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www.comas.org.uk greendrying.wordpress.com. What is the Green Drying Project?. Involves residents and organisations in finding practical solutions to a modern problem: lack of drying greens Why? 85 % of modern housing developments have been built without outdoor drying facilities

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What is the green drying project
What is the Green Drying Project?

  • Involves residents and organisationsin finding practical solutions to a modern problem:lack of drying greens


  • 85% of modern housing developments have been built without outdoor drying facilities

  • Housing costs and drying costs are high

  • Indoor drying means expensive tumble drier use, or increased use of heating

  • Condensation contributes to damp housing and poor health.

  • www.comas.org.uk greendrying.wordpress.com

Facts our research shows
Facts: our research shows...

Over 10,000 homes in Edinburgh affected by having nowhere to dry their clothes outdoors

58% of the residents surveyed regularly put the heating on just to dry their washing

41% of who have a balcony reported restrictions on using it for drying

80% of respondentsdry their washing in the home on drying racks

57% of respondents are restricted to use their outdoor space for drying

Over a quarter of respondents have washing drying 7 days a week

Studies show that damp housing contributes to asthma and poor health

Average carbon emission for weekly use of tumble dryer is 390 kg per year

Indoor clothes drying releases 5 litres of water vapour per load. More than any household activity

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Common feelings
Common feelings

“My building is brand new, yet they never planned or thought of putting a drying room or drying green in any block. The tenants consist of families with children and people with special needs. The buildings were earmarked for such people, as far as I know, before building started, so it looks likethe lack of drying space was a deliberate omission”

  • www.comas.org.uk greendrying.wordpress.com

Common feelings1
Common feelings

Why dry outdoors?


Better clothes

Reduces damp


  • www.comas.org.uk greendrying.wordpress.com

Tumble driers and the environment
Tumble driers and the Environment

  • Tumble dryers in the U.K. use more than £1.1 million of electricity every day—this is enough to power 2,650 homes for a year

  • The electricity used by these machines is 3.5 kWh per cycle

1 kWh = 0.527 kg of CO2

1 cycle = 1.84 kg of CO2

Household with 4 weekly loads = 7.5 kg per week

390 kg of CO2 per yearfor weekly use

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+ £70 per person per year to power each tumble dryer!!

Tumble driers and the environment1


Average Carbon Emissions Per Year


10 tonnes


1 Scottish resident




Tumble driers and the Environment

  • Using up the dry days in Scotland, we can reduce our carbon footprint from 10 tonnes of carbon per year to 9.61 tonnes; that’s nearly at 4% reduction in our individual yearly carbon emissions. Our collective carbon emissions would reduce to 49,862,400 tonnes a year (also a 4% decrease).

  • www.comas.org.uk greendrying.wordpress.com