film

The facts1
The Facts

  • These are tough to debunk

  • Some promising technologies might work

  • Independent tests are rare and some are old

  • Tests should be conducted on old equipment not brand new

Space heaters
Space Heaters

  • Easy to use

  • Heat small spaces

  • Prices range from $20 - $500+

  • Some products claim huge energy savings

Do they work
Do They Work

  • Yes

  • Savings claims are based on zone heating

Other products cheaper
Other Products Cheaper

  • Electric space heaters are all the same

  • When buying an expensive heater you are paying for the look not the efficiency

  • For more information:

    • Keywords: space heaters

Motor voltage controllers
Motor Voltage Controllers

  • Sense the load on a motor

  • Adjust voltage to motor when the motor is lightly loaded

  • Partially loaded motors are inefficient

  • Patented in 1977 by NASA engineer

  • Costs: $800 - $5,000


  • Soft start

  • Phase balancing

  • Voltage surge protection

  • Undervoltage & phase loss protection

  • All true!

Myths scams and half truths the world of energy scams

  • Savings depend on size of motor and what it is used for

  • Motors are around 90%+ efficient

  • Efficiency can stay even under 50% loading

  • Savings on a 200-horsepower (hp), 460-volt, 1,800-rpm GE motor would be around 1.5kW or 5% at 20% load

How do you tell if something is a scam or good product
How Do You Tell if Something is a Scam or Good Product?

  • Independent testing is best bet

    • Tests need to replicate real world conditions

    • Do tests use new or used equipment?

    • How long did test run? Was it long enough?

    • Testing is expensive

Questions to ask
Questions to Ask

  • Does it violate the laws of physics?

    • “changing of the molecular structure. . .to release never-before tapped power.”

  • What independent lab tested it?

    • Contact the lab and talk to them

  • Is it too good to be true?

    • Tough to answer this one honestly

  • What is the Payback?

    • Too long and it isn’t saving enough energy

Myths scams and half truths the world of energy scams