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Your CV in English

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Your CV in English. “Experience is not what happens to a man, but what he does with what has happened to him.” Aldous Huxley: Brave New World. Objectives. To underscore the importance of having a CV in English in the international context;

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your cv in english

Your CV in English

“Experience is not what happens to a man, but what he does with what has happened to him.”

Aldous Huxley: Brave New World

  • To underscore the importance of having a CV in English in the international context;
  • To give students the ability to analyze their own technical and generic skills, using specific past instances and details.
  • To give students the ability to analyze situations in the future where their skills can be transferred.
  • To write appropriately structured CVs which best matches the student’s skills and accomplishments to the employer.
what the cv should show
What the CV should show
  • It shows you working
    • Provide a picture of how you work and get things done
  • It shows the problems you have dealt with
    • How you handle problems which may be similar to those faced by the employer
  • It shows your involvement
    • Details of working, solving problems and reaching results which conveys your commitment to the job
  • It shows results you have reached
    • Outcomes are important to show the employer personal growth has occurred, rather than “marking time.”
  • It shows skills that will produce benefits
    • Skills are not easy to identify. Your accomplishments and outcomes should make your skills stand out
  • It shows that you can work internationally
    • Demonstrate you can work and interact with many different cultures and nationalities
adjectives that describe the person you are
Adjectives that Describe the Person you Are

Able to take stress Honest

Aggressive Humorous

Analytic Imaginative

Assertive Insightful

Capable Intellectual

Careful Intelligent

Cautious Natural

Cheerful Observant

Considerate Organized

Creative Patient

Curious Persistent

Dedicated Persuasive

Demanding Practical


Determined Precise

Diligent Ready and willing

Easy-going Resourceful

Effective Responsible

Efficient Risk-taking

Energetic Self-confident

Enterprising Self-starting

Fast Sensitive

Flexible Sincere Friendly Goal-oriented

Go-getting Street-smart

Hard-working Supportive

Helpful Thorough


what are skills
What are Skills?
  • Abilities you have developed through living
    • sports, clubs, charity activities, traveling, scouts, hobbies, writing etc.
  • Abilities you have developed through working
    • Not just technical skills but human relations and problem solving skills
  • Abilities you have developed through studying
    • Documentary research, synthesizing data, structuring reports and working in teams.
Thinking SituationallyChecklist to analyze your generic skills to determine what you are particularly good at
  • On the telephone
  • Interacting with others
  • At meetings
  • On the team
  • Heading the team
  • Solving problems
  • On your own
  • Communicating
  • On the computer
create a skill summary
Create a Skill Summary
  • ✔Playing as a team member
  • ✔Acting tactfully
  • ✔Being thought of as highly reliable and ‘somebody you can count on
  • ✔Building on others’ ideas
  • ✔Originating ideas
  • ✔Seeing the value in older ways of doing things
  • ✔Anticipating reactions of people and sensing whether they will support a proposal
  • ✔Showing patience with difficult or demanding people
  • ✔Sensing on people’s feelings, reactions, and attitudes
skill discovery box my skill
Skill Discovery BoxMy Skill: ____________________________________________

Situations where I have already used this skill

Situations in the future where I might apply this skill



skill discovery box example
Skill Discovery Box - Example

Situations where I have already used this skill

  • When enrolling as a member of the local Telethon Drive.
  • When successfully taking part in a business school consulting project although I had come in from another school.
  • Taking over for a salesman who was on summer vacation. Worked well with the other salesmen

Situations in the future where I might apply this skill

  • Quickly fitting in with a multinational team launching a hypermarket in Central Europe.
  • Shifting from one project team to another without slowing down the new team.
  • Taking over from an experienced team member and quickly learning his role.
your accomplishments
Your Accomplishments
  • 1. What was the challenge or the problem to overcome?
  • 2. What exactly did you do that you are proud of?
  • 3. What skills did you use?
  • 4. What benefits were produced?
job and non job accomplishments
Job and Non-job Accomplishments
  • Bilingual medical interpreter at a two-day conference on the installation of a new research scanner at the district hospital
  • Carried out start-to-finish market research for variety of companies through our student-run Marketing Service
  • Designed a promotion leaflet, contacted professional magazines and planned an advertising campaign
  • Designed the layout for and word-processed a student-published guide of the region
  • Founded a student investment club at my school
  • Raised sufficient funding to finance a short subject film festival
  • Oversaw the organization of a series of conferences given by local business leaders at my university
  • Set up 3 local branches of the national Hunger Project in our region for collecting and distributing free take-away meals to needy people
job breakdown
Job Breakdown
  • Summer 2005 COLA BOTTLING, INC.

Youngin, South Korea

Bottle Cleaning Machine Operator:

Supervised part of a bottling line to ensure smooth bottle flow. Ran checks on machine and reported faulty operation. Reduced breakdown rate.

Company Title and Field

Your own Job Title

Your general assignment

Problem solving

Your results

job breakdown1
Job Breakdown
  • Accounting Assistant: classified papers, worked on computers, entering data about the customers
  • Wine store summer manager and saleswoman: Co-managed a store: assumed responsibility for summer operations.
  • Bank clerk: Worked at the cash desk: keyed in withdrawals and deposits.
  • Hostess and Organizer of yearly Theater Festival: Answered phone calls and planned the appointments of the school director.


action verbs
Action Verbs
  • Verbs dealing with information and analyzing
  • Verbs dealing with obtaining and preserving resources
  • Verbs dealing with operating and transforming, having to do with ‘roles’ or ‘functions’
  • Verbs with ensuring outcomes, decisions, ‘deliveries’
  • Verbs showing inventiveness, initiative and leadership
  • Verbs dealing with working with people
job breakdown practice sheets
Job Breakdown - Practice Sheets
  • General Assignment: ____________________________
  • Main tasks carried out under this assignment:
  • ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • The objectives involved in this assignment were to:
  • ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • Problems and issues faced:
  • ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • Outcomes and solutions:
  • ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
four basic cv structures
Four Basic CV Structures
  • The Chronological CV

Use - Jobs limited and in the same field – shows stability

Don’t Use– Many jobs / Different Fields

2. The Skills or Experience Areas CV

Use – To stress skills/experience directly – good for career starters or changers

3. The Abilities and Achievements CV

Use – To stress abilities/achievements directly – good for candidates with great experience/technical skills in one field

4. The Letter/CV Combination

Alternative to the CV/Letter Package – Direct offer of services – IT/Internet Applications

cv typing formatting effects
CV Typing / Formatting / Effects



Avoid italics

Avoid complex punctuation

No parentheses

No photos or images

Avoid graphics, charts, graphs

Use simple sentences with present/past tenses

Use periods and commas and colons

Use Times/Serif Fonts or Arial/Helvetica Fonts

Keep bullets as squares or circles

Bold type for key words – Use in moderation

Balance word density

an unscannable cv
An Unscannable CV

Keep the page

background white

Reduce the word density

Use Serif or Arial Fonts instead of Handwriting

All CVs are typed

what to include i
What to Include? I


How do I make somebody in another country understand my qualifications?

  • Write it in English!
  • More interested in level of education and content rather than the education system in your country.
  • Always put the start and finish dates
  • Avoid obscure abbreviations such as CAAE, IAE, ASG etc.
  • Add “majors” to indicate specializations
what to include ii
What to Include? II

Work Experience

  • Paid work

What if I haven’t done any paid work experience?

Include any useful work that is relevant

Show start and finish dates

  • Internships
  • Voluntary work
  • Part-time work
  • Other non-job specific work experience
what to include iii languages very important skill to work internationally
What to Include? IIILANGUAGES - Very important skill to work internationally

Not Enough Detail



Korean: mother tongue

English: fluent

Japanese: excellent command

Chinese: good command


Korean: Mother tongue

English: Fluent. One year of study in an American High School. 90% of university reading in English-language textbooks. Many lectures in English in Korea.

Japanese: Excellent command. Now studying in Japanese Business School, following all courses and writing reports in Japanese.

Chinese: Good command. Many pleasure trips to China. Understand TV and radio. Can write simple letters.

what to include iv
What to Include? IV

Skills and Accomplishments

Special technical Skills

Microsoft Office, Desktop Publishing: Pagemaker, Photoshop. Research project for our Marketing Department carried out on Internet.


Set up at data base to follow up the graduates from our Engineering School. Designed base and ran a team of volunteers to key in data.

Founded a sailing association. Organized and conducted training meetings.

Awards and Prizes

what to include v
What to Include? V


  • Include referee’s current contact details such as address and telephone number.
  • Include referee’s company name, job description and title.
  • Referees should have known you for a lengthy period of time, generally for one-year or more.
what not to include
What NOT to Include
  • Only include ONE e-mail and mailing address
  • Be aware of Political Correctness
  • Avoid putting your age
  • Avoid putting your birthday
  • Avoid putting your birthplace
  • Avoid Nationality
  • Avoid Politics and Religion
  • Avoid trying to say everything
  • Avoid other family information