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TPC San Antonio. Using GPS on Golf Cars by Rob Nader. Visage by GPS Industries. Full Graphics with Distances 3D Video Flyovers Tee Shot Distances Action Zones with Messaging Real Time Positioning/Pace of Play Reporting Two Way Messaging Pin Placement Manager

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Tpc san antonio

TPC San Antonio

Using GPS on Golf Cars


Rob Nader

Visage by gps industries
Visage by GPS Industries

  • Full Graphics with Distances

  • 3D Video Flyovers

  • Tee Shot Distances

  • Action Zones with Messaging

  • Real Time Positioning/Pace of Play Reporting

  • Two Way Messaging

  • Pin Placement Manager

  • Course Advisor Car Features

  • Tournament Manager

Resort guest expectations
Resort Guest Expectations

  • Meeting Resort Guest Expectations as most daily fee golf facilities use GPS of some form in their golf car fleet.

  • The interactive layout of each hole, gives the guest a more detailed view of each hole.

  • Instantly gives yardages to the pin rather than the guest needing to look for yardage markers and pin positions.

Gps benefits to the golfer
GPS Benefits to the Golfer

  • Tee Shot Distances displayed

  • Pace of Play Time allows the golfer to know their pace without feeling pressured by a Course Advisor.

  • Two Way Messaging allows the golfer to signal for a Course Advisor, Beverage Cart, or in case of an Emergency.

  • Tailored 3D Flyovers given by the Course Architect offers insight to the design and playability of each hole.

Gps benefits to the staff
GPS Benefits to the Staff

  • Action Zones specify areas Golf Cars are restricted from such as Hazards, Parking Lots, or too close to Greens/Tees.

  • Keeps Golf Cars on the Path during Cart Path Only days.

  • Staff is able to see all locations of golf cars, including on Course Advisor Golf Cars.

  • Can indicate which Cars are on charge, or potentially if a car is missing from the Cart Facility.

  • Tournament Manager integrates with our Tournament Software to allow score keeping and real time leaderboard options.

Gps opportunities
GPS Opportunities

  • GPS units can only update themselves from clubhouse staging. If a Golf Car does not sit in staging long enough to load properly, the unit can not register with GPS. Potentially allowing a Golf Car to reach the Golf Course with GPS features not functioning and needing to be switched with a new Golf Car.

  • “Trigger” points designated on Golf Course to indicate transition of one hole to the next needed to be evaluated and tweaked quite often.

  • Pace of Play timer starts after reaching the 1st tee’s “trigger” point on the tee box. This can alter the Pace of Play show to the golfers, as to the Pace kept by our Course Advisors.

Gps opportunities1
GPS Opportunities

  • Pin Placement Manager must be loaded prior to any Golf Cars leaving staging area. Otherwise yesterday’s Pin Position will still be loaded on the unit, thus giving incorrect yardages.

  • Wireless Capacity is pretty significant to keep GPS units on throughout the night. If not enough capacity is offered, units must be turned on in the morning, and given enough time to update before leaving. Units are then turned off at night.

Beta testing test site
Beta Testing Test Site

  • With TPC San Antonio being a test site for the new software program, it brought on additional opportunities that affected Guest and Staff experiences.

  • Multiple GPS Units malfunctioning on the course while in use with Guests.

  • Features not working during periods of time.

  • Not knowing if a feature is up and running or not.

  • Lack of communication at times with GPSI.

  • Keeping staff in the loop on status of GPS. (Example: one night turn all GPS units off. Next night keep all GPS units on.)

  • Installation time, re-installation times, and testing time.

  • Deadlines not being met for usage or additional features.


  • GPS on the Golf Cars has not only benefited the Golfers and Staff, but also the Club.

  • GPS can almost act as an additional staff member not on the clock. Additional cost for Yardage Books can also be saved for Resort courses, which is otherwise stocked in every Golf Car.