Orthodontist dental specialist
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Orthodontist (Dental Specialist). By : Jane Doe 7 th hour. Why I chose this Job. The thing that inspired me to do this job, was because I had braces and I thought the job looked fun. I like making people happy I like making people look nice.

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Orthodontist dental specialist

Orthodontist (Dental Specialist)

By: Jane Doe

7th hour

Why i chose this job
Why I chose this Job

  • The thing that inspired me to do this job, was because I had braces and I thought the job looked fun.

  • I like making people happy

  • I like making people look nice

A brief description of the job
A Brief Description of the Job

  • Orthodontists treat special needs of the mouth like the jaws, teeth, or gums. They examine and treat peoples teeth, gums, jaws, and surrounding tissue. Orthodontists often use models to show patients how their teeth are going to look after their treatment.

  • Usually work 32-40 hours a week Monday thru Friday

  • Work in offices or hospitals, and work with special tools. May be self employed.

Pros cons

  • Enjoy helping people

  • Find it rewarding

  • Enjoy rather high incomes.

  • May have to deal with really disgusting teeth

  • People may think procedure is too risky, and you may not get your money for that procedure.



Educational path
Educational Path

  • Advanced courses in math, science, English, and social studies.

  • Helpful courses would be Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, Foreign Language, and Statistics and Probability.

  • Must go through or get my Dental Residency Programs, Dentistry and Graduate Dental Programs, and Health/Medical Preparatory Programs.

  • Go to school for about 6-9 years after High School. Admissions are based on grades and on my Dental Admissions Test (DAT).

  • Becoming nationally board certified in their area is a goal. Some devote their careers to research and/or teaching .


  • People looking for jobs will face competition for position openings.

  • Number Employed in 2008: 200Expected Employment in 2010: 200Percent Expected Employment Growth, 2 years: 0%Expected Annual Openings, Growth and Turnover: -1

Salary how much i will earn
salary-how much I will earn

  • Wisconsin incomes range from $123,920 to $166,400

  • National salary ranges from $100,980 to $166,400


  • Most orthodontist are self employed

  • Dental Associates (Green Bay)

  • Just Orthodontics (Green Bay)

  • Brodhagen Dental Care (Green Bay)


  • I learned a lot of cool stuff, like that they make people happy.

  • A bonus is that I get a good salary.

  • I don’t have to work that many hours.

  • I have to take courses that I like right now like math, social studies, and science.

  • One of the things that is kind of disappointing, is that I will have to go to school for about 6-9 years.

  • I still want to be an orthodontist, and now I want to be it more because I can make people happy.