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Effective Ways to lose Weight PowerPoint Presentation
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Effective Ways to lose Weight

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Effective Ways to lose Weight
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Effective Ways to lose Weight

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  1. Effective Ways to lose Weight Powered by http://www.verislim.com

  2. 1. Indulge in fat releasing food • These fat releasing food add pleasure to your taste buds and also releases enzymes that helps in releasing fat from the body, some of these are: • Honey • Egg • Dark chocolate • Shrimp

  3. 3. After Breakfast primarily drink water instead of any soda or fruit juice: 2. Add a Bit of High Calorie Food to normal salads • We should be able to add a bit of high caloric food to the salads we take so that we do not strive ourselves of it. • We Should try to cut on the intake of aerated drinks and instead should intake only simple water.

  4. 4. Carry a note book to note down every morsel of food you take • Studies have shown that if we note down all the food we intake we automatically cut down on the total amount of food intake. 5.Keep a pedometer with us always • By adding a pedometer we can count the number of steps we take and by that we will be able to increase of decrease the amount of exercise.

  5. 6. Add 10% of the calorie intake more to your consumption. • Adjust your food habit accordingly by adding a extra 10% of calorie intake to your daily consumption. 7. At least walk 45 minutes a day. • At least walk 35 to 45 min a day to lose extra weight and fats the best way to maintain this is to walk a to your office or come back from it. Which ever is convince.

  6. 8. Change Dinning Habits • Down size the plate. • Serve food restaurant style. • Dine opposite a mirror • Put out a vegetable platter. • Once you finish your plate do not go for the second refill. • Avoid White Food.

  7. 9. Switch to ordinary coffee from espresso or cappuccino • Fancy Coffee has extra syrups or fatted milk which add unhealthy fat to our body instead a good cup of normal coffee would be good for health. 10. For quicker effects we can try Food suppressant and also fat loss medicine • We can try from the wide variety of medicine to suite our needs . For the best weight loss medicine we can consult our health expert.

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