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Custom Leather Jackets PowerPoint Presentation
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Custom Leather Jackets

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Custom Leather Jackets - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Custom Leather Jackets

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  1. JN by JN LLOVET – Custom Leather Jackets Beautiful blogger girl lovely pepa was wearing an exceptional outfit during New York Fashion Week. And she claims it was the most special of all her outfits during a whole week of fashion craziness. The stunning green leather jacket she was wearing was customized for her by amazing German brand JN by JN LLOVET. This absolutely gorgeous brand is specialized in custom leather jackets that are made in careful handwork. The customers are able to design a unique piece that no-one else has. The custom-madebiker jackets will be the next it-piece of all time. The fun thing is, that you can create your personal design with the help of an online configurator. Lovely pepa e.g. put on the back of the statement leather jacket the quote „all or nothing“that corresponds to her tattoo on the left wrist. This sentence has a big signification for her as it reminds her toal ways look for true love and not settles for a relationship that isn´t fulfilling. This statement definitely applies to more general areas of life as well. The JN by JN LLOVETbiker jacket gota lot of attention from the press at the entrance and exit of Derek Lam´s show. It has converted into one of her

  2. most successful looks and was captured by photographers of street style magazines everywhere in New York. She combined it with a long and tight skirt, a printed T-shirt and high heels. For more infos on the brand JN by JN LLOVET have a look on the website: Besides the leather jackets it is also possible to customize denim jackets or army jackets.