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Superior Honda of Omaha. Social Media Strategy. Research – By the Numbers. There are almost 440,000 potential Facebook Fans over 18 in the Omaha Metro Area. Research – Social Review Sites. Goals for Superior Honda. Customer Relationship Management Brand Management

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Superior honda of omaha

Superior Honda of Omaha

Social Media Strategy

Research by the numbers
Research – By the Numbers

  • There are almost 440,000 potential Facebook Fans over 18 in the Omaha Metro Area

Goals for superior honda
Goals for Superior Honda

Customer Relationship Management

Brand Management

Conversion Support

Search Engine Optimization

Goal one customer relationship management
Goal One: Customer Relationship Management

  • Engagement

    • Even a loyal customer may only purchase every 2-5 years

    • Relationship touch points are scarce

  • Customer Service

    • Customers will trust a repair center if a relationship exists

    • Letting community speak for you is powerful defense to possible complaints

Goal two brand management
Goal Two: Brand Management

  • No gatekeeper

    • Can announce charity work and community involvement directly to fans

    • Link to supported charities

    • Share press releases and coverage from the local and national website

    • Share positive reviews from around the web – including ratings sites

Goal three conversion support
Goal Three: Conversion Support

  • Promotion

    • Creates Top-of-Mind Awareness

    • Highlight Specials and Advertisements hours before high-volume times

  • Brand Management

    • Provide information that reinforces Honda brand

    • Friend recommendations are extremely valuable and very easy to encourage on social media

Goal four search engine optimization
Goal Four: Search Engine Optimization

  • Social Search

    • When signed into account, Google uses information from your social circle to inform the search

      • For Example – signed in Used Cars in Omaha – 4th place

        not signed in – Used Cars in Omaha – 10thplace

  • Review Rating

    • Google Places includes review section

      • Superior Honda ranks as number one Omaha Honda Dealer

      • 4+/5 stars on dealer rater (ranks high when looking for Honda Omaha reviews)

      • Facebook will act as another space to play these reviews up

Building a community
Building a Community

  • Why do users “like” a page?

    • 40% to receive discounts and promotions

    • 39% to show my support for the company to others

    • 36% to get a “freebie”

    • 34% to stay informed about the activities of the company

Building a community1
Building a Community

  • Tactics for increasing fan count on Facebook

    • Provide incentives for customers to fan and tag the page

    • Take photos of all new owners and post on Facebook

      • Personal message from sales person thanking them and inviting them to tag the photo

    • Giveaways of Superior Honda Gear

      • Tell us why you love your Honda – get your friends to vote for your post

Engaging the community
Engaging the Community

  • Tactics for engaging with fans

    • Games that reward active community members and support branding

      • Trivia Games about Honda and Superior

      • Bingo – Highly Shareable

    • Community-based link with question is best way to encourage conversation

    • Monitor links CTR in addition to comments and likes

Benefits of an engaged fan
Benefits of an Engaged Fan

  • Top-of-Mind Awareness

    • Average person spends more than an hour a week on Facebook – more than any other site

  • More likely to see/share content

    • Edge Rank

    • Viral content

  • More likely to trust content provided by Superior

    • Trust reviews and opinions

Turning a customer into a brand ambassador
Turning a Customer into a Brand Ambassador

  • Provide incentives for referring and posting said referral online – create on and offline brand ambassadors

  • Ensure that most posts are shareable

  • Make the ask

    • Ask buyer to tag themselves in photos

    • Encourage fans to post about positive experiences

Turning an engaged fan into a customer
Turning an engaged fan into a customer

  • Deliver product information with sales tone just before high-volume sales times

    • No more than once a week

  • Provide promotions for more immediate purchases by service department


  • Linking accounts allows for two channels with little extra effort

    • Twitter is integrated into search results

    • Increases chances that messages are seen


  • Most local auto dealers syndicate content from the national car companies

    • Take advantage of the Honda page by linking directly to it from the Facebook page

    • Take local videos from sponsored events and employee testimonials

Key social deliverables
Key Social Deliverables

  • Increase total number of “likes” to 1,000 in a 12 month period

    • 75-80% local (average local fan percentage for retail businesses is less than 20%)

    • Average CTR of 10%

      • Year end goal as content becomes more personalized

  • Create strong community of brand ambassadors

    • Monitored through sentiment tracking

  • Monitor use of Facebook in conversions through socially conducted surveys.