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Used Oil Recycling

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Used Oil Recycling. Fund Allocation and Contract Concepts Status Report on Used Oil Recycling Fund. Kristin Yee Used Oil Analysis Unit November 2003. Goals of Statewide Outreach Projects:. Promote the recycling of used motor oil and used oil filters;

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Used Oil Recycling

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used oil recycling

Used Oil Recycling

Fund Allocation and Contract Concepts

Status Report on Used Oil Recycling Fund

Kristin Yee

Used Oil Analysis Unit

November 2003

goals of statewide outreach projects
Goals of Statewide Outreach Projects:
  • Promote the recycling of used motor oil and used oil filters;
  • Increase the use of the 1-800 CLEANUP hotline to locate used oil recycling centers;
  • Increase awareness of the need to recycle used oil and filters;
  • Increase awareness of the environmental impacts of illegal disposal; and
  • Build awareness of the acceptability of using rerefined motor oil in personal and fleet vehicles.
contract concept o 15 marina oil collection
Contract Concept O-15: Marina Oil Collection

Purpose: To do an assessment of needed oil collection facilities at California marinas


  • To identify marinas and create a map identifying it’s location using Global Information System (GIS);
  • To develop laminated maps for distribution to the boating community;
  • To continue outreach efforts using the Coastal Commission’s Dockwalkers program.
contract concept o 16 annual used oil hhw conference
Contract Concept O-16: Annual Used Oil/HHW Conference

Purpose: To bring together all the stakeholders related to used oil and household hazardous waste


  • To provide a platform for stakeholders to share information, network, exchange ideas;
  • To expose local government, grantees and stakeholders to existing technology and different outreach/education activities;
  • To support stakeholders in building and maintaining the used oil/HHW programs.
contract concept o 17 certified center outreach
Contract Concept O-17: Certified Center Outreach

Purpose: To increase the number of auto part store as collection centers. Currently, only 20% participates.


  • To increase total storage capacity for used oil and filter collection;
  • To increase disposal convenience for DIYers;
  • To offer local government selling points on the benefits of being a collection center when they are trying to recruit these businesses.