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Tablet Pc’s PowerPoint Presentation
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Tablet Pc’s

Tablet Pc’s

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Tablet Pc’s

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  1. By: Jonathan Moffatt Tablet Pc’s

  2. What is a tablet PC? • Medium sized mobile computer that is integrated with touch screen or stylus • Has storing capabilities, internet access and allows the owner to control what is installed

  3. History • First patent for a tablet used for handwriting was granted in 1888 • The first patent that was used for recognizing handwritten characters by analyzing the writing motion was in 1915 • The earliest demonstrated use of a tablet and handwriting recognition is dated to 1956

  4. Modern Tablet PC • The first modern models of the tablet PC came into existence around 1980’s • Pencept and Linux had some the original tablets available • One of the earliest Linux systems was the ProGear by FrontPath • (later model of the ProGear)

  5. Modern Tablet PC • In 2000 Microsoft coined the term “Microsoft tablet PC” • They were targeted to address business needs such as note taking and rugged devices for field work • These early devices proved fairly un-popular because they were bulky and cumbersome

  6. The Demand For Tablets • When Apple introduced the Ipad in 2010 the popularity of tablet PC’s exploded and has caused a huge boom in the market • Companies like RIM (blackberry), Samsung, Toshiba and Motorola have made announcements for their own tablets • The market for tablets is expected to go from 7.6 million in 2010 to 46 million in 2014

  7. Touch Screen Interface • The key and common component of Tablets is the touch screen interface • This gives them a more natural user interface instead of a command line interface or the traditional mouse

  8. Accelerometer • Another key feature to tablet PC’s is the accelerometer • The accelerometer is what detects the physical movements of the tablet • It allows greater flexibility because tablets do not necessarily have a fixed direction of use

  9. Ipad • Produced by Apple, was developed before the Iphone but released after because they essentially served the same purpose with the exception of no phone capabilities on the Ipad • Controlled 95% of the market on tablets at the end of 2010

  10. Ipad • The Ipad is primarily a platform for audio-visual media such as books, movies, music, games and web content • Weighs only about 1.5 lbs. heavier than a phone but lighter than a laptop • Though there is a built in touch keyboard there is an option for a plug in traditional keyboard

  11. Blackberry Playbook • Considered to be an improvement on the Ipad • Lighter and sleeker • Has been met with positive reviews from technology critics, including from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas • Tentative release date in fall 2011

  12. Playbook vs. Ipad • There has been a lot of hype saying that the Playbook is the Ipad killer • The Playbook has a slightly smaller, but higher resolution screen and is lighter • It uses Blackberry Tablet OS, powered by QNX technology, the same company used by Cisco and GE

  13. Playbook vs. Ipad • The playbook will have “true” multitasking • On the Ipad apps can not fully run in the background • The Playbook will have the ability to allow apps to run in the background freely

  14. Playbook vs. Ipad • The Playbook will also have a 5 megapixel rear facing camera and 3 megapixel forward facing camera • It supports a handful of video formats like, DivX, WMV, MPEG • It also has a small HDMI port and a standard micro USB port

  15. Playbook vs. Ipad • Another major feature is that the Playbook can be used to look at anything on your phone without syncing • Email, calendars and BBM (blackberry messenger) are the same on your phone and Playbook

  16. The Future Of Tablet PC’s • The future of tablet PC’s looks be very successful and popular • With advancing technology and hardware capabilities perhaps someday larger tablets may surpass laptops in popularity • With these technologic changes who knows what a tablet could do next…

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