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Amanda and Michaela

Amanda and Michaela

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Amanda and Michaela

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  1. Amanda and Michaela African Gray Parrot and Bald Eagle

  2. There are five different groups of animals with vertebrates. • Mammals • Reptiles • Fish • Amphibians • Birds

  3. The African Gray Parrot and Bald Eagle are both birds

  4. Most Birds… • are warm blooded • two wings two legs and a beak • give birth to babies hatched from eggs • breathe through lungs • are covered with feathers

  5. It has gray feathers, white around the eyes, gray feet, and a bright red tail. The colors help it attract a mate. PARROTS It can hide from his enemies by blending into pretty flowers. In the wild they live in trees.

  6. Parrots eat seeds, nuts, and fruit. They have dark gray curved bill that helps them crack the nuts and seeds.

  7. Bald Eagle It has two yellow feet with sharp talons for catching prey. The Bald Eagle has a keen eyesight to spot prey. It has a sharp downward curving yellow bill to tear apart prey.

  8. The Bald Eagle mostly eats fish. The Bald Eagle lives near rivers and large lakes, as it catches most of its food in the water. They also hunt and scavenge small mammals, snakes and other birds. The Bald Eagles are carnivores[ meat eaters] and hunt during the day [ they are diurnal].

  9. The females are 30% larger than the males so they can stay up in the air so they can find food for the father and babies and herself. Adult Bald Eagles have a 7 ft [2.3] wingspan to have his powerful and fast flight. Bald Eagles have about 7,000 feathers because the Bald Eagle is a heavy bird so all it’s feathers keep it up the air so long. The Bald Eagle has been the national symbol of the USA since 1782 that’s why the Bald Eagle is a protected bird.

  10. . The male parrot feeds the female so that she can protect the eggs African gray parrot is about 13 to 16 inches because there tail is very long and it has a long head

  11. African gray parrots are native to western and central Africa in lowland rainforests.

  12. Bald Eagles are powerful fliers who can reach the speeds of up to 100 miles per hour during a drive. They use that skill to get rodents and fish. Bald Eagles build an enormous nest from twigs an leaves because they are big birds and they have to fit the male, female and their eggs. Average flight speeds are about 20 to 40 miles per hour because they have big wings so they can fly that fast.

  13. They both feed the hatchlings until they learn to fly because if they don’t know how to fly the can’t hunt for there food. The Bald Eagle chooses a nest that are far from people so that way they will not be disturbed while they nest.

  14. People who kill or sell Bald Eagles illegally can be put in prison for one to two years or they may have to pay fines of up to $20,000 because Bald Eagle is a protected bird. Eaglets spend several weeks mastering their flying skills so they can find there home. They also learn how to hunt and feed so when they go to find a new home they can take care of themselves.

  15. We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about African Gray Parrot and Bald Eagle.