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ALC Parent Orientation Slideshow


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ALC Parent Orientation Slideshow

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  1. The Alternative Learning Center “Changing Lives…One Student at a Time

  2. Discipline Alternative Education Program The ALC is a Discipline Alternative Education Program. Students are placed here as a consequence for committing offenses against the AISD Student Code of Conduct or other offenses as detailed in the Texas Education Code. Who Are We???

  3. Texas Education Code & the DAEP Texas Education Code 37.008 states that each school district shall provide a disciplinary alternative education program that: • is provided in a setting other than a student’s regular classroom’ • is located on or off of a regular school campus; • provides for the students who are assigned to the disciplinary alternative education program to be separated from students who are not assigned to the program; • focuses on English language arts, mathematics, science, history, and self-discipline; • provides for students’ educational and behavioral needs; • provides supervision and counseling

  4. Trespass Notification Students placed at a DAEP may not be on the campus of any other school, or attend any school related, or school sponsored function at any time during their ALC placement. Going to another campus while placed at the ALC will subject the student to further disciplinary actions and trespassing citations.

  5. School Hoursfor both Middle and High School 9:30am – 4:30pm Please: • Be on Time and Dressed Appropriately • Have Necessary Materials • Exhibit Appropriate Behavior • Follow Staff Directions • Complete Assigned Work

  6. To include exit procedures and completion of program requirements dependent on the following: Appropriate behavior District and state testing dates Attendance compliance Length of Placement

  7. Academic Program • Core Course Work • DELTA Lab • Graduation Plans • College Readiness • Exit Procedures

  8. Academic Needs Students placed at ALC will be taught by Highly Qualified and Certified teachers in the four core academic areas of Social Studies, Science, Math, and English Language Arts. The staff also includes Highly Qualified and Certified Special education as well as English as a Second language teachers. During a student’s three day Orientation at the ALC, each student will be given a 6 week cycle assessment in each of the four core areas.

  9. Physical Education Students are expected to participate in physical education unless they have documentation from a doctor excusing them for a medical condition. Students participate in gym activities and ROPES (Reality Oriented Physical Experience Sessions). ROPES promotes self-discipline, teamwork, and positive communication.

  10. Behavioral and Social Skill/Services • In addition to ROPES, ALC also offers problem solving and character education. • ALC uses both the Boys Town curriculum and the “WHY TRY” program. • Counseling services are offered during a student’s placement. • Part of the initial enrollment and intake at the ALC includes an interview with counseling staff.

  11. Successful completion of the Invest and Positive Families programs allow the student a shortened stay of two weeks (10 successful days) at the ALC, rather than having to serve the entire removal period. Both programs normally take two weeks to complete. Students must attend classes at the ALC during the day and then attend sessions at night with a parent or guardian. INVEST/Positive Families

  12. Invest/Positive Families Cont. • Both programs consist of four sessions held on Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. • Students may only begin the program on a Tuesday. • Students must attend with the same parent or guardian that starts the program. • Students must be in dress code to attend the program. • ALC does not have on-site childcare. • Parents who speak only Spanish must bring an interpreter other than their child. Deaf parents must make arrangement through AISD services.

  13. Parents and students will make transportation arrangements during registration. AISD buses are available to students. Students may not drive to or from school, or park vehicles in the ALC neighborhood. Vehicles driven by students will be towed and impounded at owners expense. Transportation for students with special needs must be set up by home schools. Until transportation is set up, parents are responsible for transportation arrangements. Middle School- drop off at Gym (North entrance) High School – drop off at Cafeteria (East entrance) Transportation

  14. AISD Bus Rules and Expectations • Be at your assigned stop on time. • YOUR stop is your only option. • Follow all directions and stay seated. • Drivers may assign seats. Keep hands, feet and head inside at all times. • No eating, drinking, or throwing objects in or out of the bus. • All AISD policies concerning drugs and alcohol also apply to AISD transportation. • All ALC policies also apply on AISD transportation. • Drivers are not responsible for valuables left on the bus.

  15. Student Expectations The AISD Student Code of Conduct will be maintained and ALC Rules and Procedures will be followed while the student is enrolled. Rules and program procedures will be discussed during Intake as well as during the Student’s Orientation.

  16. Orientation Students must complete three successful days prior to entering class at the ALC.

  17. Point Sheet Point sheets are sent home daily with students. Parents or guardians are required to sign the point sheets each day, and the student returns it to the teacher the following day. If a student does not return home with a point sheet contact the advisory teacher. Only “successful” days count toward completion of program. • High School • Middle School

  18. Every student along with their parent or guardian is responsible for reading the dress code and ensuring that the student arrives at the ALC following the dress code. Students out of compliance may not receive a successful day. Additional consequences for repeated dress code infractions will be determined by the campus administration. Dress Code Dress Code

  19. Suspensions • If a student is suspended during an ALC stay, he/she may be dropped one level on the level system. • Suspensions may also cause the incompletion of the Invest/Positive Families Program.

  20. Searches Students pass through a metal detector each morning and receive a “pat” search. This search entails patting the students outer clothing and checking pockets, socks, shoes, hems and waistbands for prohibited items. Students will not be allowed on campus with prohibited items. Male students will be searched by trained male staff and females are searched by trained female staff.

  21. Student Meals Breakfast and Lunch are served in the Cafeteria. Students who receive free or reduced meals at the home campuses will receive the same while at the ALC campus. Students with diabetes or food allergies will consult with the school nurse and the cafeteria manager. • Breakfast $1.25 reduced .30 • Lunch $2.25 reduced .40 • Milk .60

  22. Visitors With the exception of law enforcement. Probation, CPS, or other state-mandated agencies with proper ID, students are not allowed to be visited or picked up by any person (such as therapists, counselors, caseworkers, lawyers, and other family members) without previous written and signed consent from their legal guardian. Anyone visiting or picking up a student must have current picture identification.

  23. We ask that parents and guardians help with attendance and the dress code to ensure the success of our students. Remember to check for point sheets daily as a way to see how your child is doing both academically and behaviorally. We are open to comments and concerns so please feel free to contact us. Parental Involvement & Attendance


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