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Introduction. Teachers Name: Sub: Computer Sazia Afrin Class: Std (iii) Time: 40 min. What are these?. What are t hey doing?. Is this the right way to sit in front of the Key board ?. TITLE. SITTING AT THE KEY BOARD.

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Teachers Name: Sub: Computer

Sazia Afrin Class: Std (iii)

Time: 40 min




aim objective

By the end of this lesson ss will be able to-

1. say how to keep the keyboard neat and clean.

2. tell the things what can damage the key board.

3. describe the steps of proper posture.

4. say the proper distance between the eyes of the operator and the screen of the monitor.


How will you keep your key board safe from dirt?

1. Never take any eatables in front of the key board.

2. You can use a vacuum cleaner to get the dust out of it.

3. You can also use brush to clean the thing.


How will you keep your key board neat and clean?


1. Spilled liquid

2. Crumbs

3. and everyday dust can get the key board damage.

pair work
Pair Work

What can damage the key board?


Which steps will you follow for proper sitting in front of the key board ?

1.Never lift your wrist above the level of your finger tips.

2. Adjust the height of your seat so that your fore arms may be parallel to the floor.

3.Your fore-arms, wrists and hands should be at the same level.


4. Adjust your seat before the PC such that the monitor is at a distance of 0.8 meters from your eyes.

5. Sit in such a way that your face makes an angel of 15° with the screen.

group work
Group Work

Write some steps for proper posture.

evaluation orally
Evaluation Orally
  • Will you keep any kind of food in front of the keyboard?
  • Which things will you use to clean the keyboard?
  • What is the proper distance between the eyes of the operator and the monitor?