Your Ad Account has been Flagged for Policy Violations
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Your Ad Account has been Flagged for Policy Violations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Blog Link:\n\nYou should check our blog post as we have written everything step by step with nice and clean images. \n\nIn this presentation, we are going to share some worst facts on Facebook customer support because we believe sometimes push is necessary to pull something up. \n\nIf you like this presentation please subscribe to our newsletter. We will add more important and uncovered topic in forthcoming days!

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Your Ad Account has been Flagged for Policy Violations

About Facebook

Facebook is great and they have achieved so many things in such small time. But their customer service is the worst in the world. Actually, there is no such thing called “Customer Support” on Facebook.

In this presentation we are going to share some facts on Facebook support team.

A New Facebook Shop

We set up a new business page and the shop currency was by default USD instead of Taka (Taka is our local currency). Then we came to know that if we delete the shop and create a new shop, then we can change the default currency for the running shop!

Important Lesson Learned!

Important Question: How to Change Shop Currency on Facebook?

Answer: You need to delete default shop first and then create a new shop to change default currency

Ad Account has been Flagged for Policy Violations

After creating a new ad account and running 2-3 ads, Facebook flagged our ad account! That’s not the end. They also blocked/suspended our payoneer mastercard!

Live Support on Facebook?

There is literally no “LIVE SUPPORT” from Facebook and the community threads are confusing. We are facing this issue for last 3 weeks!We did contact them several times from “Advertiser Support” panel.

Facebook Customer Support

However, a Facebook representative called us and took our credit card statement and last 4 digits of our card yet the problem is not fixed which bother us most.

Suggestion to Facebook

As we are fan of Facebook we believe Facebook will correct their childish behavior, and hopefully Facebook will invest some money for “Live Support” system in the future.

Raise Your Voice with Us

Did you experience similar case? Did Facebook block your card for unknown reason? Then raise your voice through comments!

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