commercial food sanitation n.
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Commercial Food Sanitation PowerPoint Presentation
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Commercial Food Sanitation

Commercial Food Sanitation

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Commercial Food Sanitation

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  1. Commercial Food Sanitation Corporate Sanitation Support Program

  2. Commercial Sanitation Excellence in Sanitation is the mission of Commercial Food Sanitation. Sanitation excellence is the bridge to food safety through dedicated focus on: • Unimpeachable product integrity and food safety • Effective processes with continuous improvement • Motivated, skilled and innovative sanitation employees • A safe working environment for employees • Maximization of asset and capacity utilization • Flexibility in scheduling – both processes and personnel • Facilities and equipment designed for efficient and effective cleaning • Being environmentally responsible • Being a technical professional and a business partner.

  3. Commercial Sanitation Commercial Food Sanitation (CFS) was formed by Joe Stout who has dedicated his career to learning and training others in the areas of quality, general cleaning, allergen management, sanitary design, pathogen control and remediation, and overall cleaning effectiveness. Joe retired from his career with Kraft Foods where he started as a sanitation supervisor. Since then he has worked in quality and sanitation at the director level. His last ten years at Kraft was spent as Global Director of Product Protection, Sanitation and Hygienic Design. He is well known in the industry though his leadership in the areas of cleaning and Equipment and facility design with AMI, GMA, DMI, AFFI, FARRP and other trade and industry groups.

  4. Corporate Sanitation Support Program CFS offers a corporate sanitation support program supported by experienced sanitation experts. This is a menu driven, need based approach for companies to select and apply solutions to address specific sanitation needs within your company. Why is this a benefit? • Sanitation expertise and leadership in the food industry is limited. CFS has industry talent who are passionate, experienced and field tested. • There is no ramp up speed versus hiring and training new employees as they develop expertise in this area. • CFS provides dedicated knowledgeable leadership and focused plant support visits. • CFS will work with your company as technical leaders and business partners and provide focus where it is specifically requested. • When a level of service is established, there is flex in our ability to increase levels of support when specific needs arise or for crisis management. • We respect confidentiality and do not discuss or share our client list with other companies or in general conversation.

  5. Menu Selection of Services • Sanitation Effectiveness and Efficiency • Master cleaning schedules (Infrastructure and equipment) • Changeover efficiency / time reduction • Sanitation cleaning validation • SSOPs • Product Spoilage • Crisis Management • On time sanitation support • Deep cleaning and remediation • Technical Training • Pest Control • Sanitary Design • GMPs • SSOP developments • Pest Control • Allergen management and cleaning • Pathogen controls • Sanitation leadership • What good looks like. Sanitation Assessments • State of programs per plant or company wide • Assessment of sanitation vendors (Chemical, Cleaning contractors, Pest Control) • State of programs in preparation for SQF. Food Safety • Allergen Management and changeover validations • Pathogen control programs • Troubleshooting • Crisis management Sanitary Design • Equipment and facility design reviews - new plants or additions • Improvement of existing designs • Evaluation of new equipment designs. • Completion of design review check lists – GMA, or AMI.

  6. Organizational Design