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Freight. Michigan Transportation Planning Association 35 th Annual Conference Flint, MI July 14, 2011. Presentation of Freight and the Long Range Transportation Plan Slides and New Freight Data Source Information

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Michigan Transportation Planning Association

35th Annual Conference

Flint, MI July 14, 2011

session outline

Presentation of Freight and the Long Range Transportation Plan Slides and New Freight Data Source Information

  • Status of MPO Related Freight Activities through FHWA and Requests for FHWA/MDOT Freight Technical Assistance
  • Update on Activities of Michigan DOT Freight Group and Future Initiatives
  • Question and Answer for Presenters
Session Outline
presentation outline

Listing of Freight Program Components

  • Discussion of Freight Planning Best Practices
  • New Freight Data Source Details
  • Questions
Presentation Outline
freight program components

The listing of the freight program components and associated background information is taken from Report 570 from the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Guidebook for Freight Policy, Planning, and Programming in Small- and Medium-Sized Metropolitan Areas

Freight Program Components
freight program components1

Establish a Freight Policy Directive

    • Endorsed and tailored to fit your needs
  • Develop a Regional Freight Profile
    • Inventory of Freight Infrastructure
    • Basic Maps and Data
    • Other Relevant Information
  • Identify Freight Needs & Deficiencies
  • Develop a Freight Element in the Long Range Transportation Plan
    • Could be very similar to Profile with additional analysis
Freight Program Components
freight program components cont

Collecting/Analyzing Freight Data

  • Identify Freight Projects
  • Develop Freight Components in Other Products or Plans
  • Freight Project Evaluation
  • Performance Measurement
  • Funding Freight Initiatives
  • Measuring Freight Project Impacts
    • Pre- and Post- Project
Freight Program Components (cont.)
freight program examples

Establish a Freight Policy Directive

    • Lima-Allen County, Ohio
  • Develop a Regional Freight Profile
    • Montgomery County, Virginia
  • Identify Freight Needs & Deficiencies
    • Rogue Valley, Oregon
  • Develop a Freight Element in the Long Range Transportation Plan
    • Genesee County, Michigan
  • Multiple Components Example
    • Columbus, Ohio
Freight Program Examples
freight policy directive

Lima-Allen County MPO

    • 2035 Long Range Transportation Plan
    • 2000 MPO Population: 74,000
    • MPO for Lima, OH
    • MPO Committees had significant involvement and impact on policy directives aimed at addressing freight
    • Plan’s Alternatives Analysis focuses on freight related issues.
    • Special consideration of freight improvements
Freight Policy Directive
freight policy directive1

Lima-Allen County MPO

    • Cartage and Freight Carriers Committee
    • (Pages 100-109)
Freight Policy Directive
freight profile sample

Montgomery County, VA

    • 2008 Freight Study includes Profile
    • 2000 MPO Population: 57,000
    • MPO for the Blacksburg, Virginia area
Freight Profile Sample
freight strengths weaknesses

Rogue Valley MPO

    • June 2006 Freight Study
    • 2000 MPO Population: 128,000
    • MPO for Medford, OR area
    • Very detailed information on Freight Strengths and Weaknesses (needs and deficiencies). The information is part of the freight study but it is also on the Rogue Valley website as a stand alone document.
Freight Strengths/Weaknesses
freight strengths weaknesses1

Rogue Valley MPO

    • Commodity flow data
    • Survey of local shippers and carriers
    • Freight Study including recommendations to local officials.
Freight Strengths/Weaknesses
freight component of lrp

Genesee County MPO

    • June 2009 Freight Technical Report (part of 2035 Long Range Transportation Plan)
    • 2000 MPO Population: 365,000
    • MPO for Flint, MI
    • Very detailed information on all Freight modes
    • Inventory of routes and current/projected freight volumes
    • Surveyed local shippers/carriers
    • Discussion of freight impacts on the transportation network and the region
Freight Component of LRP
freight component of lrp1

Genesee County MPO

    • International freight impacts addressed
    • Freight related recommendations provided
    • Effective summary document also developed for easier dissemination to the public and other stakeholders.
Freight Component of LRP
multiple components

Mid Ohio Regional Planning Commission

    • 2011 Freight Facts (Formerly known as the MORPC Freight Factbook)
    • 2000 MPO Population: 1,133,000 (37th largest)
    • MPO for the Columbus, OH area
Multiple Components
multiple components1

Mid Ohio Regional Planning Commission

    • Series of one-page factsheets on freight projects, facilities, or areas of importance in the region.
    • Covers truck, rail, and air modes.
    • Updates to this information will be ongoing. Factsheets will be available on the MORPC webpage.
Multiple Components
morpc factsheet




MORPC Factsheet


Background, Statistics, Related Past or Future Projects, and Additional Details

morpc contact info

Mid Ohio Regional Planning Commission

Daniel Haake, AICP

Senior Planner, MORPC

111 Liberty St., Suite 100, Columbus, OH 43215


MORPC Contact Info.
freight data source

National County Commodity Flow Data Delivery System

    • Freight Analysis Framework (FAF) Data disaggregated down to a County level. 2002 data first. 2007 will be a future release.
    • Data available for every County in the US.
    • Data available in a number of formats.
    • Joint venture between the University of Toledo and the University of Illinois at Chicago.
    • Should be released Fall 2011.
    • Contact Dr. Peter Lindquist at Toledo with questions or issues (
Freight Data Source

National County Commodity Flow

Data Delivery System (UIC / UT Partnership)

l Contents of the database consist of 43 2-digit SCTG

(Standard Classification of Transported Goods) Categories

l Data managed in the following formats

m County-level inflow tonnage totals (kton)--all modes

m County-level outflow tonnage totals (kton)—all modes

m County-level combined inflow/outflow volumes

m County -to-County OD flow tonnage (trucks only)

l Access to the site by permission only: User Ids, Passwords, issued by University of Illinois Chicago Research Team




National County Commodity Flow

Data Delivery System

Query / Data Retrieval Functions

lData retrieved by selections on pull-down menus

l Users select SCTG Codes, Inflows, Outflows, Counties

lGenerate Data Tables for Inflows, Outflows, OD Flows

lData tables in CSV format for import into Spreadsheets

or database software

Access to be provided at Web Portal

contact information

Thank You!

Chris Dingman

FHWA-Michigan Division

315 W. Allegan, Room 201

Lansing, MI 48909


Contact Information