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Youth Venture Global Strategic Plan

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Youth Venture Global Strategic Plan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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INTERNAL ONLY – NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION. Youth Venture Global Strategic Plan. Second Draft January 7, 2008. Summary. A strategy to get to scale:. Launch ~1,200 YV franchises around the world

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A strategy to get to scale:

  • Launch ~1,200 YV franchises around the world
  • Create a “Youth Venture in a box” turn-key program that launches 50-100 Ventures at once, which franchisees can easily implement
  • Develop Youth Venture Cafés that provide the gathering place for young people and skills training that are critical to the program success, while leveraging Venturer employment, YV franchise on-the-ground presence, and the growing youth market
  • Franchisees will franchise both the YV program and a YV Café, which will generate the revenue to cover the program costs and give a cut of profits to Venturer staff
  • Invest heavily in building the YV brand, marketing and PR to attract and bolster the franchised program and YV Cafés

We have answered YV’s three key challenges to growth and are ready to roll!

Challenge to reaching scale

The solution

  • How to launch 50-100 Ventures at once, efficiently
  • How to multiply this program across each country while maintaining quality and mission control?
  • How to fund these franchises sustainably while maintaining focus on the YV program and helping Venture teams’ sustainability?
  • A cohort-based workshop program that emphasizes strong local partnerships (“clusters”) and in-person gatherings of Venture teams. Developed in Brazil, launching over 50-100 teams at once, replicating success in Argentina and India; working on replicating in US and elsewhere
  • Franchising the program to entrepreneurs who are passionate about the YV program and mission and want to work full-time on YV. Have four “pioneer” franchisees signed on in the US. Developing entire franchising system to be rolled out globally
  • Create “YV Cafés: A Gathering Place for Young People” as integral to YV program, which encourage youth gathering and collaboration, YV program delivery, adult ally and parent gathering with youth, and outreach for the YV program and messaging. YV Cafés will replace malls as hangout spots for young people and will sell high-margin pizza and soda, thriving on repeat youth and adult ally/partner/family business

2007 Highlights

  • Expanded program to seven new countries in 2007
  • Signed on first four franchises in US
  • Developed robust program to launch 50-100 Ventures at once in Brazil, replicated success in Argentina and India
  • Launched several major corporate partnerships:
    • Starbucks
    • Pepsi
    • Acindar (Mittal Group)
  • Renewed commitment from Staples and expanded partnership to 2 new countries
  • Launched first multi-language, global YV website (
  • Expanded United Way partnership to new cities in US and Brazil
  • Obtained over 100 press hits on Youth Venture around the world
  • Secured year-long CNN partnership, exceeded expectation of MTV-US/Gates partnership
  • Doubled budget and revenues from 2006; added 8 new staff members to the YV team


  • Youth Venture overview
    • Vision and mission
    • Global YV goals
  • 2008-10 YV Global strategy and goals
  • Getting to scale: franchising
  • Earned income
  • Other franchise support
  • Operations and country goals

The Youth Venture vision


A world of everyone a changemaker through a global culture of young people initiating positive, lasting change


Building a global movement of young people being powerful now, changemakers now, by:

  • Spreading our message that investing in young people to become changemakers is the key factor for success in every part of society
  • Investing in young people to have the transformative experience of launching and leading their own lasting social ventures
  • Connecting our Venturers into a global network of likeminded young changemakers

Youth Venture’s four key program goals

What we do

Our goals


  • Increased empathy, teamwork, leadership, initiative and civic engagement for each Venturer
  • Youth Venturers identifying with and feeling part of the Youth Venture movement
  • Flipped societal thinking
  • Culture of young people as changemakers
  • 100,000 Youth Venture teams across the US, similar critical mass in each country
  • Percentage of changemakers in society growing from 2% today to 20%
  • Transformed youths
  • Transformed youths feel part of larger movement
  • Transformed societal mindset
  • Flipped society through critical mass of transformed youths


  • Invest in young people to have the transformative experience of launching and leading their own lasting social ventures
  • Link the Youth Venturers into a global Youth Venture network – creating a movement of young changemakers
  • Spread our message that young changemakers are critical to an everyone a changemaker society
  • Achieve critical mass of Youth Venture teams in order to flip each society to have common culture of young people as changemakers






  • Youth Venture overview
    • Vision and mission
    • Global YV goals
  • 2008-10 YV Global strategy and goals
  • Getting to scale: franchising
  • Earned income
  • Other franchise support
  • Operations and country goals

YV strategy: 2008-2010

  • Revamp product into cohort-based venture program that launches 50-100 Ventures at once
  • Develop local school/youth org-based outreach program that sells “partner memberships”
  • Create “Youth Venture in a box” leveraging videos and other tools for Franchises to run local YV program effectively
  • Build GenV local, national and global community; host first major fellowship events
  • Invest heavily in building Youth Venture and GenV brands
  • Conduct marketing/PR campaigns to reinforce local outreach efforts and spread YV message
  • Develop Youth Venture reality TV show
  • Invest in “validators” of YV program: universities and employers
  • Heavily franchise YV program; build franchising system
  • Continue building corporate and select CSO partnerships (e.g. United Way) to provide additional funding, outreach and message marketing for franchises and Ashoka/YV
  • Test pilot YV Cafés to monetize YV franchise space and develop revenue stream for Venturers and franchises
  • Build CRM and operations/financial systems to support massive growth of GenV community
  • Build 2.0 version of website and ramp up online marketing





Sustainable growth



2010 strategic goals

2010 goals

2010 deliverables

  • Efficient program that launches 50-100 Ventures at a time
  • Successfully adopted by franchises
  • A YV fellowship that’s growing exponentially, largely self-fueled, with strong identity to YV, leading to a YV movement
  • YV consistently reported and highlighted in the media with the YV message understood and reported
  • Adoption of YV by other major institutions (universities, schools, United Way, companies, etc.)
  • Spread program that yields thousands of YV teams, putting us on our way to 100K goal in US, through: franchises, major corporate/social partnerships, virtual venture
  • Sophisticated operations to support franchises, retail sites, partners and fellowship
  • YV sustainably funded through combination of franchised YV Cafés, several major corporate partnerships and local franchise fundraising, such that the more teams we launch the more funding we raise!
  • Top global website that launches YV teams and fosters a robust global YV network
  • New turn-key cohort-based program piloted and rolled out to franchises in US and at least 1-2 other countries
  • >50% of Venturers involved with GenV post-launch
  • 10+ major media hits/year per country (more in more established countries)
  • 5+ major institutions incorporating YV and spreading the word per country
  • ~15K teams launched in US (see projections per country)
  • Geographic reach spread across US and to 20+ countries
  • First successful franchises launched
  • 8-10 major corporate partnerships
  • YV Cafés piloted
  • 100,000+ visitors/mo on website


Movement/ network



Sustainable growth




  • Youth Venture overview
    • Vision and mission
    • Global YV goals
  • 2008-10 YV Global strategy and goals
  • Getting to scale: franchising
  • Earned income
  • Other franchise support
  • Operations and country goals

Getting Youth Venture to scale: franchising


YV to seed and launch ~1,200 YV franchises around the world by 2015 that provide the grassroots outreach and support necessary to launch high concentrations of successful Ventures

Youth Venture’s role becomes primarily focused on supporting the franchises in 6 key areas:


“YV program in a box” with cohort approach that any franchise can successfully implement to launch 50-100 Ventures at once

  • Message/ marketing
  • Strong YV/Ashoka GenV brand
  • Major PR/ marketing campaigns to reinforce franchise outreach efforts

Movement/ network

Global and national YV fellowship that gives franchise engine for growth, value add to Venture teams, and spreading of YV message

  • Website
  • 2.0 website that reinforces grassroots outreach and Venture team support
  • Builds global identity and network for Venture teams
  • Income
  • YV cafés that leverage and monetize the YV program space
  • Corporate partnerships
  • Partner membership fees for local partner orgs
  • Operations
  • CRM system that tracks globally all Venture team info and other key stakeholders
  • Systems that support YV’s growth


  • Youth Venture overview
    • Vision and mission
    • Global YV goals
  • 2008-10 YV Global strategy and goals
  • Getting to scale: franchising
  • Earned income
  • Other franchise support
  • Operations and country goals


Combine lessons from around the world to build robust, high-yield program that leverages cohorts and gatherings to launch high concentrations (50-100) of Ventures at once. Use local partnerships to source Venturers and charge small fee (e.g. $1,000) to cover some outreach & program costs and to increase incentive of partner to promote YV opportunity to their youth. Package into a turn-key program for franchisees to implement with ease. Start in selected regions then roll out globally.





  • Build and pilot cohort-based gathering/workshop program that leverages experiences from Brazil and India
  • Pilot “partner membership” outreach strategy that sells YV program to schools and youth orgs in selected cities/regions
  • Package program and add video content and other tools into a “YV in a box” program that franchises can turn-key implement. Start in selected regions
  • Roll out turn-key program globally


Building a strong global YV/GenV brand and ongoing high visibility PR and marketing are critical to the franchises’ success. YV country programs are best positioned to do this. Marketing will also serve to recruit franchisees, donors, and spreaders of the “Everyone a Changemaker” message.

Marketing need


  • Develop GenV and Venturer branding strategy, working with Ashoka branding requirements; leverage FutureBrand partnership
  • Get quotes on YV from respected celebrities
  • Launch national YV-Dr. Seuss marketing campaign in US, similar campaigns internationally
  • Continue YV-Burton Snowboard campaign in US
  • Hold national “Dream it. Do it.” tour with Starbucks in 2008, plan international tour for 2009
  • Get YV promotional placement on major youth websites (MySpace, YouthNoise…)
  • Create and shop Youth Venture reality TV show
  • Develop partnerships with mass media companies
    • Broadcast: Channel One, MTV-US, MTV-Latin America, PBS, CNN International, Globo (Brazil)
    • Print: Scholastic, Brazilian youth magazine, others
    • YV clips distributed through different media outlets (e.g. Cinemagic, others)
  • Get stories of Venturers on major websites
  • Ramp up texting campaign

Build YV brand

Recruit new Venture teams

Build awareness of YV and shift mindsets


Message/marketing (cont.)

Marketing need


Attract partners & franchisees

  • Develop direct marketing campaign via word of mouth and networks (e.g. SVP, business entrepreneurs, alternative education networks)
  • Get articles in business- and education-focused media
  • Create a referral campaign
  • Get articles in major business and philanthropy media
  • Solicit introductions to corporations from existing corporate partners and other supporters
  • Get PR for existing corporate partnerships
  • Send newsletters to YV supporter/ partner network
  • Develop volunteer cultivation program
  • Develop and send more frequent internal communications to Venturers
    • Newsletters, notices online, etc.
  • Host national Venturer summits
  • Develop sections on website for Venturers to connect
  • Develop Venturer affinity program


Build identity among Venturers

Through YV’s marketing/PR efforts we will build Ashoka’s brand into a household name that will benefit Ashoka’s fundraising and program impact


Branding: building a global identity

Proposed global branding:

Program brand

YV community brand


Ashoka’s Youth Venture

Everyone a Changemaker



Ashoka GenV

Everyone a Changemaker*


* The tagline “Everyone a Changemaker” would be translated into the local language


Branding: building a global identity (cont.)

Youth Venture needs an “internationally translated equivalent” to give one global identity to the Venturer community that means the same thing in many languages and is easy to spell and pronounce:

Gen = Youth

V = Venture





Generation Venture


Generación Ventura*


Génération Venture*


Género Ventura*


Generation Venture*

GenV is short-hand for Youth Venture, similar to “Y2K” as short-hand for “Year 2000”

Year 2000 :


Youth Venture :


GenV will eventually take on its own meaning: a global movement of powerful young changemakers


Youth culture

GenV :

Youth powerful now, changemakers now

* ”Venture” does not yet exist in other languages (currently translated as “risk” or “enterprise”) but “V” can mean other qualities as well – vision, voice, values, etc. and eventually “venture” will likely enter the lexicon of other languages


The global movement

The YV movement will be key to the growth of the YV program, to mass spread of the YV message, and ultimately to fostering the cultural shift toward young people as changemakers. Below are the strategic projects for 2008 and 2009.

Early 2008

Mid 2008

Late 2008


Facilitate communication

Build the community

Foster Venture growth

Global build out

  • Targeted newsletters
  • Staff “office hours” and “chats”
  • forums
  • Regional meetups
  • Ceremony/ritual for all Venture teams
  • National Venturer gathering (sponsored by Starbucks)
  • Shared interest groups
  • “That Was Easy” competition
  • Technical Allies podcasts
  • Skill-building workshops
  • Global gathering
  • Global Ambassadors

Future projects: Venturer affinity program, collaboration funding, Venture mentors, Youth Advisory Council, Venturer Speakers Bureau, Venturer directory

slide20 website

The website is critical to supporting the franchises, to getting the latest product to the franchises and Venture teams, to spreading the YV message, and to supporting the global YV movement.

4-fold strategy to directly engage youth digitally

  • (online community)
  • Other social networks (MySpace, Facebook, Orkut, Bebo, etc)
  • SMS (fellowship, viral marketing)
  • Teen Second Life (launching Venture teams, recruiting ambassadors, etc)

New initiatives in pipeline for 2008

  • YV-in-a-Digital-Box: E-Learning Platform for robust Virtual Venture program (ultimately all countries & languages)
  • YV Web-based game
  • Incorporate YV into other web-based games
  • YV cell phone-based game
  • YV cell phone-based social networking


  • Youth Venture overview
    • Vision and mission
    • Global YV goals
  • 2008-10 YV Global strategy and goals
  • Getting to scale: franchising
  • Earned income
  • Other franchise support
  • Operations and country goals


We need strong systems in place to support the growth of YV globally, including new regional offices, franchises, partners and Venturers themselves.

Operations focus:

  • Build “YV 2.0” – develop global CRM system that tracks and supports all YV’s constituents, and coordinates with Ashoka
  • Register trademarks of YV brands and marks globally
  • Put system in place to train and support new YV staff members globally
  • Ensure all compliance needs are addressed

Global YV team

YV Executive DirectorGretchen

Ashoka YV staff

Combined staff: 32.3*


Jana (.5)

Youth Venture Inc. staff





Business Development


Global expansion

Global Marketing


Global Fellowship


Global Operations


Europe online: Marina

R&D: Jen

Staff Training: Romina

Earned Income: Vacant

Foundation/E2s: Jason/Tia

Corporate partnerships: TBD

Marketing campaigns

PR/Media: Charles

Special projects: TBD

Operations Associate: Xing

Special projects & Recruiting: Romina

CRM: Karen (.3)




Ewa (.33)


Jen A

Latin America






Online: Marina

Germany: Lilli

France: Christelle

Ireland: Paul (.5)

India: Dolon, Vipin

Thailand: Newey

Brazil: Olivia, Mafoane, Elena, Tais

Argentina: Alberto, Paula R., Tamara

Mexico: Sagrario, Tatiana, Isabel

S. Africa: Vernie (.5), Alan, Darryl

Partnerships/NE: Vacant

Fellowship/Mid-Atlantic: Marco

Product/Midwest: Jen

Virtual/NY: Lior

Website: Adam

PR: Terry (.66)

*Does not include VISTAs

Canada: Nicolina (.5), Charles


Global expansion plans

Rollout of Youth Venture program globally

1996 …














South Africa





Spread in Latin America

Rest of Western Europe*

Central Europe?

Spread in Asia

Spread in Africa

*Note: We are working to roll out the YV program across all of Europe virtually in near-term, with franchises and on-the-ground YV offices as capacity (staffing, franchisees) allows