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Michelle Hague

Michelle Hague. M. Ed. Instructional Technology Capstone Project 2013. The Flipped Classroom:. Does the Flipped Model Generate Better Student Success When Compared to the Traditional Curriculum Delivery?. problem. Life is a stage…and the teacher plays the only role…

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Michelle Hague

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  1. Michelle Hague M. Ed. Instructional Technology Capstone Project 2013

  2. The Flipped Classroom: Does the Flipped Model Generate Better Student Success When Compared to the Traditional Curriculum Delivery?

  3. problem • Life is a stage…and the teacher plays the only role… • Students exists as listeners • Usually one-way communication • Little social interaction/critical thought

  4. Solution Traditional Teaching Model Flipped Classroom Model • Teacher • Gives lecture in the front of the room • Assigns written homework relating to lecture • Teacher • Assigns video lecture for homework • Works with students on activity relating to last night’s video

  5. Background Information • Pioneered by Jonathan Bergman and Aaron Sams • Chemistry teachers in Colorado http://youtu.be/nEfojG9ckYA

  6. What does this mean? Ileighanne

  7. Project Plan • Two-Step Process • Research Flipped Model • Create Online Lessons • Timeline • July-August 2012 • Research and Survey Creation • August-September 2012 • Conduct surveys • Review guidelines and expectations with parents and students • October 2012-April 2013 • Create online lessons for students to use as “homework” • Conduct observations of student’s reactions to the method of delivery • Compile test scores from the lessons using the flipped model • April 2013 • Review data

  8. Evaluation plan • Observations • Test Scores • Student Participation • Surveys

  9. Capstone Experience • Researching the Flipped Model • Realizations • Student Guidelines: https://smore.com/r2g0 • Obstacles • Creating videos • Changing homework expectations • Observations/Feedback

  10. Results • Overall, implementing this model was a success!

  11. Test scores

  12. Test scores

  13. Test scores

  14. Reflection • Technology Facilitation • Leadership • Standards • Advice/Recommendations

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