how a variable message sign helps in traffic management n.
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LED Traffic Signal system and Variable Message Sign PowerPoint Presentation
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LED Traffic Signal system and Variable Message Sign

LED Traffic Signal system and Variable Message Sign

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LED Traffic Signal system and Variable Message Sign

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  1. How A Variable Message Sign Helps In Traffic Management?

  2. Variable Message Sign(VMS) The large display screen at a busy crossing is a variable message sign(VMS) warning the motorists of speed limit, accidents, traffic congestion and pollution. These signs are found at strategic locations like interjections, roundabouts, flyovers and tunnels. Objective of these signboards is to help motorists in safe driving. The biggest advantage of these messages is they pass information without distraction.

  3. Variable Message Sign VMS Continue.. These boards are also called changeable or electronic or dynamic sign message (CMS & DMS). They can be changed according to needs. For instance, the information in the morning could be about weather, if there is any warning for rough weather condition. Similarly, the display can be used to inform motorists about route diversion due to repair work or VIP movement. These signboards are computer operated that makes them user-friendly.

  4. LED Traffic Signal System VMS are used to support and strengthen LED traffic signal system and it won’t be an exaggeration to say that CMS are part of traffic management system. Just like traffic lights manage flow of traffic, DMS boards manage movement of vehicles. Drivers read the messages display on VMS boards and plan their routes. A question here arises that is could these boards be used for marketing and branding. And its answer is no.

  5. LED VMS If it is a VMS then it has to be for traffic management. And there are many ways in which traffic can be managed. The three traffic lights only manage flow of traffic on roads and highways but CMS provides real help to motorists. It guides motorists to parking bays, important places, time, temperature and other things that can in anyway help in driving.Movable versions of VMS are used to display a variable message sign where there is no permanent solution available to display the board. These ae called Portable Changeable Message Signs (PCMS) and they work like permanent signboards. Their advantage is that their position can be changed according to needs.

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