the amish culture n.
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The Amish Culture PowerPoint Presentation
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The Amish Culture

The Amish Culture

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The Amish Culture

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  1. The Amish Culture By: Angela, Sarah, and Whitney

  2. Why We Chose the Amish The Amish Culture is located in America, but no one takes the time to examine it. Therefore, we wanted to examine this culture and figure out why they live the way they do.

  3. Overview of the Culture The Amish live a modest life that is free from worldly temptation. They came to the United States of America to escape religious persecution. Family and community are very important for accomplishing daily life. The Bible is their instruction manual to life and beyond. They believe God chooses who goes to heaven. Therefore, they must do everything to make sure that their family makes it.

  4. Lexicon “Schtehuff”- get up “Gut marriye”- good morning “Gebacht”- be careful “Sell iss gut”- that is good “Guck datthie”- look there “Was hoscht du”- what have you “Mache schnell”- hurry up “Helfeteichselwert”- help yourself “Graddlenie”- crawl in

  5. Overview of Ox-CartMan We chose the Ox-Cart Man because it was about an Amish family. They lived in Pennsylvania where their lives were simple, and so were their clothes. The family worked very hard and did the majority of the tasks by hand. We felt that this really represented the Amish culture. They live very simple lives in order to resist all worldly temptations.

  6. How Can I Research? Internet Growing Up Amish Ox-Cart Man

  7. Questions

  8. More Questions What language do they speak? Do they have a leader? Do they allow people to become Amish? What are the gender roles?

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