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science holiday assignment

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science holiday assignment. Azri (24), Azmina (23) & Izza (9) . James Watt. James Watt has contributed to electricity. James Watt was born on January 19, 1736.

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science holiday assignment

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    1. science holiday assignment Azri(24), Azmina(23) & Izza(9) 

    2. James Watt • James Watt has contributed to electricity. • James Watt was born on January 19, 1736. • By the age of 29,he created a separated condenser for steam engines. He determined the properties of steam, especially the relation of its density to its pressure & temperature.

    3. How had he contributed? • Watt designed a separate condensing chamber for the steam engine, which seized great losses of steam in the cylinder and improved the vacuum conditions. In 1767, he built an attachment that made telescopes suitable for the measurement of distances. He had learnt to convert steam to electricity.

    4. The confusion that Watt was the actual inventor of the steam engine came from the fundamental nature of his part in its development. The electrical unit, the Watt, was named in his honour and he also began the saying "horse power". Watt continued his research and experimental work and in 1781 produced a rotary motion steam engine. This machine, unlike his first, could be used to drive many different types of machinery.  • At the age of 83, after a productive and creative life, Watt died in Heathfield, England, on August 19, 1819. By the time of Watt's death he had changed history and was the most honoured engineer who had lived. In his honour, the electrical unit, the Watt, was named after him.  Watt’s improved steam engine

    5. Newcomen atmospheric engine rough diagram of steam engine

    6. How had he inspired us? • Watt has been described as one of the most influential figures in human history. • So, we are inspired by his influential value which is a positive influence that can make others learn and influence from him positively.  • Besides that, he is also a resilient person as he did not give up on inventing the full-scale steam engine successfully.  • This is why he is greatly respected by others.

    7. REFLECTION TIME.. • We have learnt more about the different scientists out there that have contributed a lot and made an impact to different parts in Science. We understood their resilience and commitment in inventing the different products that can make an impact on people’s life.  • My members and I faced difficulty in finding which scientist has contribute to which topic and we wasted a lot of time doing that. So, we decided to divide the work so every single one of us can research more and we can eventually gather and combine our work again. 