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How to Promote 'Online Business Directory' PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Promote 'Online Business Directory'

How to Promote 'Online Business Directory'

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How to Promote 'Online Business Directory'

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  1. How to Promote 'Online Business Directory'

  2. When you create and publish a B2B business directory, you cannot just let it sit there and hope the businesses will be posting their list. It is imperative that for the owner of the directories to target businesses seeking to add their names and links in an effort to improve their search engine rankings.

  3. Business to Business Directory Promotional Tips: Social Networks: Today people are using social networking sites for connecting with a large number of targeted audience. By maximizing the social popularity networks, someone has the ability to reach many people. Facebook, Twitter, and Orkut are amongst the most popular social network sites now days. You can use these sites to discuss and promote the benefits of listing them into your online business directory.

  4. Email Campaigns: You can use your contact email lists or email to get the rights for listing an individual business in your directory, and then send some mailers about the benefits of becoming member of your directory.

  5. Press Releases: Submitting press releases is an effective way to attract cooperation. There are a number of free online press release services that can be used. It is important to ensure that you add the URL of your directory and contact information in your press release. You can even limit the distribution of your mailing list for a particular category, so that you will be targeting those who may be interested in the business on your list.

  6. Article Posting: Write articles and post them for online Business Directory Articles: Popular Articles There are a number of sites that allow anyone to post articles. You can create a profile that includes a directory of your business. Articles that you can write about relevant topics such as online Business Directory promotion, advertising, attracting customers, etc. These sites are usually free articles.

  7. Online business directory is a great way to increase search engine rankings and generate additional revenue. It also allows you to insert advertising application that may give you additional income such as Google AdSense. Like other businesses, you have to promote to acquire customers. By effective online business directory strategy, it will not be long before you developed a popular online business directory and start generating revenue.