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FY2011 BIDDER’S CONFERENCE October 20, 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FY2011 BIDDER’S CONFERENCE October 20, 2010. Purpose. To provide a general overview of United Way of Central Maryland and the 2011 Strategic Plan To provide information on 2011 Community Impact Grant Application and the competitive grant process

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  • To provide a general overview of United Way of Central Maryland and the 2011 Strategic Plan

  • To provide information on 2011 Community Impact Grant Application and the competitive grant process

  • To share information on accessing the RAVEN On-Line System to submit proposals digitally

  • To share information on next steps if an application is accepted for funding

  • To answer questions to clarify the grant process from potential applicants

Uwcm 2011 strategic planning
UWCM 2011 Strategic Planning

  • Change in organizational leadership

  • Central Maryland non-profit community experienced

    • Increase in demand for services

    • Reduced funding from traditional funding sources

  • The need to raise more money for non-profits

  • Feedback gathered from community stakeholders

  • The need to cut costs to provide more money for the community

UWCM’s challenge is to be:

Long-Term and Short-Term

Investment strategy and funding process
Investment Strategy and Funding Process

  • Keep it local with key decisions made in the jurisdictions

  • Engage local experts who know the needs and existing assets in the jurisdiction best

  • Create a data-driven, equitable way to distribute allocable $$ based on population and poverty

Structural changes to support new direction
Structural Changes to Support New Direction

  • UWCM Partnership Boards

    Restructured to play much greater role in identifying local needs & priorities, selecting programs to fund; and tracking results. Will also respond quarterly to small, local funding requests (discretionary). Partnership Board to be established for Baltimore City.

  • UWCM Regional Council

    Group of volunteer experts/leaders and Partnership Board members representing all jurisdictions who identify needs and relevant indicators, and guide plan of action on region-wide issues and opportunities.

  • UWCM Standards & Outcomes Committee

    Will morph to include expertise in reporting and messaging.

Regional funding recommendations
Regional Funding Recommendations

Base distributions on a combination of general population in the jurisdiction and share of the number of people in poverty


  • Health and human services 501 (c) 3nonprofit agency and other organizations that align with IRS tax law are eligible.

  • An agency that may not be 501 (c) 3 but have other nonprofit IRS designations: Churches, public and charter schools (pre-K through 12), and not for profit hospitals may apply.

  • University and college programs or schools are also eligible to apply.

Application overview
Application Overview

  • All applications will be submitted electronically through the RAVEN On-Line System

  • A separate application is required for each jurisdiction

  • Multiple applications can be submitted in and across jurisdictions for unique populations

  • Executive Director/CEO authorization with electronic signature

Application overview1
Application Overview

  • Funding can be used for operational, administrative, staffing and supply expenses.

  • Funding Requests

    • If an agency submits one application in a jurisdiction, the request would be capped at $75,000

    • If an agency submits more than one application in a jurisdiction each application submitted in that jurisdiction would be capped at $50,000

    • If interested in submitting multiple applications or applications in multiple jurisdictions, a separate application is required for each request

Target population result
Target Population & Result

  • Target Population: Individuals and families with income below 300% of the Federal Poverty Level

  • Result: Individuals and families are able to meet their basic human needs and move towards self-sufficiency

Suggested programmatic activities
Suggested Programmatic Activities

  • Income Supports

    • Security deposit

    • Rental assistance

    • Energy assistance

    • Prescription assistance

    • Access to quality child care

  • Housing

    • Shelter

    • Transitional Supportive

    • Permanent Supportive

    • Permanent

  • Access to Healthcare

  • Supportive Services

    • Employment services

    • Case management

    • Transportation

    • Out of school time

    • Parent support

    • Legal services

  • Food Security

    • Food programs with health objective

    • Food programs with outreach objective

    • Food programs that increase access to healthy food options

Agency general information
Agency General Information

From the RAVEN On-Line System

  • Previously funded agencies need to update the information in this form

    • You will need your current RAVEN password to access this form

  • New agencies need to create this form

    • This is where you will create your personal password needed to access your organization’s forms

  • In this area you will attach 5 required documents

Agency general information required attachments
Agency General Information Required Attachments

  • Most recent IRS Form 990 (preferably 2009)

  • Organization’s current IRS determination letter indicating tax-exempt status

  • Current roster of organization's Board of Directors

  • Current Organizational Chart

  • 211 Maryland Program Information Form

Application narrative
Application Narrative

  • 45 points

  • Organizational Background

  • Program Description

  • Need for Funding


  • Program Evaluation Plan

  • 30 points

  • Unduplicated numbers for clients to be served

  • Describe major activities/services

  • Describe how you will know if anyone is better off as a result of your program

  • Describe tools and methods of measurement


  • 25 points

  • Required to attach budget form

  • Required to attach salary schedule (if applicable)

  • Budget Narrative should provide detailed line item expenses

  • Please check math!

Due diligence attachments for submission
Due Diligence Attachmentsfor submission

  • Agency General Information Attachments

    • Most recent IRS Form 990 (preferably 2009)

    • Organization’s current IRS determination letter indicating tax-exempt status

    • Current roster of organization's Board of Directors

    • Current Organizational Chart

    • 211 Maryland Program Information Form

  • Budget Attachements

    • Line Item budget

    • Salary Schedule

Due diligence needed if awarded funding
Due Diligence Neededif Awarded Funding

  • The following documents must be submitted in order to receive funding

    • Signed grant agreement

    • Most recent unqualified audited financial statements

    • Signed Patriot Act Form

    • Signed Legal Disclosure Form

    • Performance Measurement Plan

The raven system online application instructions

The RAVEN System

Online Application Instructions

Accessing the system
Accessing the System

  • There are several ways to access the system

  • At the bottom of the application website:


  • By clicking on the LOGIN link at the bottom of our

  • UWCM website:


  • By typing the direct link to the login at:


Computer requirements
Computer Requirements

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher

  • 128-bit encryption

  • Free download:

  • For better viewing, set the screen resolution to no less then 800 by 600 or at 1024 by 768

Always login with the generic username applicant and password grant2011

Logging In

Always login with the generic

username applicant and

Password Grant2011

The raven system home page my odm
The RAVEN SystemHome Page “My ODM”

Navigation Menu

Returns you to

“My ODM” Home Page, Library or Logout.

My Files

Contains the Files to complete and attach to the online forms.

My Links

Returns you to UWCM’s website.

Click the here link to access the agency search screen or create an agency form

Returning applicants
Returning Applicants

  • Search for your agency

  • Use previously assigned password

  • Verify/Update information on Agency General Information Form and attach 5 Due Diligence Forms

New applicants
New Applicants

  • Verify Agency with Duplicate Check-using your agency name and city

  • Create your own Username and Password (you will need this personal password)

  • Create and complete Agency General Information Form

  • Attach 5 Due Diligence Documents

    • Most recent IRS Form, Organizational Chart, current Board of Director’s Roster, 211 Form and organization’s current IRS determination letter indicating tax-exempt status

Grant application
Grant Application

  • Application Instructions

    • Timeline and Brief Instructions

      • Print and Submit Application

  • Application Forms

    • Agency General Information

    • Community Impact Grant Application 2011

Grant application form
Grant Application Form

  • Select the form:

    • Community Impact Grant Application 2011

  • Select Create New

  • Enter data and Save form

  • Select Edit to update existing forms

Grant application form1
Grant Application Form

Save – Create Copy will assist applicants that are applying for the same program in multiple locations. If the program name is the same, we recommend that you add the location to the program name.

Enter the required fields to SAVE the Form. Always Save the Form to return to the Grant Application and before printing.

Grant Application Form

  • Attach

    • Program Line-Item Budget Form

    • Salary Schedule (if applicable)

  • Upload file size limit is 8MB

System timing out
System Timing Out

  • The RAVEN System will time out after 45 minutes of idle time

  • Do not leave the form open while away from your computer



  • Carefully read the entire application to verify the accuracy of the information that you have entered

  • Once submitted electronically, no additional changes can be made


2011 community impact grant application timeline
2011 Community Impact Grant Application Timeline

  • Applications due by electronic submission by 4:00pm on Friday, November 12, 2010

  • December, 2010: Local Partnership boards meet to make funding recommendations

  • December 16, 2010: UWCM Board of Director Meeting to make final funding decisions; grantees notified by email and letter

  • January 2011: Funding begins

  • January 10, 2011: Partner Orientation, 9:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.

Questions technical assistance
Questions & Technical Assistance

  • Email questions to [email protected]

  • FAQs document on website and RAVEN

  • 211 Form, Budget, Salary Schedule located in RAVEN “My Files”

  • RAVEN System On-Line Application Instructions Document



    • User name: applicant

    • Password: Grant2011

If selected
If selected….

  • Grant agreements

  • Additional Due Diligence

  • Performance Measures/Evaluation

  • SAVE THE DATE: 2011 Partner Orientation, January 10, 2011, 9:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.

If selected to receive funding

we ask that partners . . .

  • Promote & recognize UWCM . . .

    • How & where do you recognize other funders at similar levels?

  • 2. Place UWCM’s logo on your website & show UWCM window decal or signage at your HQ office entrance

  • 3. When speaking on behalf of UWCM (corporate events/worksites), please represent all of our partners . . . Do not solicit designations directly

    • (Note: This does not apply @ CFC, MCC or CCC worksites/events . . . you represent yourself, not UWCM)

  • 4. Conduct an annual employee campaign among your staff & encourage your board to do so also at their workplaces

    • At any time . . . Feel free to approach businesses for corporate gifts, grants, sponsorships, event ticket sales, etc.

    • At any time . . . Feel free to solicit and appeal to individuals outside the workplace


    • At any time, except during September & October (UWCM’s peak campaign season) . . . Approach individuals en masse in a workplace setting to purchase tickets to events, raffles, etc.

    . . . but allow UWCM to serve as your “workplace fundraiser”

    • At no time . . . Conduct mass fundraising solicitations of individuals in a workplace setting (except among your own employees)