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Think about it…. Take 5 minutes to answer the questions on your desk!. Today’s Question:. What events led up to the Civil War? . Today’s Activities:. Watch videos/takes notes on events leading up to Civil War 5 minute break John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry. Events Leading Up to the War:.

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think about it
Think about it…

Take 5 minutes to answer the questions on your desk!

today s question
Today’s Question:
  • What events led up to the Civil War?
today s activities
Today’s Activities:
  • Watch videos/takes notes on events leading up to Civil War
  • 5 minute break
  • John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry
events leading up to the war
Events Leading Up to the War:

1820: Missouri Compromise of 1820

1850: Compromise of 1850

1854: Kansas Nebraska Act

1855: Bleeding Kansas

1857: Dred Scott decision

1859: John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry

1860: Election of Abraham Lincoln


An agreement that is reached when both sides agree to give up something.

missouri compromise of 1820
Missouri Compromise of 1820

There was a debate about whether new western territories would be ________ states or ________ states.

The Missouri Compromise added _______ as a slave state and ______ as a free state. This helped to balance slave states and free states.


compromise of 1850
Compromise of 1850

In 1850, California entered the United States as a ________ state.

In return, _________ southerners demanded stronger fugitive slave laws.

Southwest territories would decide the issue of _________for themselves.

kansas nebraska act
Kansas Nebraska Act

The ______ in each territory could decide whether to allow slavery or not. This was called popular sovereignty.

Popular Sovereignty:

This led to _______ ________.

what did the compromises look like
What did the compromises look like?

Using your cards:

Separate into slave states and non slave states.

Free States

Slave States

Popular Sovereignty



“It takes one spark to light a fire.”

--John Brown

john brown and harper s ferry
John Brown and Harper’s Ferry

In 1859, John Brown seized the ______ at Harper’s Ferry.

He hoped this would start a ______ rebellion.

Federal troops, including _____ __ _____, quickly surrounded Brown and his men.

Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry struck ______ in the hearts of white Southerners.

song john brown s body what do the words mean what impact did brown have on the united states
Song: John Brown’s BodyWhat do the words mean? What impact did Brown have on the United States?

civil war newspapers
Civil War Newspapers:

In each box, create a headline and opening paragraph for 3 newspapers. Each headline should identify one of the compromises we discussed today (Missouri, 1850, Kansas Nebraska) and each paragraph should provide specific details about what each compromise did or did not do.