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Buying Tiffany jewelry online PowerPoint Presentation
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Buying Tiffany jewelry online

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Buying Tiffany jewelry online - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Buying Tiffany jewelry online

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Tiffany jewelry show series luxurious shine BLUE BOOK capital Night

Huge diamond-type space in the main hall of the Imperial Ancestral Temple Guanghua

overflowing into the courtyard, is drunk.Blue Book Series for the first time out of the

luxury jewelry, New York, competing in the Forbidden City and the bright moon

Guanghua. Yao Shi great event that highlights the great masters of Tiffany jewelry as

the United States have a long history and international reputation, Tiffany brand will

become yet another colorful

chapter in the annals of history.


Tiffany & Co. Chairman and CEO Michael J. Kowalski, said in his speech,

Mr: "Select Blue Book published in Beijing, China luxury jewelry collection,

indicate that the Tiffany's global business growth and good wishes on behalf

of our - hope every honorable guests can enjoy the magnificent and grand taste of Beijing.


Majestic world-famous movie star Gong Li diamond

necklace, become the focus of most attention. Total

weight of 84 kt of more than 300 dazzling diamonds

extreme, around 30.31 kt diamond pendant,

Ambilight, charisma.

Wear Karen Kashmir sapphire and diamond necklace.

Colored gemstones Tiffany is known worldwide for its pure origin.

Kashmir from India in which the sapphire is found from

the late 19th century, has been the dream world of precious stones.

Karen said the first time, from the time she will have an early age

Tiffany jewelry, Tiffany's Huamei Jie has been working with her as partners for.


U.S. socialite Byrdie Bell diamond bracelet and

knitting patterns designed to Shilongbojie 18K gold

bracelet and ear clips to Shilongbojie.

Huo Siyan wearing a Tiffany diamond jewelry.

Up to 96-inch necklace inlaid with 480 round

diamonds, diamond total weight to 43.78 kt.

Diamond bracelet is also the focus of the spotlight,

elegant design set off by curved curve dazzling diamond shine.


Zhang Jing early yellow diamond and diamond necklace

pendant inlaid with the brilliant color yellow diamond

weighing 20.34 kt, while the necklace is more Tiffany

Legacy inlaid with 37 diamonds. Tiffany necklace

this section is attracted to the as yet another fine craftsman.

Pace-hung earrings worn by the main diamond heart-shaped pink

diamond surrounded by inlaid with dazzling, filling the superior style,

distribute romantic charm. Diamond jewelry by Tiffany I love Pace.

She also had to wear a colored gemstone and diamond necklace,

two diamond rings and diamond bracelet of a secret.


Italian supermodel Elisa Sednaoui diamond bracelet.

Qin Lanpei Art Deco necklace worn, hand-inlaid round diamonds

more than 1,200 pieces, exquisite, luxurious outstanding.


Gao Yuanyuan Long wearing the Tiffany necklace,

from the diamond and black spinel beads alternating in series.