open source software the oregon nickel tour n.
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Open Source Software The Oregon Nickel Tour PowerPoint Presentation
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Open Source Software The Oregon Nickel Tour

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Open Source Software The Oregon Nickel Tour - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Open Source Software The Oregon Nickel Tour . What’s happening?. OSU’s Open Source Lab The State Industry in Oregon. Oregon State University Open Source Lab. Scott Kveton OSU Open Source Lab September 20th, 2005. Open Source in a nutshell.

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Open Source Software The Oregon Nickel Tour

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what s happening
What’s happening?
  • OSU’s Open Source Lab
  • The State
  • Industry in Oregon
oregon state university open source lab

Oregon State UniversityOpen Source Lab

Scott Kveton

OSU Open Source Lab

September 20th, 2005

by the numbers

By the Numbers

  • 25 million unique visitors a day
  • Home to Mozilla and Linux Kernel Development
  • 420% ROI to University in 2 years
  • Donations from Industry
osl government good

OSL + Government = GOOD

  • Why partner with the State?
public sector program
Public Sector Program


“The Three Slides I Did Myself”

how does osu osl help
How does OSU OSL Help?
  • Information Clearing House
  • Connects the dots
  • Subject matter expert
    • CIO Council - enterprise solutions
    • State Data Center
    • Open Source Applications
    • Development Resources
    • Development Models
    • Business Case Guidance
  • Education & Outreach
    • Government Open Source Conference
shameless promotion
Shameless Promotion

(but it’s really interesting)

What You Will Gain from Attending
  • Hear from and meet Industry Experts on the forefront of the industry
  • Gain a clearer understanding of what Open Source is
  • Hear about how Open Source is used today at the state and local government level
  • Gain exposure to case studies in summary of systems and applications in government
  • Learn about Intellectual Property and other Legal Issues
  • Listen to a panel of experts provide diverse perspective on public policy
  • Participate in interactive sessions with their peer organizations
  • Network with their peers
what s happening in the state

What’s happening in the state?

CIO Council

Governance for the Enterprise

Data Center Consolidation

open technology industry cluster roadmap

Open Technology Industry Cluster Roadmap

Prepared for the Oregon Economic and Community Development Department

oregon s 1 st gen assets
Oregon’s 1st Gen Assets

Intel – Linux Leadership

IBM – Linux Leadership

OSDL – 30 Major Tech Multinationals

Developer Community & OSCON

Oregon State University Open Source Lab



  • All industries have embraced IT as necessary business infrastructure
  • All industries are shifting from unconnected, rigid systems with limited capabilities and high costs to flexible, scalable, connected systems
  • This need for modular and scalable software is driving the cost and the development of software in new directions.
  • The fastest growing aspect of the computing environment is within the area we call Open Technology



  • Linux is deployed across all continents and embraced by governments around the world. (IDC)
  • Linux is deployed across major industries: Retail, Government, Telco, Financial services, Life Sciences, Oil/gas and energy, University/academic.
  • Early adoption has given way to mainstream adoption for business/enterprise and scientific/technical applications.(IDC)
  • Linux is changing the world. (IDC)
oregon is the center of linux open source centers
Oregon is the Center of Linux/Open Source Centers
  • Open Source Development Labs (OSDL)
  • Supported by a global consortium of established Linux & Open Source leaders
  • Accelerating the worldwide growth & adoption of Linux in the Enterprise
  • Growing importance of Linux in embedded devices
  • Linus Torvalds, Creator of Linux, is leading Linux development efforts from OSDL.
  • Intel
  • Linux is a key investment area for Intel.
  • Run their Linux strategies from Oregon.
  • 16,000 employees in Oregon
  • IBM Linux Technology Center (IBM LTC)
  • IBM’s headquarters for Linux testing & development
  • Strong collaboration with Intel, OSDL, OSU OSL & OTBC to drive Linux growth
  • Open Technology Business Center (OTBC)
  • Only center for incubating Open Source start-ups
  • Oregon State University Open Source Lab (OSU OSL)
  • Largest university-based applied Open Source research & commercialization lab
  • Host, distribute &/or mirror >20 Open Source projects including: Mozilla’s Firefox; MySQL; Apache; KDE; Debian Linux; Gentoo Linux; Ark Linux; Ximina Linux; Yellow Dog Linux; Netwinder Linux; & CPAN Perl libs.
  • Home to large, multi-state community source projects, e.g., Multi-state transportation app. --13 states & growing, including the Oregon Dept. of Trans. (ODOT)
  • Portland State University (PSU)
  • Linux & Open Source are rapidly permeating the Computer Science Dept.’s curriculum.
  • The Oregon Linux subcluster includes organizations that work directly on Linux, create tools for Linux or provide Linux-related services.
  • R&D
    • The Open Source Development Labs (OSDL) - premiere Linux organization
    • IBM – works to make Linux stronger
    • Intel – working to make Linux easier to deploy
  • Companies
    • Immunix – creates a security tool for Linux
    • PolyServe – clustering & storage for Linux
    • Axian – training, support, migration, integration
    • UXComm – manages multi-server Linux systems
    • Linux Consulting firms – about 3 dozen that help install and support
    • GreenPC – infrastructure apps for Linux
  • Community
    • Free Geek
    • Linux User Groups + kernal hosting
oregon s sub clusters
Oregon’s Sub-clusters









(Mozilla, Apache)

PSU – Google

Summer of Code



  • There is an enormous opportunity in Oregon
  • It is part of an International opportunity
  • We must move boldly
  • We must present a coordinated image
  • We must be “Open” economically and culturally as well as technologically
recommendation 1
Recommendation 1

State should immediately work to develop the Open Technology cluster and focus its collaborative efforts – and this work will be ongoing


Cluster Coordinator Funding

We have assets here that are unsurpassed, yet we have not asserted the leadership.

We have the resources and less of the urgency.

We have to change that.

Oregon’s Open Technology Leaders

recommendation 3
Recommendation 3

Oregon Universities MUST Teach Linux and Open Source Software


Industry/School workgroup

We need better-trained people coming out of higher ed in this state.

I cannot get the graduates with diverse computer science skills, especially software development.

Dan Frye

VP Linux Technology, IBM

recommendation 6
Recommendation 6

Government Can Accelerate Open Technology


Government pilots


We have a lead in Open Source for government and there are opportunities for every school, organization and business that wants to move quickly, innovatively and collaboratively.

Scott Kveton


  • OSU’s Open Source Lab is focal point for collaboration and innovation
  • Density of commercial open source activity strengthens the community and challenges education to support training and workforce
  • The State has gained a resource to help lead a proof of concept for the viability of Open Source methodology for enterprise projects.
oh don t forget to register too
Oh, don’t forget to register too.

October 13-14, 2005 in Portland

(sorry, no beach)


Any questions?

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