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MyProxy. Guy Warner NeSC Training Team. The NGS Portal. Command Line Usage of Grid Services. Grid Services. A Problem!. How do I authenticate myself to the Grid Services?. grid-proxy-init. Grid Services. A Problem!. Portal Usage of Grid Services. Portal. ??.

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Guy Warner

NeSC Training Team

the ngs portal
The NGS Portal

Installing a UI for the NGS

a problem

Command Line Usage of Grid Services

Grid Services

A Problem!
  • How do I authenticate myself to the Grid Services?


Installing a UI for the NGS

a problem1

Grid Services

A Problem!

Portal Usage of Grid Services



Installing a UI for the NGS

solution myproxy
Solution: “MyProxy”
  • Myproxy allows you to store a long-lived proxy in a “MyProxy repository” and derive a proxy certificate when needed.
  • Allows you to:
    • Interact with a grid from many machines
      • And you realise that you must NOT, EVER leave your certificate where anyone can find and use it.
    • Use a portal, and delegate to the portal the right to act on your behalf (by logging in to an account that can make a proxy certificate for you)
    • Run jobs that might last longer than the lifetime of a short-lived proxy

Installing a UI for the NGS

grid authentication with myproxy

0: grid-proxy-init




2: Any Grid Service

3: myproxy-get-delegation

NGS Portal

Web Browser

6: output


4: execution

A WorkStation

5: output

Grid Services

Grid Authentication with MyProxy

Installing a UI for the NGS

Go to
  • When submitting jobs:
    • Use
    • jobmanager: pbs
    • Provide a file for standard error
    • See output by Single Host File Transfer from

Installing a UI for the NGS