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Christos Georgousopoulos , INTRASOFT

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Christos Georgousopoulos , INTRASOFT - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Christos Georgousopoulos , INTRASOFT. Overview. Rationale/Project Context Project Objectives and Approach Innovation areas Expected Outcomes Consortium and Partners’ Roles Work-plan and progress overview. Rationale. I ncreasing wealth of medical information

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Presentation Transcript
  • Rationale/Project Context
  • Project Objectives and Approach
  • Innovation areas
  • Expected Outcomes
  • Consortium and Partners’ Roles
  • Work-plan and progress overview
  • Increasing wealth of medical information
  • Fragmented European healthcare information space
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR): valuable source of information, but not applied common standards and interoperability, no optimal use
  • Clinical research on isolated knowledge islands that lack:
      • early detection of patients’ safety issues
      • environmental and genetic factors associated with adverse events
      • identification of a suitable critical mass of patients to participate in clinical trials
  • to build the next-generation, semantically-interlinked medical information space in the enlarged Europe
  • to leverage the reuse of EHRs in clinical research, towards the early detection of potential to patients’ safety issues
  • to support sound decision making towards the effective organization and conduction of clinical trials
  • to validate and evaluate the Linked2Safety results though a set of clinical research showcase


Data Analysis Space

Linked Medical Data Space

Interoperable EHR Data Space

Conversion of data

Page 6

Legacy clinical repos

main innovation areas
Main Innovation Areas

Knowledge Advancements in:

  • EHR / EDC Semantic Interoperability, Ontologies & Models

e.g. support and promote the semantic interoperability between various EHR standard based on openEHR

  • Linked Medical Data Space

e.g. deal with privacy and access mechanisms in Linked Data and deliver a secure and role-based accessible Linked Medical Data Cloud

  • Personal Data Privacy and Protection

e.g. introduction of data-cube approach to ensure the safeguarding of clinical data

  • Medical Data Mining for Early Adverse Events Detection

e.g. utilize decision trees, random forests and association rule mining algorithms

  • Genetic Analysis

e.g. quickly replication of other studies designed to identify genetic predisposition to specific diseases

  • Patients Safety in Clinical Trials

e.g. examine associations between the use of drugs and adverse events

expected outcomes 1 2
Expected Outcomes (1/2)
  • open, generic Linked2Safety Reference Architecture and Linked2Safety Semantic EHR Model
  • innovative Linked2Safety Data Privacy Framework and sustainable Linked2Safety Organizational, Data Governance and Business Model
  • scalable, modular and extensible Linked2Safety Platformcomprised of : Interoperable EHR Data Space, Linked Medical Data Space,Data Analysis Space
expected outcomes 2 2
Expected Outcomes (2/2)
  • a set of Linked2Safety Clinical Research Showcases
  • the Linked2Safety Methodology
  • wide-scale dissemination and exploitation of the project results, Clinical Research Trials and Patients Safety Special Interest Group
work plan overview
Work-plan Overview

1st Reporting Period

  • Today





progress overview at a glance
Progress overview… at a glance
  • WP1: Delivery of state-of-the art, requirement analysis, and architectural specifications
  • WP2:
    • Review of EU legislative framework, and adaptation of architectural specs
    • Base establishment of Data privacy framework and consent forms
  • WP3-4-5: Finalisation of architectural designs, and Preliminary prototype

implementations (at design & s/w level)

  • WP7: Preliminary work on availability of data & pilot showcases
  • WP8:
    • Dissemination of intermediate results
    • Establishment of synergies, contribution to standardisation initiatives
    • base establishment of market analysis, IPRs & exploitation business plan
who to contact
Who to Contact
  • Christos Georgousopoulos
  • email: