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Reza SHAH. Sean, Tahlia & Beth. Iran after WW1. After the war they sought war reparations from the League of Nations Britain threw their plea out Anglo-Persian agreement Iran stayed autonomous. Consolidation of power. 1921 Coup d’etat 1923 Prime minister 1925 Shah

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Reza shah


Sean, Tahlia & Beth

Iran after ww1
Iran after WW1

  • After the war they sought war reparations from the League of Nations

  • Britain threw their plea out

  • Anglo-Persian agreement

  • Iran stayed autonomous

Consolidation of power
Consolidation of power

  • 1921 Coup d’etat

  • 1923 Prime minister

  • 1925 Shah

  • First priority was to legitimacy and gain popularity

  • Traditionally support came from clans and ethics groups, Reza did not have such support

  • Reza was supported by the Army and Intellectuals

  • Offered the middle class national pride

  • Introduced a new ideology and identity

  • Introduced state-wide absolute discipline

Nature of the regime
Nature of the Regime

  • Tradition and Continuity

  • Nationalism and change


  • Avoiding a Republic

  • Laws

  • Land ownership

  • Censorship

Changes under reza shah
Changes under Reza Shah

  • New ideology - revolved around the ruler, not the nation

  • Reza was more calculating and insightful than his predecessors

    • He needed to secure his position and didn’t have their complete legitimacy

    • He chooses his allies carefully, depending on circumstances

    • He used western educated academics but got rid of them once threats began

Changes under reza shah1
Changes under Reza Shah

  • Creation of a distinct Persian identity

    • Became his principle idea in his regime

    • School textbooks were rewritten because they emphasized a pre-Islamic past

    • Persian language academy was formed to refine the language and take out all Arabic

Changes under reza shah2
Changes under Reza Shah

  • Aimed to pursue a "third-power policy"

    • Meant obtaining the support of a country other than Russia or the UK

    • Went to France, Germany, US and Italy for technical expertise and equipment (sent students to these countries for education rather than the UK)

    • Shah's relationship with UK was an issue + he did little to eliminate British control

    • 1932: Iran and UK discussed oil concessions

      • Signed a year later, Iran's royalties rose (16%-20%) and the contract was extended for another 60 years

Changes under reza shah3
Changes under Reza Shah

  • Shah established good relationships with neighboring countries and tried to strengthen regional links

  • 1937: Saadabad Pact was signed ( with Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan) and ended any potential disputes between the countries