solution to fix the safari not responding isssue n.
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Immediate Fix Frequent Safari Crashing Problems PowerPoint Presentation
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Immediate Fix Frequent Safari Crashing Problems

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Immediate Fix Frequent Safari Crashing Problems - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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… get an instant solution to such technical issue with the Apple Safari web browser, you need to find out the add-on that is causing issue in Apple Safari web browser. To know more about the technical procedure and issues,

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solution to fix the safari not responding isssue

US Toll Free+1-800-786-0581

Solution to Fix the Safari Not Responding Isssue

Apple Devices Technical support


Disclaimer – Applecustomerservice provides independent technical support for different 3rd party software, hardware and peripherals from Apple Inc. Trademarks and brand names used on our page are only reference purpose and they show no association of Apple with We disclaim all sorts of sponsorship, endorsement or affiliation with or by any 3rd parties.

support for Apple devices

how to fix apple safari issues

US Toll Free+1-800-786-0581

  • Amazingly, this great device is also prone to a number of errors and problems.
  • That is why there is always a need to have an Apple customer support service from reliable resources.

support for Apple devices

quit relaunch safari

US Toll Free+1-800-786-0581

Quit & Relaunch Safari

First things first, the simplest response to the Safari beach ball and stall-out is two parts;

wait to see if the web page eventually loads,

and if not, just quit out of Safari to re-open it and try again.

support for Apple devices

the force quit relaunch

US Toll Free+1-800-786-0581

The Force Quit & Relaunch

Hit Command+Option+Escape to bring up the Force Quit menu

Select “Safari” and then choose “Force Quit”

Wait a minute or so as Safari is forced to exit and the system recovers, then prelaunch Safari and go back to browsing as usual

As we said, that usually works just fine, and most Mac users are back to browsing the web in Safari again.

support for Apple devices

targeting specific safari web content

US Toll Free+1-800-786-0581

Targeting Specific Safari Web Content

Launch “Activity Monitor” found in /Applications/Utilities

Under the CPU or Memory tab, find and located any red “Safari Web Content (Not Responding)” processes

Click the (X) button in the toolbar to kill the selected process

Repeat with other stuck red “Safari Web Content (Not Responding)” processes

Exit out of Activity Monitor

support for Apple devices

clear caches and browser history

US Toll Free+1-800-786-0581

Clear Caches and Browser History

Go to the “Safari” menu and choose “Clear History”

From the “Clear” menu choose a timeline that is appropriate, often “all history” is the most effective”,

then click “Clear History”

Support for Apple devices

disable safari plug ins webgl

US Toll Free+1-800-786-0581

Disable Safari Plug-Ins & WebGL

Pull down the “Safari” menu and go to “Preferences”

Go to the “Security” tab and uncheck “Allow Plug-ins” and uncheck “Allow WebGL”

Exit out of Security preferences, then quit and relaunch Safari

support for Apple devices

for more help information on apple

US Toll Free+1-800-786-0581

For More Help Information on Apple

support for Apple devices