go forth and be a blessing genesis n.
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Go forth and be a blessing. -Genesis PowerPoint Presentation
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Go forth and be a blessing. -Genesis

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Go forth and be a blessing. -Genesis

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Go forth and be a blessing. -Genesis

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  1. Go forth and be a blessing. -Genesis

  2. Letter of Intent How do we get it signed and returned for our records?

  3. I can’t ask them again for the letter of intent!

  4. Are you comfortable letting me know the details of your gift?

  5. Thank You!

  6. Hanukkah Ads 2006, 07 and 08 And this year, 2009, it’s four pages!!

  7. Radio Ads

  8. 2008 Book of Life Ads

  9. “The Legacy Circle” Sheila Donath: an excerpt from A Hug for the Jewish Future The Jewish Federation of the Berkshires’ establishment of “The Legacy Circle”— its estate planning program aimed at helping to support future generations of Berkshire Jews — struck a chord within Sheila Donath.“I had not thought about a bequest to the Federation before,” said Donath, “but I recognized that over my ten years of residence here, it was the great energy in the community that had led me to really embrace my Judaism.” While she noted that she had long “loved being Jewish,” it was through the activities offered in the community, and often supported by the Federation, that she was able to learn more about Jewish history, holidays, ritual, and the Hebrew language. In addition, Donath’s Jewish view was broadened by the Federation’s work to include a sharpened understanding of, and engagement in, tikkunolam, efforts aiding the Jewish ideal of “repairing the world.”

  10. Now Donath saw her legacy left to them in a different light. She realized that leaving a legacy, at its best, was not only an act “of giving” but also one “of teaching.” Donath concluded that through her bequest to the Federation, she would leave to her loved ones “her values,” in addition to her assets, in hopes that they in turn might emulate the mix and make it a priority in their own future planning. As she has made her “Legacy Circle” bequest with the education of the Berkshire Jewish Community’s children at the forefront, she noted her gift as one given “out of optimism”— grounded in the knowledge that she is helping to provide to the young the same knowledge she did not attain until her retirement years. In addition, Donath hopes that her ‘Legacy’ gift will help the Federation to: maintain support for programs that will help future generations of Berkshire Jews. Very thankful for having been embraced to great educational and spiritual benefit by the Berkshire Jewish Community, Donath’s “Legacy Circle” gift may be viewed as a warm, heartfelt return hug of encouragement and sustenance to Berkshire Jewish Communities yet to come.

  11. Passing Down A Legacyan excerpt from Paul Bloom As my mother, a founding member of the Home taught me, we must teach our children the mitzvah of helping others, by volunteering (chesed) and offering our financial support (tzedakah). By giving of ourselves in these special ways we will all experience the wonderful feeling of helping others. I am proud to say the Jewish Geriatric Services is considered among the finest in the country, and we want to keep it that way. Just as our parents made certain that this wonderful organization would be there to take care of us, we must ensure that it is here to take care of our children and theirs. By donating to JGS, future generations will not only learn the importance of helping others, but they will also recall the generosity of those gone before them. 

  12. “As our parents planted for us before we were born, so do we plant for those who will come after us.” --Talmud