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Rush-Henrietta Central Schools ~ Music Department ~ PowerPoint Presentation
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Rush-Henrietta Central Schools ~ Music Department ~

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Rush-Henrietta Central Schools ~ Music Department ~ - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Rush-Henrietta Central Schools ~ Music Department ~. September 8, 2014. Rush-Henrietta Central Schools ~ Music Department. Information for Beginning Instrumental Music Parents September 8, 2014. Sewing the seeds of our future musicians!. Why MUSIC ?.

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rush henrietta central schools music department1
Rush-Henrietta Central Schools ~ Music Department

Information for

Beginning Instrumental

Music Parents

September 8, 2014

why music
  • Last year, 438 students began learning to play a musical instrument (band or orchestra)
  • This year, 239 of them continue to play (55%)
  • The true benefits of a music education are the result of:
    • sustained involvement over time
    • committed practice
    • and support from parents, teachers and the music community

Who Do We Have Here??

parent handbook
Parent Handbook



meet the orchestra faculty

Elementary Schools

Chelsea Hill - Fyle, Sherman

Lindsey Doyle - Crane, Winslow

Rachel Lauber- Leary

Meet the Orchestra Faculty

Middle Schools

Roth MS ~ Nicole Walton, Rachel Lauber, Carol Lamica, Pam Quinlan

Burger MS ~ Geoff Jones

NGA/High School

David Kluge & Chelsea Hill

meet the band faculty

Meet the Band Faculty

Middle Schools

Burger MS ~ Rich Thompson, Kate Rolland

Roth MS ~ Heather Mate, Lauren Rubin

Elementary Schools

Annette Muller ~ Crane, Leary, Winslow

Jill Pringle ~ Fyle, Sherman, Winslow

NGA/High School

Scott Cannan& Sean Joseph

music boosters rush henrietta music parents association
MUSIC BOOSTERS!Rush-Henrietta Music Parents Association

voice mail: 359-5183 #1972

President ~ Tori-Kate Davis

  • Bring instrument to school for lessons & rehearsals
  • Take your instrument home (Do not leave it in school!!)
  • Store instrument securely
    • Check with homeowners/renters insurance
    • Explore music store insurance
  • Practice on a daily basis
  • Care of instrument
  • Concert attendance
  • Fourth Grade
  • Two 30 minute lessons per week
  • Large groups of mixed instruments
  • Report Cards every 10 weeks
  • Fifth Grade
  • One 30 minute lesson per week
  • Rotating lesson schedule
  • 4-6 students per group
  • Report cards every 10 weeks
  • Ensemble rehearsal 1 day per week
obtaining an instrument
Obtaining an Instrument
  • Music Dealers
    • Music & Arts Center and Atlas Music
    • Reputable
    • Back-up their products
    • Service the instruments
    • Service the school (weekly visits) – can order supplies (instruments even!) over the phone, pay with credit card and they will deliver it to the school
  • Additional String Specialty Stores listed in your packet
  • What to look for:
    • New vs. Demo (used), Warranty, Insurance
    • Discount for buying outright?
    • What is the start-up cost?
  • Please have your child’s instrument in time to start lessons on Monday, September 15th
  • If you have not registered for lessons yet, be sure to speak to your school’s music teacher before you leave tonight!
  • Students playing percussion need to get a percussion kit
  • Visit the music dealer representatives, they are here to help you make your choice
what do i need to get started
What do I need to get started?
  • Lesson book
    • Essential Elements Interactive, Book 1 (orange) for your instrument (violin, viola, cello, bass)
    • Shoulder rest, rosin, rockstop
    • Music stand
  • BAND:
  • Lesson book
    • Essential Elements Interactive, Book 1 for your instrument (trumpet, clarinet, etc…)
    • Instrument-specific accessories (mallets, neck straps, reeds, etc…)
  • Music Stand
  • *Check your teacher’s webpage for more accessories
break out sessions
Break-out Sessions!


Fyle, Sherman & Winslow Band – front, right side of the Auditorium (Interpreter - Jessica Ziomek)

Crane and Leary Band – front, left side of the Auditorium


Fyle and Sherman Orchestra – Band Room (D109)

Crane and Winslow Orchestra – Chorus Room (D107)

Leary Orchestra – Orchestra Room (D 110)