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Jinghong Song is a writer and life coach who currently lives in Kansas City. He grew up in a small town in Missouri, and moved to Kansas City after high school to attend Missouri University, where he studied journalism.

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Jinghong song successful writer

Jinghong Song

Successful Writer

Jinghong Song is a very successful writer who has worked on a very diverse variety of projects. He is most well-known for his series of financial advice books, which are very popular with everyone from college students to retirees. However, he is also a very passionate fiction writer, and has written several short stories and novels in the romance genre. He hopes to expand on this and eventually write a New York Times bestselling work of fiction.

Jinghong song successful writer

Jinghong Song

Inspiring Life Coach

Jinghong Song is a writer and life coach who helps people with a variety of challenging life situations. He began this business by focusing on helping people with their finances, but transitioned into helping with relationships and career growth as well. He gives both individual and group coaching sessions in his hometown of Kansas City. He is also a very well-respected public speaker, and has given lectures around the country to help others.

Jinghong song successful writer

Jinghong Song

Travel Enthusiast

Jinghong Song is a freelance writer who loves to travel. At just 25, he has already visited many countries around the world, as well as many cities in the US. He is constantly on the lookout for his next opportunity to visit a new place, and he has written about many of his trips on his highly successful blog. He finds that traveling is extremely satisfying and inspiring for him as a writer, and that he does his best work while on the go. Jinghong Song is a freelance writer with a huge passion for travel. Although he lives in Kansas City, he has visited many other states and countries, and is always on the lookout for another opportunity to travel.

Jinghong song successful writer

Jinghong Song

Sports Lover

Jinghong Song loves to follow sports in his free time, particularly baseball and football. He is a huge fan of the Denver Broncos, and always makes sure to watch their games during football season. He has even traveled to watch them play in the past. He also loves to play fantasy football during football season. Additionally, he is a huge baseball team. Since he lives in Kansas City, he has season tickets to the Royals games.

Jinghong song successful writer


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