anne and mary were twins n.
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Anne and Mary were twins PowerPoint Presentation
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Anne and Mary were twins

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Anne and Mary were twins - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Anne and Mary were twins. They never fought and loved to do everything together…. One day when they were walking to school…. Aah ! Help! Anne, I fell and my leg is kiilliinngg !. As it turns out, Mary broke her leg.

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Anne and Mary were twins

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    1. Anne and Mary were twins They never fought and loved to do everything together….

    2. One day when they were walking to school… Aah! Help! Anne, I fell and my leg is kiilliinngg!

    3. As it turns out, Mary broke her leg. • She went to and from school every day with crutches, and Anne always slowed down and walked with her…

    4. One day, in school… Girls, Our dam in our city is very close to breaking. The city is warning everybody to be ready to evacuate. If this should happen, the alarm will sound and all of you girls will get up and run out of the building. Walk up the street and all the way up the hill. There will be helicopters waiting for you. Of course, this hopefully will not happen, but we must be ready for the worst! Have a good day, girls. Don’t worry too much..

    5. This was all but forgotten, until one day in school.. WEE-OO WEE-OO All of the girls jumped our of their Seats and ran out the door. Except, Of course, Anne and Mary. Mary could Not run so fast, and Anne was Waiting for her, as always.

    6. Finally, Mary and Anne got out of the building and started slowly but surely to climb the steep hill… Anne loyally kept with Mary, while the teacher kept yelling back at her to stop putting her life in danger and run away from her sister… Anne refused, but her teacher grabbed her, and separated her and Mary… Mary worked her hardest, but she soon got tired out and collapsed on the floor, unconscious.

    7. Anne evacuated safely, and was soon back with her family. No matter how hard they looked, they couldn’t find any trace of Mary, and they feared the worst… One day.. Excuse me, are you Jewish? Yes, I am, but can’t you see im upset and not in the mood for your lectures? My sister disappeared and I have no time for you!

    8. Oh no! I’m so sorry! You know, why don’t you take upon yourself a mitzvah, a good deed, in honor of your sister? Oh, all right. What do I have to do? Well, you can light Shabbos candles. Here is how you do it….

    9. Meanwhile, in an old lady’s rickety attic… Where AM I?

    10. Ah, I see you decided to wake up! Well, then, get up and get to work! Clean the floor, and then you can do the windows. Scrub the walls and then come on down and do my dishes! Remember- without me, you would not be alive now! So now you will have to serve me! Ha haha!

    11. Mary worked and worked for months and months for this old lady, never seeing the light of day… He leg killed her, but after a couple years, it healed and she was able to walk again. After a few years, the old lady decided that she could trust Mary enough to go buy he groceries. So, Mary set out….

    12. OH NO! its getting dark, and I don’t know which way is the way back! Well, I guess I better just start walking any way..

    13. Very soon after, Mary got lost in a thick forest, and the bags were so heavy that she just dropped them. Suddenly.. Hey, look! There is a light over there! Lemme go see whose in that house!

    14. She knocked on the door, and it was her sister, Anne, that opened the door! The family was re-united and it was all because of the Shabbos candles that Mary returned to her family!