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Office for Persons with Disabilities Exam Procedures 2011-2012

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Office for Persons with Disabilities Exam Procedures 2011-2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Office for Persons with Disabilities Exam Procedures 2011-2012. Exam Team. To Receive Exam Accommodations. Time Lines. Triplicate forms must be signed and returned to the OPD at least 7 working days prior to your first midterm test for each course -white copy for OPD

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time lines
Time Lines
  • Triplicate forms must be signed and returned to the OPD at least 7 working days prior to your first midterm test for each course

-white copy for OPD

-yellow copy for your instructor

-pink copy for your records

  • If accommodations are only for finals, forms must be returned 2 weeks prior to the end of classes
  • If circumstances change and your are able to write with the class, without your approved accommodation, you must inform the OPD exam coordinators of this decision via email and your professor a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the exam
centre for extended learning
Centre for Extended Learning


Download and submit the OPD Information Form to the OPD.

* Without this form, we cannot arrange your accommodations with the Centre for Extended Learning.

If a home proctor is required, download and submit theProctor Declarationformto the Centre for Extended Learning.

If there are changes in your condition or accommodation is no longer required, please update both the Centre for Extended Learning and your OPD advisor.

OPD students will be notified by Ildiko Denes of their exam location and time and should disregard the e-mail notification which is sent by the Centre for Extended Learning.

triplicate forms
Triplicate Forms

It is in your best interest to have all arrangements made well in advance of upcoming exams, thus reducing last minute running around which can increase exam stress.

academic undergrad advisors
Academic/Undergrad Advisors

Students in all faculties need to:

  • know who their academic advisor is
  • meet with this person as necessary to discuss academic goals and approved academic accommodations such as a reduced course load

Engineering Students

1st year - Meet with the Associate Director 1st year Engineering

Upper year - Meet with your Engineering Associate Chair

exam regulations
Exam Regulations

The Office for Persons with Disabilities abides by final examination policies and procedures as governed by the Senate and is available at:

exam regulations1
Exam Regulations

You must display your student ID on the desk.


Pens, pencils, erasers

Items listed on the examination cover sheet


Bags, purses, knapsacks etc.


Wireless or electronic devices of any sort

Policy 29: Smoking will not be permitted in an examination room at any time. Students are prohibited from taking a smoking break during an exam.

exam regulations academic offences
Exam Regulations - Academic Offences

Honesty is the best policy - Consider Your Actions

  • Cheating on an examination is an academic offence punishable by disciplinary action.
  • If a proctor has reasonable grounds to suspect that cheating has occurred, the proctor will:
  • Confiscateall of the evidence available
  • Inform:
    • the course instructor
    • Rose Padacz, director of the OPD
    • your OPD advisor
    • the exam coordinator
exam regulations2
Exam Regulations

The exam form permits you to write with accommodation at the same time as your class with the following exceptions:

  • All evening exams start at 6:00 p.m. regardless of the scheduled start time (i.e.: if your midterm starts at 7:00 p.m. you will write with OPD at 6:00 p.m.).
  • Your class schedule interferes with the 6:00 p.m. start time (i.e.: a lab). In this instance, prior notification is required for alternative time arrangements made with the OPD exam coordinators.
  • When writing an evening Final exam at 6:00 p.m. you must remain in the proctored area until 8:30 p.m. due to the UW Exam regulations.
consequences of a late arrival
Consequences of a Late Arrival

Daytime Exams

  • Students are expected to be on time for all of their exams.
  • All tests/exams will be held at the same time as your class other than an evening exam which will start at 6:00 p.m.

Evening Exams

  • If you have an emergency which results in a late arrival you must notify the exam coordinators at ext. 32292 in order to ensure that there is a proctor available to proctor your exam.
  • If you have a class that conflicts with your exam start time you must make arrangements ahead of time with the exam coordinators to accommodate your exam start time.
date changes
Date Changes

If in discussion with your instructor arrangements are made for you to write at a different time than the rest of your class, it is your responsibility to:

  • obtain written permission from your instructor (triplicate form, note, or e-mail)
  • follow up with your OPD Advisor
  • forward this permission to Ruth Huard,

The written permission must clearly state the course code, instructor’s name, and the date and time agreed upon for the exam.


A Reminder

  • When writing an exam you must remain in the proctored areauntil one hour after the class has started writing according to University regulations.
  • The only exception occurs when you have a signed note from your instructor giving permission to leave when finished.
  • Plan ahead for those times when you have to remain in the proctored area; bring a magazine or novel to enjoy reading after your exam is finished.
proctored area
Proctored Area

Permissible Activities

Items Not Permissible

  • Read
  • Enjoy a snack
  • Relax
  • Work on an assignment
  • Review for an upcoming exam
  • Cell phone (please turn it off & leave it in your bag before you start your exam)
  • Electronic devices of any sort including any device with internet capabilities

Not Permissible

Please note: OPD will not assume responsibility for any theft or damage of your own electronic devices of any sort.

  • Leaving the proctored
  • area without permission of your proctor
medical alert
Medical Alert

Due to allergies & environmental sensitivities:

  • Exam areas are scent free environments.
  • Avoid the use all scented products which can aggravate health problems for those with asthma, allergies and other medical conditions.
  • No products containing nuts are to be brought into the exam areas for snacks.
  • Due to others with latex allergies, it is essential that you thoroughly clean up all eraser crumbs from your exam area and throw them in the garbage.
pre exam preparation
Pre Exam Preparation
  • Arrange with your instructor and/or TA to contact you during your exam to discuss any possible questions that may arise. Remind (e-mail or call) your instructor of this arrangement prior to your exam.
  • Check at the OPD 2 days in advance of writing an exam to ensure that your name is on the schedule.
  • Make sure that you know where the class is writing for midterms & finals, how much time your classmates have to write the exam and what aids you are allowed to use e.g.: calculator, crib sheet, textbook.
exam day
Exam Day
  • Arrive on time and inform the proctor that you have arrived, giving your identification, course name and number.
  • Take a seat and wait until you are called to your specific exam spot.
  • Enter the exam area quietly so as not to disturb students already writing.

Each student is seated individually.

Although you may experience a slight delay in start time, you will always receive your full allotment of time.

getting started
Getting Started


    • The cover page for instructions
    • The exam to look for any discrepancies or areas that require clarification from the professor

Notify your proctor immediately if:

  • you notice discrepancies with your exam
  • you need clarification or a question answered by your professor – we cannot guarantee that he/she can be reached
  • you are ready to print your exam
  • you need to leave to go to the washroom and must also notify the proctor of your return
  • you are ill

University policy (pg. 8) regarding illness during an exam:

  • A student who becomes ill during the writing of an examination and is unable to continue should ensure, before leaving the site of the examination, that the proctor in charge is notified of the situation. In addition, the student must notify the course instructor and supply the medical documentation specified above within 48 hours after the partially completed examination.
  • If a student completes an examination, even though he/she is ill, the grade obtained in the course will normally stand. Subsequent petitions for an exception to academic regulations on the grounds of illness may be considered if accompanied by the documentation specified above. The student’s department or Faculty may take the illness into consideration, and possibly alter academic standing, but the grade will not normally be altered.
  • False claims of illness and/or the submission of false supporting medical documentation constitute an academic offence that will result in disciplinary action under Policy #71.


I attended the Exam Procedures Session at the OPD on _____________________covering procedures for alternate exam arrangements.

My signature indicates that I fully understand and agree to the above information.


Student’s Signature


OPD Signature



contact information
Contact Information

For additional information, visit our website at:

To contact the OPD at the University of Waterloo, call:

  • Ruth Huard: ext. 35082 or ext. 34635
  • Exam Co-ordinator’s Office: ext. 32292
  • Ildiko Denes: ext. 32362